How Do I Keep My Holding Tank From Smelling?

How Do I Keep My Holding Tank From Smelling?

For those of us with holding tanks, the question of “how do I keep my holding tank from smelling?” is a very important one. We know that our holding tank should be emptied regularly to avoid overflow and unpleasant odors in our RV. So how do we keep the tank from smelling in between cleanings?

It turns out there are a number of ways to reduce or eliminate odors. We’ll discuss several options here, but first, let’s find out what causes those smells and why they’re so hard to get rid of.

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What Causes The Smells?

The first thing to do is figure out what’s causing the smell in your tank. It could be:

  • Foul odor coming from the holding tank
  • Foul odor coming up into your RV
  • A mixture of both
  • Some other problem entirely.

If it’s option #1, then you should take steps to reduce or eliminate the smell in your holding tank. This is important because odor from an overflowing holding tank can not only be unpleasant and embarrassing; it can also damage the roof of your RV.

If it’s option #2, then you need to find the source of the odor. It might be coming from your holding tank, or it might be from something located elsewhere in your RV.

If it’s option #3, then you need to figure out how to keep the odor from reaching your holding tank. Your next step would be to find out what’s causing the odor and take steps to eliminate or reduce it.

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And lastly, if it’s option #4, then something else is going on entirely.

How Do I Keep My Holding Tank From Smelling?

Here are some ways you can do to keep your RV smell fresh:

#1 Empty Your Holding Tank Regularly

This is the number one rule of odor control. When it’s full, it smells. So take it to the dump station on a regular basis – at least once every two weeks if you’re staying in RV parks; once a week if you’re boondocking. (If you have a macerating toilet, then I highly recommend a weekly dump.)

#2 Use a Deodorizer After Each Dumping

If there’s no dump station nearby, consider installing an odor control system in your RV. (But be sure to check with your local dealer.)

What kind of deodorizers should I use? There are several types available that claim to eliminate odors without covering up another scent. Choose the one that works best in your situation.

How do I keep the deodorizer from smelling?

There are several different options you can utilize here.

First, you can add a charcoal filter to the deodorizer inlet. This is important because some deodorizers are designed to release their scent directly into your RV. If that’s the case, you’ll want to install this charcoal filter on both entrances. (And don’t forget the drain line!) The charcoal method works well because it absorbs the odors completely as they enter your holding tank.

Some people also like to install a Fan-Tastic vent in their RV. This is a good option because it’s designed to draw odors out of your rig in between cleanings.

#3 Install an Odor Absorber

You can install an odor absorber (like Poo-Pourri, OdorXit or Nature’s Miracle) inside your holding tank using a 3M Scotchguard filter. Simply place the filter on one side of the tank and the odor absorber on the other side of the tank.