How Do Full Time RVers Get Internet? 3 Effective Ways

How Do Full Time RVers Get Internet?

Could You Ever Live Offline? If you’ve ever been on the road and wonder how do full time RVers get Internet? They do have their ways.

Well, there are 3 methods that RVers do: getting a satellite Internet system, using a cell phone data plan, and buying a wifi hotspot dongle.

How Do Full Time RVers Get Internet?

1. Get a Satellite Internet System

Satellite Internet is very easy for newbies. WiFi hotspot is also very accessible. You can get the latest model of satellite internet from Liberty Wireless or HughesNet , and it’s relatively cheap if you pick the right plan. With any Liberty internet or HughesNet (or Dish Pack), you will only need to purchase a satellite dish and modem/router to start surfing the net.

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You can get unlimited downloads and no monthly data limits with Satellite Internet, but keep in mind, Satellite Internet can be very slow if you travel outside the USA. This is because international data will take a longer time to download.

2. Use Cell Phone Data Plan + Tethering

Tethering is a very simple method, all that’s needed to do is you have to set up your cell phone as a modem (the same way you would tether it for internet access on your computer). With your cell phone as a modem, you can connect your laptop, tablet, or other devices to your cell phone’s 3G/4G internet connection and you will get internet access. If you have an unlimited data plan with your cell company, then all you need to do is go online with the link below to buy an extra tethering plan for 1 device.

3. Buy a WiFi Hotspot Dongle

WiFi Hotspots are also popular methods used by RVers. A WiFi hotspot dongle acts as a router and can be connected to your RV’s internet-ready devices. There are different types of WiFi dongles, but what they have in common is that they will reduce the amount of data that will be downloaded by your devices.

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As compared to satellite internet systems, wifi hotspots are very fast because they cut out the slow satellite transmission and nearby cell towers. So, if you want a fast connection, then WiFi hotspots are the best option.

When buying a WiFi hotspot, you have to make sure that it has 3G service. If it only has GPRS cellular data service, then it can’t be used for internet surfing because of the slow speed.
The most popular WiFi hotspot models are the Boingo and the HughesNet 4G-LTE, which is one of the best because it has a data limit of 30GB.

No matter which method you use to get internet access, remember that nothing beats unlimited data plans. So when buying internet service for your RV, make sure it gives you unlimited data.