Do RV Toilets Have a Wax Ring?

Do Rv Toilets Have a Wax Ring?

Do RV toilets have a wax ring? This is an interesting question that will be answered in this blog post.

Not every RV toilet comes with a sealant material including wax. This means the wax ring needs to be purchased separately before installing the toilet because it is not built-in like in a standard home. Before purchasing any seals, you should take into account the type of sealant material that your particular model includes (some models only require one seal).

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Yes, in technical terms an RV can utilize a wax ring to make the toilet seal. However, the real question here is why would you want to use a wax ring in your RV?

Waxing eliminates the use of any sealant material to keep your toilet from leaking during traveling. This will save both money and time because you will not have to stop at the nearest RV park or campground for repairs.

A wax ring is considered a DIY project and it does not require any professional plumber skills for installation.
A wax ring can be purchased at a very low price (usually up to $3.00) compared to other sealant materials for RV toilets including the Gator Wax.

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Replacing a wax ring is easy because it can be done in a matter of minutes without the use of any extra tools or equipment.

Since the toilet is not attached to any surface, the wax ring that comes with it is designed to allow margin for minor errors in installation and movement from the base material especially when traveling.