Are Coated Rotors Worth It?

Are Coated Rotors Worth It

Coated rotors are a hot topic among drivers. On the one hand, they can help reduce brake dust and wear on your wheels. On the other hand, they’re expensive! In this blog post, we’ll explore whether or not coated rotors are worth it for you in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness.

Uncoated Rotors vs Coated Rotors

In order to decide if the coated rotors are worth the money, we first need to look at uncoated rotors as well.

Uncoated Rotors

Uncoated rotors are made from iron and they’re naturally exposed to the elements when your vehicle is parked. Over time, this can cause rust on the rotor surface that will eventually lead to a brake failure. Coating these surfaces with Teflon or other chemicals keeps them protected from corrosion while also reducing unsightly brake dust.

Uncoated rotors are the standard of OEM replacement.

Coated Rotors

Coated rotors are made from iron and they’re coated with a variety of different coatings to protect the rotor surface. They can also be constructed out of stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant but more expensive than an uncoated or Teflon coated rotor.

The choice between either type comes down to your priorities-are you willing to pay the price.

Are Coated Rotors Worth it

We are going to analyze coated rotors based on 2 criteria: safety and cost-effectiveness. Then, you are the one who decided if they are worthy

Coated Rotor Safety

The primary purpose of a brake rotor is to slow your vehicle. The friction created by the pads against the rotors helps stop car movement in emergency situations and when you want to park.

To ensure that this braking system functions correctly, it’s important for rotors to not only be durable but also have high thermal stability-meaning they don’t warp under different conditions.

Furthermore, the purpose of the coating is to prevent rust from forming on the rotor. If rust is allowed to form, it will eat away at the metal and cause chunks of material to break off. This can create a safety hazard for your car because you could lose braking power or get into an accident when traveling downhill.

Coated rotors are tested under different harsh environment conditions and they are proved to last longer than uncoated rotors. If you drive in heavy rain, snow or sand on a daily basis then it may be worth investing in the coated brake.

Coated Rotor Cost-Effectiveness

While coated rotors do cost an additional amount, they are more durable and will last longer than uncoated rotors. In the long run, you may spend less money on replacement parts over time than if you had spent a cheaper option upfront.

For example, a coated rotor may cost about $45 while an uncoated rotor can cost about $35.


#1 Do Coated Rotors Last Longer?

Answer: Yes, coated rotors will last longer than uncoated rotors. As they are protected by an outside layer, so their vanes and edges clean, increasing their performance and lifetime.

#2 Is it Worth Getting Coated Rotors?

Answer: Yes, it is worth getting coated rotors for long-term cost savings and especially if you live in a harsh environment region.

#3 Do Coated Rotors Make a Difference?

Yes, of course. The coated rotor is rust-proof, which helps it last longer.

Final Words

Coated rotors are a great investment for long-term cost savings in the form of replacement parts. They also save you time from having to purchase new ones every few months! I myself always go for a coated rotor when it’s time for rotor replacement.