How To Install A Headache Rack

How To Install A Headache Rack

A headache rack is a type of vehicle accessory that is used to protect the occupants inside from flying debris. This article will teach you how to install a headache rack on your truck so that you can drive with peace of mind!

Headache racks are installed onto the overhead rack of a pickup truck to protect the rear side window of the cab. Installing a headache rack is a project that can be accomplished with basic DIY skills. Headache racks are generally made of steel or aluminum and attached over the rear window to prevent debris from damaging it.

How To Install A Headache Rack

Installing a Headache Rack

Step 1

Place the load bar on your truck and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Installing a headache rack is different for every vehicle, but the steps are all relatively similar. Insert bolts into slots and attach with nuts, using an adjustable wrench to tighten them securely against the bar.

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A load bar, upon installing the headache rack, helps to bear the weight of both as well.

Step 2

Completing the installation of a headache rack involves first attaching one upright to the load bar. Nut, bolt, and hole should be matched accordingly with a manufacturer’s instruction sheet.

Step 3

Make sure the right set of uprights are mounted to the load bar.

Step 4

Follow the instructions in your installation manual to attach all necessary clamps.

Step 5

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the overhead bar. Insert bolts and secure by tightening nuts with an adjustable wrench.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing any rubber stripping or other protective measures provided with your overhead rack.

Installing a headache rack

Step 1

Place the headache rack in the middle of an overhead rack.

Step 2

Install clips or clamps on the headache rack to attach it to the overheads rack.

Follow the installation instructions for proper placement of clamps and clips.

What Are Headache Racks Used For?

To install a headache rack, first securely attach the top of the headache rack to the overhead railing by inserting and tightening bolts with an adjustable wrench. Consult your manual for proper placement of bolts.


Knowing how to install a headache rack can be an invaluable asset for any driver. A headache rack is designed to protect a vehicle’s cargo as well as the people inside from being injured in the event of an accident. Installing one correctly will also help prevent damage to your vehicle and other items that are being transported, like luggage or sports equipment.

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