Do RV Water Filters Remove Chlorine?

Do RV Water Filters Remove Chlorine?

Travel is all about the journey, but many travelers don’t realize that they must take precautions against disease when on the road. One of the biggest concerns is that tap water in RV parks and campgrounds often contain chlorine, which can be deadly to humans and animals. So, do RV water filters remove chlorine?

The short answer is several types of RV filters can remove chlorine, but all will need periodic cleaning and replacement over time.

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Chlorine found in tap water is a common pollutant, but it can be deadly to animals and humans. To make sure your tap water doesn’t contain harmful contaminants, you should run the water through your RV’s shower or a faucet slowly. It’s also a good idea to purify the water with a filter before drinking or cooking with it.

As one of the most common contaminants in tap water, chlorine is a chemical that has been used for many years to disinfect water. It is produced by combining chlorine gas with oxygen to create hypochlorite salt. This salt can then be used as an antiviral and antiseptic agent.

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