How Many Lumens Is Good for a Light Bar?

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How Many Lumens Is Good for a Light Bar

How many lumens is good for a light bar? The number of lumens a light bar needs depends on the size of the light bar.

Generally, for larger light bars, 100-150 lumens are good enough for most applications. However, if you are looking to illuminate larger surfaces or spaces, 200-500 lumens will be needed. If you are looking to illuminate smaller areas like shelves or cabinets in your home, 10-30 watts can be used with no reduction in light output and minimal increase in energy costs.

What is Lumen?
Lumen, or luminous flux, is the unit of measure for the total amount of light emitted by a source. The higher the lumens produced by a light source, the harder it is to dim down and/or stop it completely. For example, if you have an LED light that produces 200 lumens, you can’t turn it off; nor are you able to dim it down to 5%.

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What is Lux?
Lux is the metric unit of illuminance. It defines the total amount of light falling on a given area. It is equal to one lumen per square meter (lm/m2).1 lx = 0.0929 foot-candles (fc) 1 fc = 10.764 lux

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