Top 9 Best Truck Racks For Kayaks, Camping, Paddle Boards, Overlanding, Bikes, Canoe 2021 (Incl. F150, Toyota Tacoma & Tundra)

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Best Truck Racks For Kayaks, Camping, Paddle Boards, Overlanding, Bikes, Canoe (Incl. F150, Toyota Tacoma & Tundra)

Are you looking for expert advice on buying the best truck racks? In this article, we come with the list of top-rated truck racks available for 2020.

You will invest your hard-earned money by purchasing this item, and we do not want it to be a poor investment. It is the reason we spent a lot of time researching, reviewing, and comparing to finish with this list.

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Reasons You Should Have a Truck Rack

1. Double Your Cargo

The roof rack for trucks is a fundamental element for those who undertake cargo with their truck. It allows you to transport objects, luggage, and sports equipment that cannot be loaded in your boot. It is because they are too large or you need more space available.

Not everyone is aware of the risks that can be run when you overfill your trunk. For this reason, having truck racks can solve a series of logistical and practical problems. We also relate it to the driver’s tranquility, who can face the journey with greater serenity without worrying about any damage to the car and other motorists.

2. Protect Your Truck Bed

Besides helping you deliver an enormous amount of cargo, this product is great protection if the carrying items hit the back of the cab. It also protects the paint of the truck by keeping the items off the cab.

Truck Rack Types

1. Over-bed racks 

The over-bed rack is the most popular type because of its practical design and functional features. The over-bed rack features a removable rack and a sports rack. The removable one is easy to install and remove, even with the novices.

The sport one can load up to four bicycles. It features an adjustable height and extendable length to fit with many vehicles.

2. Over-cab racks

The over-cab rack can extend over the roof of your truck to maximize your load capacity. It has built-in side rails for support and attaching your gear. The additional cover allows you to carry heavier loads without worrying about the damages.

3. Side-mount racks

The side-mount rack is perfect for loading ladders as it has a narrow width. It is compatible with many trucks. Some models of this type feature extra-large capacity and tie-downs for different sizes of the truck.

4. Rain Gutter Racks

Rain gutter rack connects efficiently to the van roof. People often install rain gutter racks on commercial vans and heavy-duty vehicles. It is the most affordable item with sufficient functions.

5. Back Racks

The back rack offers excellent protection for the rear window with a simple design. You can use it to guard the cabin from heavy-duty cargo.

Features & Factors to Consider When Choosing A Truck Rack

1. Vehicle Type

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the best roof bars is the car you own. It decides the characteristics of your product. The vehicle is important. You must understand the characteristics of the car. The chassis numbers are also important to know what racks we need to buy.

There are universal ones on the market that are famous, as we have already told you before. It is excellent to consider a specific luggage rack for your car to avoid problems or difficulties in assembly. In case you want to opt for universal bars, take into account the dimensions of the roof of your truck.

2. Compatibility

As important as the material is that the truck rack has a structure that makes it rigid laterally. The one that looks like a simple rectangle when viewed from behind will be more flexible than a triangular frame. The presence of large diameter pipes also increases stiffness. And there may be some problems in terms of practicality.

3. Carrying capacity

Let’s say that the most important element for the choice is capacity. It is the maximum weight that one can support, but it is not the only feature.

4. Installation Ease

The installation process of a truck rack should be from five to ten minutes. They also must be easy to remove in case of heavy-duty cargo and loading.

5. Cargo

People and workers use the truck rack to transport various work-related equipment. In the market, the manufacturers intend to make them small and mid-sized to fit the narrow truck beds.

6. Material – Steel vs. Aluminum

We must also clarify the material; this aspect also defines the capacity of this item. In this sense, you can find steel and titanium ones on the market. Steel is the best choice for those looking for a truck rack that can be long-lasting.

Titanium is also the best choice for drivers who think above all the kilos’ load, but it is costly. Finally, there is aluminum. It is light and perfect for low load capacities.

