Top 9 Best Trailer Hitches For Honda Pilot, Campers, Subaru Outback & Travel Trailers (2021 Reviews)

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Best Trailer Hitches For Honda Pilot, Campers, Subaru Outback & Travel Trailers

Keen to find the best trailer hitch for your vehicles with durability, premium features, even at a reasonable price? Let’s find out with me in this article!

The trailer hitch seems to be a reasonably useful tool for many vehicles. To be more specific, you can use it to haul the trailers behind your cars. By using this item, you can bring extra cargo with you quickly. However, each vehicle will have different towing abilities, and it is compatible with a specific trailer hitch. 

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You should read this article to find out more detailed information about the trailer hitch with many things to consider. This article gives you the best choices and useful buying guides. Let’s jump into the exploration now!

Features to Consider When Purchasing the Trailer Hitch

1. Types

Trailer Hitch Receiver 

The simple receiver is the most common trailer hitch style. It will bolt onto the frame of the vehicle. From that point, it can accommodate you with the easy installation and the ability to handle the vast trailer weight amount.

Bumper Trailer Hitch 

You can attach these simple tools to the rear bumper directly. However, they are not specifically secure, and they are super lightweight. So, it is not recommended to use this type. 

Gooseneck Trailer Hitch 

The gooseneck is the trailer hitch’s heavy-duty style. That’s why it can tackle more weight than the receiver. But it isn’t easy to install it as you have to install it in the pick-up truck’s bed. On the other hand, it also means that this type can just be attached to the pick-up truck.  

2. Class

There are five types of class for the trailer hitch. So, it would help if you considered your needs before shopping and you can find yourself a suitable style. As you can guess, each type will correspond with a different weight. Class 1 is ideal for compact cars, as it is the lightest-duty trailer. 

It can tow 2,000 gross pounds weight in total. Whereas, Class 5 can help you town 18,000 pounds weight, so it is often used for SUVs or pick-up trucks. Your vehicle’s size and style are prioritized to choose the right one.

3. Weight 

Each tow receiver has its different weight that is determined by its class. The tow ball hitch shows how much weight can be handled. Therefore, you have to ensure that the ball mount’s maximum value is higher than the trailer hitch’s gross towing weight.

4. Protective Finish

You should pay attention to the area where the tow hitch is installed. By taking notice of it, you can protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion in the right way. 

For example, if you install the trailer-hitch underneath your vehicle, it might be soaked quickly, leading to rust. In this case, you should cover it with a powder finish to prevent rusting.

Top 9 Best Trailer Hitches 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: CURT 13201 Trailer Hitch

Best Trailer Hitch #1 CURT 13201 Trailer Hitch

If you are looking for a full-featured hitch trailer, the CURT 13201 is a great choice. The weight of this model is very balanced, neither too heavy nor too light. Although it weighs only 29 lbs, the trailer weighs in at 4,000 pounds.

With the CURT 13201, you won’t have to do anything on your car, drill holes, for example. This hanger is suitable for almost any vehicle. Therefore, it has received positive reviews in the market.

This model will provide you with durability and rust resistance up to Curt’s maintenance standards. It has high gloss and is precisely welded. Besides, the CURT 13201 has also received the SAE J684 safety standard certification.

Also, Curt offers users a limited lifetime warranty support package. It includes a one-year warranty for the required parts and hardware.

CURT 13201 Class 3 Trailer...
  • DEPENDABLE STRENGTH. This trailer...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN. This class 3...
  • FULLY TESTED. Every CURT class 3...


  • It is lightweight but can tow up to 4,000 lbs
  • High durability with outstanding rust resistance
  • Suitable for most vehicles


  • Installation can be time-consuming

CURT 13201 Trailer Hitch is full of outstanding advantages that users are looking for. Let’s make your work more comfortable with this model. You will probably love it!

