How Do I Choose A Jeep Soft Top?

How Do I Choose A Jeep Soft Top

How do I choose a Jeep soft top? Maybe you’re looking for a new one that better matches your style and personality or if retro is the look you want to go for, maybe you’re looking at a soft top that looks like it was built in the ’60’s. This question can come up any time you’re considering buying a new Jeep. With so many different kinds of styles, colors and features to choose from, it’s pretty easy to become overwhelmed. Let’s break the process down into some basic areas so you can quickly gain an understanding of how to buy a Jeep soft top.

What’s to look for?

#1 Materials

Most soft tops are made from either the original canvas material or a special type of polyester fabric that can withstand more extreme temperatures and also allows you to roll your windows up and down. These fabrics are both equally durable. The design of the top also plays a big part in making your Jeep look like a classic or a modern street machine.

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#2 The Design

The design of the soft top can vary from no center bar, which gives a more open feeling, to full frames that include sidebars and are great for those looking for more protection from the elements. Some tops use bows to hold the panels in place, while others use hidden zippers or snaps. Choose the design you want, then go to your local Jeep dealer to find out what types of colors and/or materials are available.

#3 The Shape

The shape of the top is also important. Do you want frameless? Full-framed? Half-framed? Choose the soft top shape that best fits your style. Next, decide if you want a hard or fold-down windshield. If you want a hard top, choose one that will flow your body lines best. If you want the top to fold down, look for a design that features roll-away windows. You can also go without a windshield and greatly increase your style and protection options.

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The material used is another important choice for getting the right Jeep soft top for your style. There are several materials available to choose from. The most common choices are canvas, vinyl, polyester, and rubberized fabrics. Each of these choices offers specific benefits and each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Before you buy a soft top, take a look at the available options and learn what suits your needs best.

Considerations when choose a Jeep soft top

When choosing a soft top, make sure to keep in mind the following points:

  • The amount of protection you want from the elements.
  • The amount of customization you want as well as what kind of design options are available to you.
  • Whether or not you want a windshield and how much air ventilation you need.
  • Colors or materials that compliment your Jeep and add to the style you’re looking for.
  • Cost of the soft tops as well as the cost of installation.
  • Make sure to find out what kind of warranty is offered also. A good warranty can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in case something goes wrong with your top a few months down the road.

Whether you’re looking to build a Jeep that will last you for years or just looking for one-time customization, choosing the right soft top is very important. Give it some time to do some research so you can get the top that will best match your style.