7. Accessories

It is useful to make sure we equip the racks with an anti-theft system for roof bars. We can find roof rack bars that provide templates to be positioned above the fixing points. We can open it only with a key or roof bars that have this system already integrated.

8. Price

Regardless of what you buy, the product’s price is one of the most important things, and the same goes for universal roof racks. Many universal roof rack falls in the price range from $100 to $300. The best one, the Aluminum Universal Roof Rack with an anti-theft lock, costs about $150. If the budget is not an issue, we suggest you choose the universal type.

Top 3 Truck Rack Brands

1. Thule

Thule (Thule Group) is a company founded in Sweden in the 40s. It specializes in transport solutions such as cargo boxes for cars, roof bars, bike racks, backpacks, and bags for laptops or cameras.

Nowadays, it is an international company with over 4,000 points of sale in 136 different countries around the world. It is probably the first solution when you consider buying one. Reliability and excellent craft are the basis of a company as important as Thule.

In short, Thule is the perfect solution if you travel often and every time you have to take your life with you.

2. Rola

Rola is another famous company that produces the best truck racks. They present on the market for over 50 years. Nowadays, it specializes in transportation solutions and is famous throughout Europe. The quality of the products and safety are the strong points of Rola that never disappoint the customer.

3. Automobile Association

The Automobile Association is famous throughout Europe and is a leader in transport solutions. Its truck racks are compatible with many trucks, with or without longitudinal bars. With reliable and excellent design, the Automobile Association products have a warm welcome from global customers.

Top 9 Best Truck Racks For F150, Toyota Tacoma & Tundra 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Truck Rack For Kayaks (Paddle Boards): TracRac TracONE Universal Truck Rack

TracRac TracONE Universal is an innovative and brilliant idea for a truck rack. It is a comfortable, lightweight, and inflatable luggage rack. Overall, the rack is easy to assemble and transport. They design it to be a temporary solution for transporting leisure equipment for vacation luggage. You can use it to take home a piece of furniture purchased.

It is the latest generation product that has nothing to envy to rigid models. The maximum load, in terms of weight, is 800lbs cargo. It is suitable for the limitations set for individual vehicles. Besides being very convenient, the model is interchangeable between multiple vehicles and practical to always keep in the car.

Best Truck Racks #1 TracRac TracONE Universal Truck Rack


  • Aerodynamic design to support for 800lbs cargo
  • Aluminum design to enhance durability
  • Easy to install and remove with single-axis clamps
  • Comes with four adjustable crossbar


  • Does not fit with the Nissan rail system

TracRac TracONE Universal is perfect for holidays and for those who love the outdoors, adventure sports, and travel.

#2 Best For Camping: YAKIMA Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Rack

YAKIMA, Overhaul HD,...
  • Heavy loads: Maximum on-road rating...
  • Fits most truck beds: Including...
  • Built to last: Engineered aluminum...

YAKIMA Heavy-Duty Truck Rack is rigid, comfortable, and easy to use. There is a comfortable metal basket fixed to the roof of the machine. With this unit, you can lay objects and loads in compliance with the car’s load limits. Besides being large and multifunctional, this item is robust, weather-resistant, and waterproof.

It is the perfect model for those who want to mount the roof rack. The installing process is quick and easy, thanks to its lightness and aerodynamics. Last but not least, the price is affordable for all budgets.


  • Durable design with built-in openers
  • Premium aluminum for rust and collision resistance
  • Compatible with most models of truck


  • No crossbars included

YAKIMA Heavy-Duty is a reliable product. It can also minimize wind noise and vibrations during transport.

#3 Best For Overlanding: AA-Racks DX36 Universal Adjustable Steel Rack

AA-Racks Model DX36 Compatible...
  • Mounts onto roof of vehicle...
  • 17 Gauge (1.35mm actual) Steel...
  • 1.2" diameter cross bars;Length...

AA-Racks DX36 Universal Rack is fixed and universal. With simple lines and adaption to almost all vehicles, it is the right product for those who want to combine universality, practicality, and capacity. Once fixed to the truck, advanced parts will remain capable of giving the vehicle a trendy touch and an original and pleasant look.

