Do RV Tire Covers Prevent Dry Rot?

Do RV Tire Covers Prevent Dry Rot?

An RV tire cover protects your RV investment. But do RV tire covers prevent dry rot? There are a lot of materials on the market these days, and many of them claim to do everything from stop paint from fading to help you sleep better. But it’s important that you know what they can really do for your rig before you make a purchase.

Do Rv Tire Covers Prevent Dry Rot?

The answer is yes and using RV tire covers is the cheapest option you can you to protect them.

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The best way to prevent dry rot is to keep the tire in good condition. You need to remove excess muck and then air out any leaks or punctures you have. Inspect the rims regularly with a magnifying lens and make sure they are free of rust, splotches, or cracks. Occasionally, you will need to clean the entire rim with soap and water, preferably using a tire brush.

Why Tire Covers?

Tire covers are the easiest and cheapest way to protect your rims. They also help keep your rims clean from the trimmings of trees and grasses, which have a chance to grow in between them. The best part is that tire covers are so inexpensive that if you move frequently or if they get worn out quickly, it’s no big deal!

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What About Other Forms of Protection?

Spray-on Rim Armor

Spray-on Rim Armor is basically an oil-based paint. It’s easy to apply, but you don’t have the protection from water that tire covers offer. Since it’s not a solid cover, the oil may also seem greasy and attract dirt onto your rims.

White Lithium Grease

White Lithium Grease is another option, and it is best for protecting your rims from saltwater or dirt roads that give you tough rust or corrosion problems. White lithium grease protects your rims from these kinds of elements by forming a barrier between them and the elements.