Do Fender Flares Mess Up Paint?

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Do Fender Flares Mess Up Paint

Many drivers may wonder do fender flares mess up paint? Well, there are many options for drivers who have this question.

If you have a car that has factory paint or has been re-painted, then the answer is no it does not. Factory paint and re-paint will fill in the gaps between the flares and make them blend in with the rest of the vehicle.

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If you are going to be doing any type of re-paint you can use a paint that does not fill in the gaps. This is better for the look of your car and it makes it easier to clean, also. Pigmentation will be noticeable and it may make your current paint that much whiter. A good example would be a new white car that is painted with a blue color scheme.

If you are going to have the flares painted you will need to get paint that fills in the gaps instead of painting them black. This will give your car a much more attractive look and it will be easier to clean. However, this can be expensive so it is best to weigh your options.

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