#2 Best Adjustable: B&W Trailer Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitch is the right candidate for those looking for the best adjustable trailer grip. This trailer from B&W can provide the user with a heavy-duty ball rack and is extremely useful. It has a GTW of up to 10,000 lbs with a blade weight of only 1,000 lbs.

As for the heavyweight Class-V 2.5 hinges, this product is just them. So it would be best if you didn’t use it with smaller class hitches. Additionally, this B&W hitch trailer comes in three-ball sizes that you can choose from. 

Their sizes are 1.87 inches, 2 inches, and 2.3 inches, respectively. This advantage makes it easy to select any ball to pull by rotating. What’s more, adjust this mount a little, and you will have the right ball height.

Depending on how you rotate the mount, you can adjust it as you like. The vertical adjustment capacity is 9.5 inches, including a 5-inch drop and 4.5 inches of ball rise.

B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow...
  • Multiple ball sizes eliminate the...
  • Adjustable in height for level...
  • Two-step finish: ecoat and black...


  • Feel free to choose and adjust between three sizes of balls
  • Fits heavyweight Class-V 2.5-inch receivers
  • It is possible to increase and decrease between 4.5 inches to 5 inch


  • Not suitable for smaller class hitches.

The B&W product is a balance between outstanding features and an affordable price tag. If you want to learn more about this model, please refer to the link in the product name.

#3 Best for Family: CURT 13068 Trailer Hitch

Curt is an excellent manufacturer when it comes to the most popular brands of trailer hitches on the market. Products from this brand are all of high quality with robust bracing. This product can tow up to 3,500 lbs, which is very suitable for the average family.

CURT 13068 can fit different vehicles with easy and quick installation. The main body of this hitch trailer has superior construction with an eye-opening round tube. Then, the manufacturer also ensures high durability by precision welding.

Alternatively, you can use Curt’s lifetime warranty service. But the CURT 13068’s high-gloss black paint is only valid for one year. Since this model is designed exclusively for families, its towing capacity is also moderate.

CURT 13068 Class 3 Trailer...
  • DEPENDABLE STRENGTH. This trailer...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN. This class 3...
  • FULLY TESTED. Every CURT class 3...


  • Outstanding strength is upgraded thanks to precision welding
  • The installation is accessible without requiring you to impact your vehicle
  • High gloss electrostatic finish and high protection


  • Only suitable for medium tensile loads

If you are looking for a hitch trailer that fits with the right payload, you should check out the CURT 13068 Trailer Hitch. High durability, quick installation, and outstanding protection will make you satisfied.

#4 Best for Quality: CURT 13105 Trailer Hitch

Best Trailer Hitch #4 CURT 13105 Trailer Hitch

When it comes to the Curt brand, the first thing that comes to mind is the high quality. Model 13105 of this cave is another highlight that you will enjoy. Not only does the rest of the pins look like you, but you can also customize them to fit your car.

In addition to the ability to tow up to 3,500 lbs GTW, this item also features high durability and a lifetime warranty. So you can trust and use it. Besides, it is also suitable for other installations, so you can use it with a weight distribution of up to 5,000 lbs at your will.

The black powder coating on the outside gives excellent protection to this hitch trailer. CURT 13105 is highly rust-resistant, so you do not have to worry about its longevity.

CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer...
  • DEPENDABLE STRENGTH. This trailer...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN. This class 3...
  • FULLY TESTED. Every CURT class 3...


  • The design is suitable for different vehicles
  • Perfect towing capacity up to 3,500 lbs
  • The electrostatic coating on the outside provides both protection and rust protection


  • It may take a while to install

One of the options that users should not refuse is the CURT 13105 trailer Hitch. Thanks to its significant advantages, it is easy to understand that this model is very reliable.

#5 Best Durable: Hidden Class II Trailer Hitch

#5 Hidden Class II Trailer Hitch

The Hidden hitch trailer is the perfect choice for those looking for Class II models. Reliable durability and easy installation are the first significant selling points of this hitch trailer. In particular, the Hidden Class II is very suitable for Volvo cars.

