Can You Replace an RV Toilet With a Regular Toilet?

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Can You Replace an RV Toilet With a Regular Toilet?

Ah, the big question: Can you replace an RV toilet with a regular toilet?

The short answer is no as there are 2 reasons behind this: the water usage and the flushing mechanism.

If you have a typical home toilet, your water use would be reduced anywhere from 2 gallons to 5 gallons per flush. However, your RV toilet uses much less water. Furthermore, the flushing water will go directly into a tank that you need to empty yourself.

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As for the flushing mechanism of an RV toilet, this is where there are two problems:
1) it’s different than a regular toilet and
2) it cannot be connected to any regular sink or fixture.

So, when it comes to the flushing mechanism, you won’t be able to connect your RV toilet with anything else in your home.

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However, if you’re wanting to replace an RV toilet with a regular toilet in a motorhome, then this is possible. It’s recommended by some makers of motorhomes that you do this in order to save on water usage and repair costs.
For further reading on the subject, check out this website with directions on how to change your own toilet.

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