How to Install Power Stop Brake Kit

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How to Install Power Stop Brake Kit

Learning how to install power stop brake kit is not as simple as you think. They are not as easy as putting a new light or a streetlamp on your car. It needs careful thought and proper installation. You can save yourself a lot of money if you do it right the first time.

How to Install Power Stop Brake Pads

Appropriate Brake Pads and Oil

The first thing you need to know is that the brakes must be able to stop the car. This means you need the right brake pads and the right brake fluids. These can be purchased at any auto parts store. When you buy them, make sure you know the make and model year of your vehicle. These items will also vary according to where you purchase them. Some places will offer you great rates but have inferior products.

Secure the Brake Master Cylinder

Next, you need to locate and secure the brake master cylinder. You should also get the nut on the brake line to match with the one you just drilled in your brake master cylinder. These steps are all necessary in learning how to install power stop brake kit properly.

Loosen the Bolts

Next, you need to locate the brake fluid reservoir. This reservoir is usually on top of the brake system so it will not be visible when you are installing it. You need to loosen the bolts holding the brake fluid reservoir in place with the flat-tipped screwdriver.

Replace the Brake Pads With the New Ones

Next, remove the old brake pads and replace with the new ones. Most times they will come with a set of four brake pads. Put the pads in first then carefully work your way through the rotors to loosen the bolt that holds the brake fluid in place. Then you will need to loosen the final bolt before tightening the brake fluid reservoir. Finally, tighten the nut.

Replace the Rotors With the New Ones

Next, replace the rotors with the new ones. The process is basically the same but this time you will be replacing the brake pads. The first few pads you just replaced may be a little sticky, but they will stick again with some patience. Put the pads in and carefully work your way around the rotors while checking for leaks. If there are any, make sure you get them checked by a professional right away.

Bleed the Brakes

The last thing you need to do is the bleed the brakes. Bleed the brakes by pulling the brake hose off the brake pads then letting the excess flow run down the bleed hole on the brake master cylinder. Make sure you are careful when doing this process so as not to damage the brake master cylinder. Last, you need to bleed the brakes several times to make sure there are no leaks.

Note When Replacing Brake Pads

It is important to note that replacing your brake pads will not only save you money but it will also protect your vehicle. By replacing the pads, you will be protecting the steel piston that holds up the master cylinder. This will eliminate the risk of the piston cracking or even bending out of shape. Plus, if you notice a crack in your pad it means that your pads need to be replaced!

Which Pads You Need to Replace

To find out which pads you need to replace, check the brake pads. Typically, brake pads are put on after the car is already installed. However, if you purchased your brakes used, or if you just took them home from the car dealership, you should go ahead and check to make sure that you have the correct ones. Most stores will change them as long as you ask, and you may even find them at a great price if you look in the right places.

When you learn how to install power stop valves, you will have no problems with your brakes. This will ensure that you can give your car the needed attention it needs and deserves. If you feel uneasy about learning how to install these kits, don’t feel bad. There are plenty of people who have done it before you who didn’t know what they were doing. There is plenty of help out there. Just remember to have fun!


Now that you know how to install power stop brake, you will be able to enjoy driving again. And since you know how to install power stop brake, there is no reason why you should not drive it again. Your brakes will last longer, your driving experience will improve, and you won’t be as accident-prone. Make sure you get a good quality brake pad today, and you will be thankful when you can stop quickly without having to worry about damaging your brake pads.

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