How Much Should New Brakes and Rotors Cost?

How Much Should New Brakes and Rotors Cost

As a driver, you may have experienced the unfortunate event of your car braking too hard and shaking from side to side. This is an issue that many drivers face due to old brakes and rotors on their vehicles. In this article, before finding out how much should new brakes and rotors cost, we’ll let you know what a braking system consists of and how does it function.

What Are the Brake System Components?

The braking system has three major components: the brakes, rotors, and brake pads.

The first component is the brakes which are a set of metal “bands” that clamp down on your tires to slow you down or stop completely if necessary. This happens when your foot presses on the pedal called an accelerator/brake.

The rotors are also called brake discs. When you brake, the brake pads contact the rotors to slow you down.

How Important Is Car ABS?

The brake pads are made of a compound that is soft enough to stop your vehicle, but hard enough not to wear away from continuous usage. The braking system works when hydraulic pressure pushes on these three components and slows or stops your vehicle in response to how much force you put on the pedal.

How Long Does a Brake System Last?

A brake system will last the length of time that these three components are still in good condition. Your brake pads need to be replaced every 18,000 miles and your rotors should be swapped out as well at 60,000-mile intervals or when they wear down to just a thin layer on top.

Warning Signs of Brake Problems

When you notice the signs of an old brake, it’s time to take your car to a trusted auto repair shop.

#1 Loud Squealing Sound

If you hear a loud squealing noise when braking, then it’s time to have your mechanic take a look. The sound is an indication of worn-out brake pads and soon the brakes will stop working completely as well.

Brakes should be checked at every oil change or during any routine maintenance on your vehicle.

#2 Your Car Vibrates When You Slow it Down

If your car vibrates when you slow it down, then that likely means either the brake pads or rotors are worn out. Be sure to examine the rotors for abnormalities.

#3 Brake Pedal Vibration

This happens mainly because of worn-out brake pads. You can easily feel it by your foot when you brake.

#4 Poor Stopping Distance

The brake pads work with the rotors to slow your car down. If they are worn out, then you will be able to feel how hard or long it takes for your brakes to stop your vehicle and if you hear a squealing sound when braking.

If any of these issues are happening with your vehicle, contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

How Much Should New Brakes and Rotors Cost?

The average brake rotor replacement cost ranges from $300 to $500.

The average brake pad replacement cost ranges from $150 to $200.

Thus, you should set aside $450-$700 for a brand new brake set.

There are many factors that will dictate how much your new brakes and rotors will cost. You can find a range of estimates online for what they should be, but expect to pay the total amount as you replace brake rotors and brake pads.

What Should You Look For When Getting New Brakes and Rotors?

When getting new brakes, you should pay attention to the rotor thickness and size, as well as if there are any signs that indicate uneven wear with your pads.

You should also make sure that the rotors are drilled properly and have at least a ¼-inch thickness.

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It is important to check your brake pads as well, making sure they are able to be removed without resistance or excessive noise when rubbing against the rotor surface. This will indicate if you need new pads for replacement.


It is important to periodically check your rotors and brake pads for wear in order to keep them functioning properly. If you are unsure of the best way to do so, consult a mechanic or other expert who can help you maintain proper safety standards with minimal effort on your part.

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