Can You Use A Hitch Lock While Towing?

Can You Use A Hitch Lock While Towing

Can you use a hitch lock while towing? Many people asked this question on forums and Quora. The short answer is:

Yes, you can absolutely use the lock instead of a hitch pin and it will work great to transport the trailer, boat, or whatever. The locking mechanism is quite simple to operate. Place the trailer in the receiver’s hitch, then simply pull the pin back and release it. The locking feature will make sure the tow ball won’t move sideways or be knocked out of its place.

But, there are complications that come with mounting a trailer to your car. You can’t use a regular hitch pin anymore, because you need a hitch lock to secure everything in place.

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The hitch lock does not have an official rating, but its capacity is much higher than that of a tow vehicle or trailer hitch.

Can you tow with Alko hitch lock on?

Yes, You can tow with Alko hitch lock on. The Alko Hitch Lock has a safety factor of 4500#. It can withstand a pull of 11,250#! It should not be used as the primary means of securing a trailer hitch to the frame. But it can be used for additional protection when you are hauling an outboard or other small item that might tend to move around in your receiver.

How do I lock my trailer hitch to my truck?

You can use the Hitch lock as a base for your trailer hitch. Simply loosen the pin from the hitch lock and you can pass it through the receiver. Then back to the hole and tighten down. But you can’t do this with a regular hitch pin, so grab a hitch lock instead.

The locking mechanism of a Hitch Lock allows to fit it on any trailer hitch receiver regardless of its shape, form factor or model number.

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When towing a trailer make sure that the coupler latch is locked additionally?

No, you don’t have to. The sliding pin goes through the hole and you can pull it all the way into the other hole. The double locking mechanism makes it impossible for it to be unlocked automatically or by accident.

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