Do RV Wifi Boosters Work?

Do RV Wifi Boosters Work

WiFi inside a vehicle is notoriously spotty. The metal and glass in the car can interfere with signal strength, creating dead zones or unpredictably slow connection speeds. If you’re headed out on a road trip this summer, it’s worth considering buying an RV WiFi booster to make your experience more tolerable. So, do RV wifi boosters work?

RV Wifi Boosters help to address the weak wireless signal in your RV.

An RV WiFi booster is a small box that you plug into an available electrical outlet, and which then connects to your wireless network. The box boosts your signal strength, making your mobile device (cell phone, laptop/tablet, etc.) connect faster to the internet.

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These boosters are all about making your mobile device behave more like a wired home computer: sending data at its full speed and preventing dead zones from appearing. This way you can stay connected while on the road.

RV Wifi Boosters work for all sorts of wireless devices

Most WiFi boosters are designed to work with any wireless device. This includes the increasingly popular smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops, netbooks, e-readers, etc. They can also boost wifi for a whole RV!

WiFi boosters give you internet even where there’s no cell signal!

One of the reasons most people buy an RV WiFi booster is because they’re sick and tired of cell service interruptions while they’re driving down the highway.

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Using cell phones in an RV can be problematic

During mobile data usage, the signal of a cell phone tower fluctuates for minutes at a time and then it might drop back down to zero coverage entirely. Inside an RV parked on the side of the road, this may be experienced as an irritating stutter that lasts for a minute or two. Or worse yet, the service will just die altogether while one is trying to make or receive a call.