How To Install RV Ladder

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How To Install RV Ladder

How to install RV ladder? Installing an RV ladder to get on the RV roof is a great option to utilize your space. It makes accessing that portion of the RV easier and creates a handy deck to take care of business while on the road.

How To Install RV Ladder

Tools Needed

In order to install a ladder on your RV roof, you’ll need to purchase a metal conduit, 3/4-inch threaded rod, 1/2-inch nuts and washers, ¼-inch bolts and wingnuts. You’ll also have to purchase RV ladder brackets.

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The installation process is relatively quick and easy.

Before you begin, it’s also a good idea to do some re-routing of the electrical wires around the RV.

Step 1: Attach a conduit to your wall or ceiling using a screw or nail. The conduit mounts on the ceiling or wall near the RV roof. You want to secure the conduit in place because it will be used for holding wires.

Step 2: Attach the conduit to the ladder bracing with a ¼-inch bolt and washer.

Step 3: Attach the conduit to the ladder with a wingnut and nut. Use another nut for additional security.

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Step 4: Insert a threaded rod into the main ladder support bracket on your RV roof. You can start with an offset in the bracket, then secure it in place with a screw, nail or staple gun.

Step 5: Attach a ¼-inch nut and bolt to the threaded rod, forming a loop.

Step 6: Attach the ladder to the loop in step four, using two ¼-inch nuts.

Step 7: Place a rope or chain on top of the ladder and let it hang over the side of your RV. Attach a hook on the end of your ladder bracket to secure it to your RV wall or ceiling.

Step 8: Fix your ladder brackets to the wall and ceiling using two ¼-inch bolts.

Step 9: Your ladder is now installed! Hold on to the rope or chain so that the ladder doesn’t slip off your RV. Additionally, you can use a bungee cord or tie-down strap to help hold the ladder in place.

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