Buying A Car Without A Title In Hand Is Not A Problem If You Know These Ways

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Buying A Car Without A TitleA car title is essential to prove that you are the owner of the car. Besides, it also helps you to determine the cost of registration and some other essential information needed. 

Additionally, you will also need to keep a copy of your car title for 18 months to see it as proof of sale if you want to sell your car. But, if you want to buy a car without a title in hand, what should you do? Do not worry, some of the ways below will help you.

Find Out The Reason for The Lack of Title

When meeting a dealer, the first question you should ask them is: “Where is the title for the car?” If the seller is honest and gives an adequately backed up explanation and evidence, then you are in luck. In essence, a lot more likely happens with a car without a title. Legality could, of course, be one of these reasons. Many people act in shady ways to gain benefits.

This vehicle’s power of attorney was likely lost or dropped somewhere. Even worse, it was destroyed or damaged. A stolen vehicle’s power of attorney may also occur. Note that a stolen vehicle also has no authorization. It is very worrying. The car’s lack of title can also indirectly tell the bad past it has encountered. If it were ever an ambulance, then this is not bad either. But it may indicate that the seller is engaging in what is known as “title jumping.” To avoid paying taxes on the sale, some individuals bypass the patenting process to sell cars. Naturally, this is illegal everywhere and deserves condemnation.

Some Ways to Buy A Car without A Title

You can refer to some of the instructions below if you are choosing a vehicle without a title.

Check The Car’s History Carefully

In understanding your car’s history, you need to pay attention to the vehicle identification number or VIN on a motor vehicle. This information can be considered invaluable. Alternatively, you can get help from AutoCheck and Carfax’s services to further verify the vehicle’s information (such as legal status and ownership). These services will provide you with much useful information that you need. You will get reports on the odometer, required insurance related to VIN, or previous accidents that the car has suffered. Be careful about the seller’s recommendation to you. If the reports you receive are contradictory to the person they say, you should switch to buying another car.

Contact The Previous Owner

Ask the seller for the invoice for the vehicle’s sale from the previous owner of the vehicle. This bill will give you some information to help you get in touch and follow up with that person. Based on the paperwork, try to get in touch with the old owner to inquire about the vehicle’s condition. In particular, to obtain a title for the vehicle, you should try the proposal to the old owner. If they help you obtain this important paper, you may pay them some additional expenses.

Get Help from The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

Maybe you did not know, NICB provides free assistance so that the driver can determine the legal status of a vehicle through the VinCheck service. With this service, you can quickly know if this vehicle has been stolen or involved in harmful incidents and has not been law enforcement. This service of the NICB will alert you if the insurance company reports the vehicle to be an ambulance or a garbage truck.

Check with The DMV

You can check out your local DMV office. They will help you find some information and answer a few basic questions about the car you are looking for. By running a search for a VIN, they can do this quite easily. DMV can provide the historical information of the vehicle in your state clearly and thoroughly. Furthermore, you can ask the DMV secretary and have them confirm the title’s status for you. But the DMV will limit some of the information they give you. If you want to find out confidential information like name and address, then they will be challenging to provide you because this is limited.

The Bottom Lines

While buying a car without a title means some trouble, you can handle it quickly if you know how to do it. However, when you begin to doubt the salesperson’s reliability and the car you intend to buy, be careful and look for a more reliable vehicle. In essence, buying a car without a power of attorney is not only based on how much you’re willing to pay but how much you want to own it. Hopefully, buying a car without a title in hand is no longer a difficult task for you, and you can come up with the right plan to handle this problem.

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