How Long Do Deep Cycle RV Batteries Last?

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How Long Do Deep Cycle RV Batteries Last

If you’re an RVer, odds are you’ve considered buying deep cycle batteries. But what are they? How long do deep cycle RV batteries last? In this blog, I’ll have all the answers for you.

Deep cycle RV batteries have much thicker lead plates than their regular car battery counterparts do, which allows them to store and release more power without wearing out as quickly.

If you maintain your deep cycle RV batteries well, they can last up to 6 years or more.

There are a couple of things you can do to extend the life of your deep cycle batteries.

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To start, avoid overcharging your battery and keep an eye on your wear level since a battery that’s almost dead is going to suffer a lot more than one that’s not too far down the line.

To maintain your deep cycle RV batteries, you should always recharge them fully, then let them sit for about an hour to make sure they are completely charged.

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It’s also important to cycle or use your deep cycle batteries between a 50% and 100% state of charge; this will ensure that the battery does not get overcharged or damaged in any way.

You should also check the specific gravity of each cell once per month to see if it’s dropping.

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