Just take 25 minutes without impacting your car, you can install it successfully. To make it easier for users to use, Hidden Hitch designed buttons that do not stand out when not in use. Thanks to that, the car will not lose its aesthetics.

Hidden Hitch’s glossy mount in this offer also enhances compatibility. With a set of wires and a ball, you can use this item quickly. The 22-pound weight makes it look neat. It also fits well with 1.25-inch square receivers. Plus, the lifetime warranty will help you fix it if something goes wrong.

Hidden Hitch 90804 Class II...
  • Package Dimensions: 114.3 cms (L) x...
  • Product Type: Auto Accessory
  • Package Quantity: 1


  • Durability will be enhanced when applied properly
  • A lifetime warranty will help you to fix the damage
  • Provides Class II traction


  • Primarily suitable for cars from Volvo

The Hidden Class II Trailer Hitch is both durable and has excellent traction. It is a great product to experience. Perhaps this model will help you a lot.

#6 Best Heavy-duty: Connor 1623210 Trailer Hitch

The Connor 1623210 is a product of unique ability as it can rise and fall. In its original form, the reduction was 2 inches. But you can completely rotate the ball if you want to create a height of 0.75 inches for the ball. This design is unique and convenient.

The total trailer weight is 6,000 lbs, while the blade weight is only 600 lbs. The manufacturer chrome-plated the ball to ensure durability. Besides, the rest of it is covered with a black powder coating.

This product is a 2 inch Class III / IV setup. Since it is made of high-strength solid steel, it has a long service life. Besides, each package has a latch and a clamp attached to it to ensure safety in use. A lifetime warranty will handle your Connor 1623210 problems for you.

Connor Trailer Hitch - 2" Ball...


  • This heavy-duty model is highly durable with 2-inch Class III / IV joints
  • Can increase and decrease
  • The high-quality materials help it last for a long time


  • The ball height adjustment limit is 2.75 inches

With the Connor 1623210, you do not have to worry about its durability and traction. Perhaps this model will suit your needs.

#7 Best Versatile: Connor 1625350 Trailer Hitch with Hook

The Connor 1625350 is a versatile model with a glossy rack. Each of these products comes with three balls of different sizes and weights. You can choose between 2,000 and 10,000 lbs.

Moreover, the manufacturer is also equipped with a hook. This design is quite convenient and unique. This ball mount is an excellent choice for a 2×2 inch Class III and IV receiver. Besides, to ensure the product’s durability, Connor also coats the outside with a black powder coating.

You can also adjust this ball holder easily, thanks to the different couplers. The 1.87-inch ball has 2,000 lbs of GTW with a blade weight of 200 lbs. Next is the 2-inch ball with 6,000 GTW. Its blade weight is 600 lbs. Finally, there is a 2.3-inch ball with 10,000 lbs of GTW with a blade weight of 1,000 lbs.

The manufacturer welds everything with a robot for perfect durability. Also, they tested carefully to pass the SAE J-684 standard specification requirement. Therefore, this product is one of the highest quality towing rods on the market.

Connor Tri Ball Hitch with...


  • Each model has an attached hook and three balls
  • Heavy-duty steel welded by robots will greatly enhance its durability
  • GTW up to 10,000 lbs


  • No locking pin included

A perfect hitch trailer strikes a balance between quality and an affordable price tag. Connor 1625350 Trailer Hitch can meet all these needs.

#8 Best Value: Trimax Aluminum Adjustable Hitch

#8 Trimax Aluminum Adjustable Hitch

Unlike the products above, the Trimax Aluminum Adjustable Hitch has a distinctive look with a polished aluminum body. It is not wrong to say it is a masterpiece of art. It offers 10,000 lbs of GTW with a blade weight of only 1,500 lbs.

