Do Trailer Hitch Locks Work?

Do Trailer Hitch Locks Work

Do trailer hitch locks work? The question many people wondering when they want to buy a trailer hitch lock.

A trailer hitch lock is designed to provide a deterrent and make it difficult for would-be thieves to easily take off. The locks are made of steel and have a hasp for locking. These are applied to the ball hitch on the rear of the trailer frame or bumper using a wobbly bolt. The problem is, not all trailers have a hitch lock.

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Think of it as locking your front door. When you lock it the first time, do you lock the doorknob and the doorknob? Of course not! The front door is locked using a deadbolt. Now that you’ve locked the door, of what use is the deadbolt? It’s a deterrent. If someone wants to break in, they have to break both locks using an ingenious way of drilling through both locks. The same goes for a trailer hitch lock.

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