How To Install Snow Ski Roof Racks? The Best Ways To Set Up Your Car Ski Racks!

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How To Install Snow Ski Roof Racks

If you’re reading this article, you’re looking for the easy ways “how to install snow ski racks“. I will cover most essential things about ski racks as well as how to set up ski racks.

Benefits of Ski Racks

1. Strength

Very strong and reliable. All hard-shell racks safely store your skis and poles. The weight is very heavy, meaning they are more secure than the flexible single ski rack.

2. Versatility

Ski racks can be used for many vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, mini trucks, and vans as well as recreational vehicles (RV’s). They can store multiple skis for your family or different types of skis.

3. Convenience

Ski racks come in many different varieties, making it easy to find one that fits your needs perfectly. Hard racks are mounted on your vehicle and are bulky, which makes them harder to store when not in use. Soft racks can be folded up, rolled up, or placed away from sight for more convenience.

4. Affordability

Price of ski rack depends on the type you choose; however, the average price is about $100 because of its versatility and strength.

Types of Ski Racks

Roof Bar Racks

This type of rack can be mounted on most types of cars. They are attached to the crossbars above your vehicle’s windows. They usually have a cap that encloses the front and back ends to prevent scratches on your car. These racks can hold several pairs of skis or up to three snowboards.

Roof Box Racks

These racks are mounted on top of a box storage carrier that is affixed to your vehicle’s roof, like a roof box carrier. Like the roof bar racks, they also have a cap that covers the front and back ends to prevent scratches on your vehicle.

Roof Top Racks

These are similar to roof barracks, but they attach themselves to the rails (or hoops) located at the top of your vehicle’s roof. These racks are usually flatter than traditional ski racks and they can be used for different types of activities, such as camping or kayaking.

Hitch Ski Racks

These racks connect themselves to the hitch, which is located on the back of your vehicle. They are stored outside of your vehicle and easily accessible. Hitch ski racks are easy to install and can be moved from one vehicle to another.

How do skI racks work?

There are four main components that are used to secure your ski equipment to a ski rack.


Locks are usually the first thing you’ll see when you look at a ski rack. The locking system is usually located near the end of the skis or board. If you find locks useful, make sure they are locked before loading them onto the vehicle so that no one can steal them while you’re not looking.


You should also be aware of any bindings that were installed on your skis or snowboard. If you decide to skip the bindings, make sure that they are secured when you get them out of your bag. This is especially important if you plan on skiing without your bindings as they will prevent your skis from falling off during a fall.


The ratcheting system usually secures the binding to the ski rack. It can be found on most ski rack sections, and is measured in inches. Most ski racks can hold anywhere from 4 inches to 6 inches of space. You should measure your bindings or snowboard to see if they fit within the bracket length.

Skis and Snowboards

Before loading your skis, you’ll want to separate them so that you are able to easily load them onto the vehicle. It’s also important to make sure that they are loose so that they don’t damage anything in transit.

Steps on How To Install Ski Racks

1. Check your vehicle’s dimensions

Make sure the ski rack you choose will fit your vehicle. Start by measuring the width of your vehicle at its widest point. Then measure the overall length from front to back, including bumpers.  You should also determine how many crossbars or hoops you have on your roof and what brand and model of ski rack you plan to purchase. All of this information will be important in selecting a ski rack that is compatible with your car’s features.

2. Select a Ski Rack

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what type of ski rack will work best for your vehicle. You can opt for a roof mounted, or a roof box mounted ski rack. The most popular choice is the roof mounted ski rack because it can mount on almost any type of vehicle. Roof box racks are usually reserved for vehicles with the specific style of roof box it was designed to fit.

3. Select the Ski Rack that Best Fits Your Needs

Once you’ve determined what type of rack you want, you can look at the many different models available. There are rack mounts available for all types of vehicle makes and models.   You’ll also want to choose a ski rack that is designed to hold your skis or boards securely in place.

