How Do I Choose an LED Light Bar?

If you’re looking for a neat and easy way to light up your car, boat, truck, or motorcycle then LED lights are the way to go. How do I choose an LED light bar? They are much more energy-efficient than their counterparts and don’t cost nearly as much either. We’ve put together a list of criteria to choose a LED light bar.

How Do I Choose an Led Light Bar?

1. Size

The size of your vehicle will determine the overall size of the LED light bar that you choose. If you are planning on mounting the lights to a bumper or trunk then you will want to choose a light bar that is as wide as or wider than your bumper. You don’t want to be installing a 32″ LED light bar on an SUV, for example, which is considerably smaller than most RV’s so make sure size matters in this case.

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2. Shape

LED lights can adopt a variety of different shapes so you have plenty of options to choose from when picking the shape that you want. The shape of your LED light bar can be a factor to consider if you are looking for something that has a more distinctive look. You may want to choose a rounded or crescent-shaped light instead of one with an oblong or rectangular shape.

3. Number of Rows

Another thing to consider is the number of rows of lights you want. Some car owners go for a single row of lights for a more streamlined appearance while others prefer to add an additional row so they can have two sets of lights. It all comes down to personal preference and what you think looks better.

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4. Wattage

The wattage of your light is also something that you should consider before purchasing an LED light bar. Wattage is an important factor that comes in to play when determining how bright your lights will be. LED light bars come in wattages ranging from 5-36 watts so there is quite a difference between the lowest and highest wattage. You don’t want to install a 36 watt LED light bar on your vehicle if you have only 20-watt running lights.

5. LED Color

Another thing to consider is what colors of lights you want in your LED light bar. While the options for color aren’t nearly as diverse as the other factors we’ve been discussing, there are still plenty of choices to choose from. These will include “single color” units or “smoke effects” which will give your LED light bar a bit of a vintage look.

6. Price

You should factor in how much you’re willing to pay for your LED lights. You should consider the size and shape of your vehicle as well as how many LEDs will be included. LED lights have come down in price dramatically over the years so you can find ones that are reasonable in price but still provide plenty of light.

7. Mounting

Finally, you will also want to consider whether you want a single row of lights or a double row, but this is more important when it comes to aftermarket kits for your vehicle rather than when choosing a factory-installed LED light bar. You can find a variety of mounting options for LED light bars that will include different brackets and settings that should make installation a breeze.

To conclude, LED light bars are an excellent way for your vehicle to stand out and give it a fresh look. They are cost-effective, they’re more efficient than traditional lights, and they’re versatile in terms of the number of colors that can be displayed. We’ve put together a list of criteria that you can use to help you choose an LED light bar so don’t hesitate to use it as a resource when buying one for your car, truck, trailer, or even RV.