How to Point RV TV Antenna

How to Point RV TV Antenna

If you are in an RV living the great outdoors, then there is a good chance that you have satellite TV for your entertainment needs. Before we get into how to point your antenna, let’s talk about what makes a successful setup and why it matters.

How to point RV TV Antenna? The most important factor when setting up an RV antenna is being able to receive a clear signal from the satellites at all times. This typically means that you will need to be on level ground with no trees or tall buildings blocking your view of the sky. If this sounds like something that may apply to where you live, then read on!

How to Install Antenna on RV

#1 Unbox Your New Antenna

First, unbox your new antenna and read the instructions thoroughly.

#2 Locate the Position

Then, locate the position to mount the antenna. If you have a flat surface on your RV, then the best place to mount it is near one of these points. The further away from the side or back of your RV that you are able to install, the better.

Another thing worth mentioning: just because you think it’s mounted securely doesn’t mean that it is! Testing the strength of your mount before you turn on your RV and begin driving can save a lot of tears.

One more thing to consider: keep in mind that most people have their antennas mounted as high up as possible, which means for an antenna with a mounting arm make sure it goes at least four feet off the ground.

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#3 Guide the Cables

Provided coax cable back to your TV.

#4 Connect the cable to the TV

#5 Run channel scan

If you’ve got it installed properly, then congratulations! You should be able to enjoy the big game or a movie on DVD without any interruptions from wind and weather.

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How to Point RV TV Antenna

The signal that your TV gets is not stable as you drive from place to place. Thus, knowing how to aim RV TV antenna is important is secure the signal strength.

A rule of thumb is that you should point your antenna to the nearest city area that you know. Then run a channel scan again.

Final Words

If you learn how to point RV TV antenna properly and install it yourself you can get great entertainment from your small TV. This is especially true when you have guests stopping by at all hours of the day. Remember that it is not the size of the television that makes a difference, it is the quality of the signal that can make the difference. Many people are not sure how to point their RV TV antenna because they do not understand the technical aspects of it. If you take the time to learn more about it you will soon know exactly how to get the most out of your device.

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