How Many Snowboards Can A Roof Rack Hold?

How Many Snowboards Can A Roof Rack Hold

Going on a trip to Whistler this season? Think your roof is already full of stuff you’ll need for your next ski trip, but don’t want to carry the additional weight of a snowboard on your back? Well, do you know how many snowboards can a roof rack hold? Roof racks are coming in all shapes and sizes these days, and now more than ever they come complete with special square-shaped crossbars to fit snowboards.

But that might not be the best solution. How many snowboards can a roof rack actually hold?

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As you may have guessed, we were able to fit three snowboards flat across the crossbars without any problem whatsoever. The trick is to get them as close to perfectly square as you can. That way, the boards will sit as flush against each other as possible. If you manage to get them perfectly square, then you should be able to fit an infinite amount of snowboards on a set of four crossbars.

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