How Do You Clean an RV Water Filter?

How Do You Clean an RV Water Filter?

Have you ever wondered how do you clean an RV water filter? Or, maybe you have a few filters gathering dust in your garage, and want to know the best way to clean them for reuse. When you’re done with these units that were once a necessary part of life on the road, what should you do? If so, this guide is for you!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss all of the steps involved in properly cleaning an RV water filter.

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How Do You Clean an RV Water Filter?

It’s not complicated to clean an RV water filter, you can just follow these steps:

1. Unscrew and remove the old filter from the RV water system.

2. Fill a bucket with about 1/3 of the tank’s gallon capacity (20 gallons) of clean water and dish soap.

3. Next, spray solution over the filter, making sure to saturate all crevices, but not so much that it seems like it’s going to drip out of the end on you again when you put it back on your filter tube system.

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4. Put the filter back in its place, and put some water through it to rinse any soap solution out of it.

5. Once rinsed clean, add 2 cups of bleach, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and a squirt of dish soap.

6. Give it a few turns as you mix it together with your hands. Don’t worry if you smell the bleach at this point.

7. Once mixed, pour the solution into a second bucket.

8. Fill your gallon water tank with a quart of it too.

9. Throw away the first bucket, rinse out your filter on the faucet with fresh water to make sure you got all of the bacteria and soap out, or throw it away and replace it now.

10. Put the new filter in place and screw it back down to hold everything in place until your next trip to town!