How Do You Travel With a Grill?

How Do You Travel With a Grill

You want to have BBQ on your trip and thinking just put a grill on your RV will do the job. But there is a matter you should consider about storing it safely. So how do you travel with a grill?

For propane grills, you need to have a regulator with you. If not, you will find a small device that allows gas to flow into the cooking chamber.

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One more thing you should aware of when traveling with a gas grill is how to store the gas. Because of the risk of explosion, gas is not allowed to leak out of an unused tank. You have to store it in a secure location, and this can only be in an RV or motorhome.

For charcoal grills, you still need a regulator, but it can be packed a little and bulkier. The charcoal doesn’t take as much space as propane and only requires some paper or other packaging materials.

With a charcoal grill, you also need a secure place to keep your charcoal. To avoid for your charcoal to explode, you should wrap it with paper. After every single use, you still need to wrap it with paper just to make sure that there is no oxidation of the paper that would cause it to become dry.

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To travel with your own portable grill without taking the chance of losing some of them is a safer choice if you can store them on your RV or camper.

Eating on the road is as much fun as eating in a restaurant, but it’s not as easy to do when you’re traveling on your own. Knowing how to handle your grill is important in order to have fun BBQs.