Does My Camper Need a Dehumidifier?

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Does My Camper Need a Dehumidifier?

Does my camper need a dehumidifier?” is a common question for many people. And of course, the answer is YES.

A camper needs a dehumidifier to trap humidity, stop condensation from forming on the windows, and keep the air dry. It doesn’t matter what type of camper you are driving, if you don’t have a dehumidifier your vehicle will quickly feel like a wet sponge.

The most common reason why a camper needs a dehumidifier is to PREVENT MOLD.

If you are driving a tent camper or a pop-up trailer that has no interior walls, or only thin canvas walls then you definitely need a dehumidifier.

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Your camper will feel damp and musty without a dehumidifier. The humidity will get trapped inside the vehicle because there are no solid walls to stop it from seeping in. If you don’t have enough ventilation (opening windows) mold may start growing in the warm moist air.

When you get a dehumidifier you need to make sure you have good ventilation, so that the vehicle doesn’t overheat. Also, don’t tip it sideways or upside down to empty it of water. You must put pressure on the hose to drain the water from the bucket and then drip out each drop slowly because with too much pressure or too quick-draining it might fall from its own weight.

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