The load capacity is lower than that of the other models we have presented. The truck must have L-bars already fixed on the roof that we can easily attach to the roof rack.


  • Steel-roof rack with a durable base
  • Adjustable feature with extendable length
  • Comes in two colors of white and black


  • Requires L-bars on the roof to attach

AA-Racks DX36 Universal Rack is perfect for those looking for a luggage rack that is easy to assemble, fixed, and space-saving.

#4 Best Truck Rack For Bikes: AA-Racks X35 Truck Rack

AA-Racks Model X35 Truck Rack...
  • Non-Drilling X35 Truck Rack with 8...
  • Easy Installation - Fast setup and...
  • Heavy Duty Extended bolts added for...

We have arrived at a product with high technical characteristics. AA-Racks X35 is suitable for off-road and dirt road enthusiasts. The useful and clever idea that makes this roof rack unique is the lights.

Besides the car headlights, they place four lights on the luggage rack to illuminate the road from a higher point than normal car lights. With the lights, it will be possible to go around even the darkest streets where lighting is not always guaranteed.


  • Four-rack package with mounting set
  • Comes with eight C-clamps and straps
  • Durable for years


  • Is not compatible with utility track systems

AA-Racks X35 is easy to adapt with a large off-road vehicle. You can use it for many heavy-duty vehicles.

#5 Best Truck Rack For Canoe: Apex ATR-RACK Ladder Rack

APEX ATR-RACK Ladder Rack...
  • Universal utility rack adjusts to...
  • Sliding, fully-adjustable system...
  • Quick and easy no-drill clamp-on...

Apex ATR-RACK Ladder Rack comprises some soft universal roof rails. Virtually, anything can be loaded onto them, respecting the maximum capacity of the vehicle. Compared to classic bars or fixed roof racks, this soft bar model is easy to install and remove.

Therefore, this item can be used and then disassembled and stored in the special bag supplied. Assembling the bars is very easy. It requires no special tools as they supply each set. And complete with all the accessories to attach the padding to the car and to secure the load. They pad the bars with a thick layer of high-density foam.

It serves to protect both the cargo and the car. The only downside to point out is that they design this product to fit five-door cars. If you have a three-door car, the rear windows need to open.


  • Universal design for all truck models
  • Lightweight aluminum for high reliability
  • Adjustable and extendable features


  • Compatible with five-door cars and above.

The manufacturer recommends Apex ATR-RACK Ladder Rack for kayaking enthusiasts because we can place the kayaks inside the padding along their entire length.

#6 Best For F150: TMS Truck Rack

TMS 800 LB Adjustable Fit 2...
  • Set of 2 heavy duty steel...
  • Very sturdy frame offers a weight...
  • Max Height: 30 inch plus the height...

TMS Truck Rack is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It is a top-quality one that you can buy at a good price. It is a bargain that you should not miss for any reason. They equip the item with eight tightening straps with buckles to simplify the connection.

The product is water-resistant to any discoloration to offer maximum protection against sun rays, wind, rain, and dust. Finally, the product is foldable for easy storage compactly.

Best Truck Racks #6 TMS Truck Rack


  • Adjustable width for high flexibility
  • Durable steel materials for all models
  • Large capacity of up to 800lbs


  • Poor quality control

TMS Truck Rack boasts a 12-month warranty. We highly recommend this product to you, as it is efficient and durable for years.

#7 Best Truck Rack For Toyota Tacoma: MaxxHaul 70423 Universal Truck Rack

MaxxHaul 70423 Universal...
  • Horizontal and vertical posts are...
  • Internal Reinforced Structure on...
  • Crossbar Extends up to 70" Long to...

MaxxHaul 70423 Universal is another great water and moisture-resistant product. This one is designed entirely in advanced PVC and 1680D polyester material. It features ultra-soft material and guarantees to protect your items in the best way from the sun’s rays, wind, or rain.

This product includes eight additional straps that you can adjust based on the size of your trunk. The large straps go to ensure that everything stays in place, even on a rough road. When not in use, it is easy to fold.