4. Install the Ski Rack

Once you have selected your ski rack, it’s time to start the installation. You will need to drill holes into your vehicle’s roof to connect the attachment points on the ski rack. A professional will be able to guide you through this step.

5. Enjoy Your Ski Racking!

Once your new ski equipment is secured and you have an idea of how much weight it can hold, you can start loading up with gear for that next family or snowboarding vacation.

How to Load Skis on a Roof Ski Rack

If you’re heading out to the ski slopes, you’ll want to know how to load your skis onto your ski rack. It’s easier than it sounds!

1. Loosen the Skis

First, before loading them on the roof mount rack, loosen your skis so that they are separated from one another. This makes it easier for you to load them onto the rack as well as for carrying them.

2. Load the Skis to the Rack

Now that your skis are separated, load them onto the rack. As shown in the image, you’ll want to lay them out so that they are oriented in a straight line.

3. Tighten the Rack

Finally, tighten your skis onto the rack and tighten it down. It’s important you remove the metal bars along the edges of your skis. If you don’t, they will poke through the fabric and make holes in your bag.


Which Way Should Skis Face on a Ski Rack?

It’s no secret that winter is a season for snow sports. Many skiers enjoy spending time on the slopes all season long, and most own more than one pair of skis. You may have heard these tips before and not really understood why they were necessary. Consider this your ultimate guide to ski rack etiquette!
If you’re loading all of your skis together, it’s important to know which direction they should face in order for the other skis to fit properly. Your skis should be oriented so that the widest point (the tip) is pointed closest to the vehicle. If another ski is loaded on top of this one, it will fit properly, without you having to worry about your bindings extending out over the edge of the ski rack.

Can You Put Ski Poles on a Ski Rack?

Yes! Although skis should fit well on a ski rack, you may run into difficulty when trying to load poles. Your ski poles will need to be flexed so that they can sit parallel to the skis. The best way to load your ski poles is to place them inside of your boots, facing up. It’s also important that you make sure the tip of the pole is underneath the binding of the bottom ski. This way, they won’t protrude out from underneath the car and potentially injure someone passing by.

Can I Use a Ski Rack Without Crossbars?

Absolutely, you should be able to use a ski rack without crossbars. Some cars are made so that the roof is continuous, meaning there aren’t any vertical supports for your ski equipment. If you’re in this situation, it’s best to purchase a roof bar rack rather than trying to mount a standard ski rack. Since these are specifically designed for vehicles with sloped roofs, they will be able to secure your skis and give them the support they need to keep them in place.

Can You Go Through a Car Wash with a Ski Rack?

It’s always a good idea to keep your vehicle clean, even in the winter. If you plan on using your car wash, you should know whether or not you can wash your car with ski racks installed. If your ski rack is installed on the inside of your vehicle, this shouldn’t be an issue. You’ll only need to make sure that the interior of the vehicle is dry before driving home. However, if your skis are mounted on the outside of the vehicle, it’s best not to wash them down.

What’s the best way to secure your skis or snowboard to your vehicle?

The best way to secure your skis or snowboard is to make sure that the ski rack is securely fastened within your vehicle. If you have a vehicle that has sloped roofs or pillars, then it’s important that you use a roof bar ski rack. These are designed for vehicles with sloped roofs and pillar supports, so they will be able to safely secure your skis in place.

What is the difference between a ski rack that uses crossbars and one that doesn’t?

If you have a vehicle with sloped roofs, it’s important to purchase a ski rack that fits your needs. Ski racks that have crossbars are designed for vehicles with vertical pillars. If you don’t have vertical supports, then you’ll want to purchase a roof bar ski rack. These are configured specifically for vehicles with sloped roofs and will be able to give your skis the support they need on the road.

What is the best ski rack?

Although it’s important to purchase a ski rack that fits your vehicle, there are other factors that you’ll want to consider as well. Aside from the fact that your skis should fit properly on the rack, consider comfort when choosing what type of ski rack. If you’re getting a traditional ski rack, make sure you get a model with rubber bladders so they won’t be too hard on your vehicle.

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