How Many Gallons Is an RV Filter Good for?

How Many Gallons Is an RV Filter Good for

If you’re settling down for a weekend in the great outdoors, and your Rv doesn’t have a backup filter, then you might be wondering how many gallons is an RV filter good for? This is not a stupid question — it’s actually one that we get pretty often! So read on to find out more about this topic.

The lifespan of an RV water filter can handle up to 5000 gallons of RV water before a replacement is needed.

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The average capacity of the average RV filter is around 50 gallons, with a few outliers, like the latest models in the Case IH and Cummins line ups, having capacities of around 60 and 90 gallons respectively. Some types of filters are not ranked by their manufacturer, but rather by their flow capacity.

For example, a 10-inch model rated at 8 gal/hr has a volume twice that of an 8-inch filter but will only last twice as long to capture the same amount of grime.

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