Best Truck Racks #7 MaxxHaul 70423 Universal Truck Rack


  • Extra-high capacity
  • Features adjustable steel brackets and aluminum bars
  • High durability and efficiency


  • Vibrant sound

MaxxHaul 70423 Universal is easy to install and disassemble due to the eight high-strength straps and handles around each side of the bag

#8 Best Truck Rack For Toyota Tundra: Backrack 15004 Rack

Backrack 15004 Rack Frame
  • BackRack 15004 frame only
  • Truck specific hardware kit...
  • Fits 1999-2017 Chevy/GMC Silverado,...

The 15004 model proposed by Backrack will be adaptable to most of the models of cars. And it is easy to install. They compose it of four fixing traps. Two of the straps are extra to make it fixed and stable.

Thanks to its soft composition, it will be ideal for carrying anything you want directly on the roof of your car. And once you have finished using it, you can comfortably store it in your trunk without taking up excessive space.

Best Truck Racks #8 Backrack 15004 Rack


  • Durable and can resist any damage
  • Powder-coated for high durability
  • Compatible with many types of SUVs and trucks


  • Low durability

Backrack 15004 Rack stands out because of its practical design. We can store away a roof rack that will not take up much space and.

#9 Best Truck Ladder Rack: ROLA 59799 Haul-Your-Might Rack

ROLA 59799 Haul-Your-Might...
  • Designed specifically for the...
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum...
  • Powder coated black uprights and...

Let’s finish with an excellent product that Amazon offers at an affordable price. Unlike the previous models, this ROLA 59799 Haul-Your-Might Rack involves the use of a static structure. It is easily applied to the roof by attaching the rails. Its capacity will be up to 800lbs.

Its materials and finishes are of the highest quality. The installation will be effortless, and it will protect your luggage from odors, humidity, and foul weather.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Compatible with Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, and Nissan
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Horrible customer service

ROLA 59799 Haul-Your-Might Rack is composed of eco-sustainable materials in polypropylene and carbon finishes.


1. What is the best ladder rack?

The noise pollution generated by the full-size carriers, roof racks, and luggage racks while vehicles are in motion derives from a special phenomenon. The air comes into contact with the profile of the bars and generates a noisy vortex aisle.

To counter this phenomenon, many technicians have designed the new ultra-silent noise profile applied under the first bar, obstructing the flow of air passing between the bars and the van roof.

In this way, training noisy vortices are canceled or greatly reduced. Even before this innovation, the Thule roof racks were already very quiet thanks to special aluminum profiles. With the application of this new serrated profile, noise pollution is subsequently reduced by 50%, guaranteeing excellent driving.

It is silent even at high speeds permitted on motorways or above. These super-light noise-canceling profiles are positioned so that nothing gets in the way and does not get in the way when it comes to securing the load with ropes or straps.

2. How much weight can a ladder rack hold?

Like a car, a trailer has a curb weight (PV) and a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR). These weights appear on the trailer’s registration certificate (if it has a GVWR larger than 500 kilograms) or on the tare plate. 

The maximum weight that a trailer can carry (the payload) is calculated by subtracting the trailer’s PV from its GVW. For example, if a trailer has a PV of 150kg and a GVWR of 500kg, its payload is 350kg maximum.

3. What is the point of a back rack on a truck?

The back rack is generally used to carry cargo. One can be installed on the side of the luggage rack platform. It will be attached to either side of the rear luggage rack. The back rack can also be used to transport your camping things more easily. This support can also be used to transport your groceries using a basket.

Final Words

Currently, it is possible to purchase the best truck racks, thanks to many famous manufacturers. Finding the best product is not always that simple. But thanks to our experts’ purchase advice, you can decide with greater awareness and choose the ideal product for your needs.

Therefore, before making a purchase decision, it is essential to test the purchase from every perspective. TracRac TracONE Universal Truck Rack is our winner because of its durability, efficiency, compatibility, and longevity. ROLA 59799 Haul-Your-Might Rack is another great choice if you have a limited budget.

DIY: How To Install Tracrac TracONE

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