Besides, users can easily adjust the gain within 1 to 8 inches. You can easily set it up in no time. After adjusting to the desired height, use the supplied key to lock it in place.

Each of these products comes with a T3 clamp attached so you can lock this mount to the receiver. The machined forged chrome-plated material gives it a striking and elegant appearance.

Furthermore, you can also quickly flip the balls to choose between 2 inches and 2.3-inch chrome balls. Please choose to suit your needs.

Trimax TRZ8AL 8" Premium...
  • TRIMAX Corporation is the world’s...
  • Dual 2 inch and 2-5/16 inch chrome...
  • Unmatched style and strength;...


  • Outstanding and durable look with polished aluminum
  • Offers 10,000 lbs of GTW with 1,500 lbs of blade weight
  • More flexibility thanks to the included dual shade


  • Not resistant to rust

Customers often love products that are both durable and efficient. Trimax Aluminum Adjustable Hitch meets these requirements. Do not hesitate any longer. Experience its greatness today.

#9 Best for Budget: Reese Towpower 51156 Hitch

If you are looking for an affordable trailer hitch, you should not miss Reese Towpower 51156 Hitch. For Honda Odyssey cars from 1999, this product is a special friend. A black powder coating surrounds its appearance. Steel material makes it highly durable with a 2×2 inch receiver.

Besides, the manufacturer welded the structure of Reese Towpower 51156 Hitch firmly. Thanks to that, users will be assured of safety during use. The durability of the product is also enhanced.

The process of installing this model is relatively quick without any drilling required. The towing capacity is up to 3,500 lbs with a vertical load of 350 lbs.

Reese Towpower 51156 Class III...
  • Up to 350 pounds tongue weight and...
  • All-welded construction for maximum...
  • Fatigue and stress testing ensure a...


  • You do not need to break the bank to own it
  • No time to install and no need to drill holes
  • Meet SAE J648 and V-5 CSA standards


  • Only recommended for use with loads below 3,500 lbs

The perfect combination of affordable price and outstanding productivity makes Reese Towpower 51156 Hitch famous. Try it out, and you will probably love it.


1. What Is The Standard Size of Hitch Ball?

When it comes to the standard size of trailer balls, you can choose between many different models. But the quantity is not less than three sizes. Popular sizes are 1-7/8 inch, 2 inches, and 2-05 / 16 inches. What you need to do is measure the length of the thing you want to drag to choose the right model for it. In general, the 2-inch size is applicable, and most people choose to use it with balls.

2. What is The Standard Height of The Trailer Hitches?

In essence, this question is not easy to answer because it needs to consider many different factors. No two trailers are precisely the same. Furthermore, their height depends on factors such as total load, load distribution, or pressure in the tire. It would be best if you chose models between 15 and 17 inches. Chances are it will fit the standard trailer height.

3. What is A Tow Receiver?

When you want to attach whatever you plan to pull, the pull-back puller will help you out. It is a pull-bar opening to accept the attachment you use. For you to understand more efficiently, please pay attention to this example. You use a ball guard on it to make a connection between the trailer and the tie rod. Then connect it to your car.

4. How Can I Choose A Trailer?

To choose the right trailer, consider the size, style, and type of media you use. You can start with the hitchhiking type, then the other. Pay attention to other factors like the finish, the included hardware, and the receiver’s sizes.

Bottom Lines

The above-rated products are of high quality and reliable. Through this review, it can be seen that the top pick is the CURT 13201 Trailer Hitch. Besides the ideal weight, it has a lot of other great features worth the experience. If you’re looking to invest in your budget, the Trimax Aluminum Adjustable Hitch will be the right choice for you.

The process of finding and selecting a trailer hitch is not too difficult and time-consuming if you pay attention to the essential factors. A suitable product will help you a lot. Feel free to choose your trailer-hitch through this article. Hopefully, this review has been helpful to you.

Bonus: How To Install A Trailer Hitch

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