How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

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How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Learning how to bleed motorcycle brakes is a very important part of maintenance for your bike. When you have taken your bike for a service or when you are just getting started, it’s important that you know how to do this correctly. Bleedening the brakes is not something that should be rushed or done on a weekend afternoon. You must do this properly or you will be putting your bike in danger. If you’re unsure how to bleed motorcycle brakes then it’s best to find a mechanic who can teach you how to do it properly.

Kinds of Brake Pads

There are three different kinds of brake pads – standard, pads with no seal, and special brake pads. Without a seal the pads will wear out more quickly and with regular use they will lose their effectiveness. They will also wear differently and not work as well as they did when new. The purpose of bleeding the brakes is to make them more effective and reduce the chances of them wearing out too soon.

How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Use a Hydraulic Press Brake Pad

There are several ways to bleed them. The first is to use a hydraulic press brake pad bleeder. This is the easiest way to do it, and the cheapest. Simply fit the pads to your motorcycle and then jack up the bike so that the pads are resting on the ground – then release the pressure with your foot. Some vehicles have small rubberized covers that catch the bleeding fluid and keep it from spilling.

“Wet Wipes”

Another option is to use what are called “wet wipes” in your vehicle. These are generally vinyl paper towels, and they take quite some time to work. You’ll need to wipe the motorcycle pads down thoroughly before re-applying them. To bleed your motorcycle’s brakes properly, it’s a good idea to have a friend help you – at least one other person. The process can sometimes be messy and take a long time.

“Drip Kits”

A third option is to use what are called “drip kits”. These are just air hoses that you inflate with your motorcycle’s air tank. They are relatively inexpensive, and you should have no problem finding one to do the job properly for you. You simply pump the air in the kit, which fills the pads up with fluid, and then blow air out of it to stop the bleeding. Kits like this are available for most makes and models of motorcycle.

“Drip Systems”

If you’re wondering how to properly bleed a motorcycle brake lining, another option is to use what are known as “drip systems”. These are essentially lines of absorbent cloth that you inflate with your motorcycle’s air. They’re hooked up to a pump that you attach to the brake light itself.

When you press on the cloth while the cloth is inflating, it causes the line to push outward, pulling the air out of the pad as it does. You can either choose to have someone do the cleaning for you or inflatable a system in your motorcycle to get the job done quickly and easily.

Bleed Test Pads

Bleed test pads – There is another way to bleed your motorcycle brakes without having to use an inflator. By far this is the easiest option, but also one of the most dangerous. Bleed test pads are simply an absorbent piece of cardboard that has been taped to the inside of the pads.

When you apply pressure to the pad, it causes the plastic to inflate and then deflate, in a very short amount of time. This creates a suction that draws the blood out of the pad as it is inflated. This is an easy and simple process and can be done by anyone with a clean and smooth surface.


If you’re wondering how to bleed motorcycle brakes without causing excessive damage, it is important to understand that doing so can be dangerous. It is always best to take these steps in a safe environment with plenty of distractions. If you don’t want to take a chance on hurting yourself, then don’t ride at all. Don’t ride at low speeds either, unless you have a very well-maintained motorcycle.


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