How Do You Put Skis On A Ski Rack?

How Do You Put Skis On A Ski Rack

How do you put skis on a ski rack? Skis are not the only winter sport to use ski racks that need to be attached to your car or van. Snowboards, snowshoes and other sports also require a similar attachment for transportation. The difference between attaching skis to a car or van and the other types of winter sports is that with snowboards, snowshoes, etc., you’ll need to attach your vehicle’s roof rack or similar accessory. If you are getting into the sport of skiing in the winter, it would be worth doing some research ahead of time on where you can accessorize your car for the rack.

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How Do You Put Skis On A Ski Rack?

To attach skis to a ski rack, you’ll need to make use of ski carabiner clips. These clips are a common accessory found on racks that help you keep your skis and other gear organized. The carabiners themselves are usually made from aluminum or plastic and they attach to the rack in several places with hooks. You can purchase these clips separately from the rack itself, but they can also be purchased as part of a kit that includes all the clips needed .

You’ll also need to attach strap anchors to your car or van. These can be purchased separately or they can be purchased as part of a kit that includes the carabiner clips. As mentioned above, ski rack straps are one way to keep your skis attached to the vehicle during transport and you can also use these straps without the clips for snowboards, snowshoes, and other types of winter gear.

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The only other difference between attaching skis to a ski rack and the other sports described above is that you’ll need to double check that your car has a sturdy roof rack. If it does, the placement of your ski racks will be similar as it would for a snowboard. The hook points used to connect the skis to the roof rack or accessory should be positioned far enough apart that you can accommodate at least two skis.

You’ll need to purchase your carabiners, straps and anchor clips separately from the racks. You can get all the equipment at a single store or you can also shop separately, especially if you are looking for supplies and accessories from different companies.

To order your hooks and straps through a third party retailer is often the best way to go as it will save you money. You will also find that many of these companies offer free shipping on most orders over a certain dollar amount.