How Many Miles Do Travel Trailer Tires Last?

How Many Miles Do Travel Trailer Tires Last?

This post is to answer the age-old question of how many miles do travel trailer tires last? This question is asked by so many people who have travel trailers because it can be very costly to replace your tires. So, if you are concerned with tire life, then read on and I will talk about some really good tips that you should know before buying your next set of tires for your trailer.

How Many Miles Do Travel Trailer Tires Last?

A standard trailer tire can last up to 25,000 miles if you treat your tires properly. But if you do not (and usually don’t), then your tire mileage will be reduced to about 10,000 miles. This is because a lot of things affect the lifespan of your tires such as trailer weight, terrain, driving habits, and maintenance.

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So How Often Should I Have My Tires Checked?

Many trailer manufactures recommend having your tires checked at least once per year to see how it’s holding up. Some suggest having it checked once every 3 months.

8 Factors That Affect How Long Trailer Tires Last

Here are the 8 major factors that affect your travel trailer tires:

#1 Trailer Weight

The weight of your trailer affects your tires because your tires have to support it. So when you have a heavier trailer (5,000 lbs), then you need a set of durable and strong tires to last. If you have a lighter trailer (3,500 lbs), then you can get away with using less quality tires.

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#2 Traffic

Traffic can not only be annoying, but it can also place a lot of stress on your trailer’s tires. The only way to prevent getting air leaks is to have your tires checked once a year for leaks.

#3 Tire Pressure

You need to make sure that you check your trailer’s tire pressure regularly. This is because you may need to adjust the pressure depending on how much weight you have in the trailer.

#4 Terrain

Tire wear depends on how much off-pavement driving you do. It’s not a good idea to drive your tires constantly off-pavement, but if it does happen you have to repair your tires.

#5 Maintenance

To ensure that your trailer’s tires last longer, make sure that you check the tire pressure and condition at least once a month. Also, check for any cracks or damaged rubber.

#6 Driving Habits

How you drive your trailer can affect the lifespan of your tires. The faster you drive, the more stress you put on your tires. So if you must speed, do it only on smooth roads and not when driving off-road (even if it is just a little off-road). There may be other driving habits that can affect tire life, but I do not have the expertise to discuss them.

#7 Driver Weight

Driver weight affects tire life because it determines the amount of force a driver puts on the tire. This is why some drivers can get away with less frequent maintenance while others require more frequent maintenance.

#8 Tire Rotations And Alignment

Where do you store your tires when not in use? If you store them outside, then you should rotate your tires every month or so because this helps prolong tire life.

Final Words

To conclude, the average tire life for a travel trailer is about 10 years if you do not treat your tires right. If this is the case, then having a spare set of tires can save you money as well as the hassle of buying new ones every year.

If you do not want to buy new tires every year, then it is best to have your tires inspected regularly and make sure that you check the pressure and condition of your tires at least once per month.