Top 9 Best Towing Mirrors For Nissan Navara, Frontier, Prado, Pajero Sport, F150, Hilux & Range Rover Sport (2021 Reviews)

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Best Towing Mirrors For Nissan Navara, Frontier, Prado, Pajero Sport, F150, Hilux & Range Rover Sport

In the following list, you will find different variations of the best towing mirrors. The variants are ranked by popularity from most popular to least popular. We update the main ranking daily so you always have consistent prices and information.

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It allows you to compare products professionally. Besides, customer ratings and reviews allow us to conclude the quality, transportation, delivery times, and advantages or defects of certain products.

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand...
Clearview Premium Electric...
Trail Ridge Tow Mirror Power...
Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand...
Clearview Premium Electric...
Trail Ridge Tow Mirror Power...
Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand...
Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand...
Clearview Premium Electric...
Clearview Premium Electric...
Trail Ridge Tow Mirror Power...
Trail Ridge Tow Mirror Power...

Reasons To Buy Towing Mirrors

An additional mirror for towing caravans and trailers is indispensable for towing trailers and caravans. It allows you to have a normal or wide-angle view. It can be used in a side-by-side or stacked position. You can mount it in seconds on the original rear-view mirror without screws and holes.

Without these mirrors, driving would be much more dangerous. Not only should you put your head out the window to change lanes, but also turn completely around in your seat to see the traffic directly behind you. Fortunately, the mirrors allow drivers to see most of the road and a quick turn of the head to check blind spots.

Factors to Consider When Choose Towing Mirrors


Manual Towing Mirrors

The manual type is the most standardized model in the field. The mirror is the same as the integrated mirror in that you do not need any complicated installation or wiring process. On any truck or SUV, drivers only need to remove the door panel to attach this mirror.

Powered Towing Mirrors

Powered ones have the same functions as the manual ones except for the electronics application. There will be some wires attached to the mirror and plug into the vehicle’s door. This model requires an electric installation and offers convenient automatic functions.

Telescopic Towing Mirrors

They are the most popular type recently. It enhances all the features of the manual and powered mirrors such as turning signals, LED arrows, and folding functions. They come in large sizes to maximize visibility. The model is a perfect choice for trucks or any heavy-duty vehicles thanks to its convenience and efficiency.

Universal Clip-on Towing Mirrors

The final one is a universal clip-on mirror. It is the cheapest option for drivers who require the most basic towing mirror for family cars. You can install the mirror effortlessly since it is pre-assembled and lightweight.


There are many brands of these items on the market up to date. On top of the game, you can consider Dometic, Fit System, and ECCPP as the best brands we can offer. Each brand comes with its strengths and downsides that we have illustrated above.


They can come in different price ranges. With a price range of under $50, the universal clip-on towing mirror is an ideal choice. It is affordable but flimsy and cannot be against hazardous vibration.

If you want a premium product, consider the powered one with the price from $50 to $90. They have electronic systems to offer automatic functions. For over $100, the mirror can come with a turning signal and heating functions. It is essential when you often travel to cold and snowy areas.

Mirror Glass Types

Glass types are the most important factor since it determines the reflection quality of the mirror. The convex mirror with a curved surface offers a wider view, but it will distort the object. If you want to remove as many blind spots as possible, consider the stainless steel models.


As stated above, different towing mirrors require different installation processes. Some models come in pre-assembled, but some require a complicated electric wiring process.

Viewing Field

For enhancing the viewing field, pay attention to the size of mirrors. Large-sized mirrors feature wider ranges of angle and view. Also, the flatted and curved mirrors offer different sightseeing capacities. In most cases, experts recommend the curved type for wider views and increased safety while driving.

Stability at Speed

Most towing mirrors are efficient at low speeds. However, when you are driving on the highway, the mirrors need to be durable and vibration-resistant. So, it is not safe to control the vehicle at high speed when staring behind the caravan. For speed stability, the clamp-on approach is ideal. However, locate the clamps far away from the integrated mirrors to provide stable visibility.

Other Features


You should find heated items similar in shape and size to replace the integrated ones. For the electrical connection, the mirrors absorb a little. Many cars have the mirror defrost controlled together with the heated towing mirror.

Dual Mirror

This type comes with dual lenses to give you multiple angles. They are available in different shapes and sizes. The enormous size can show the lane clearly, while the smaller one can remove the blind spot.

Integrated Turn Signal – LED lights

The LED lighting function is extremely helpful to ensure your safety while driving. It provides warnings when you change lanes efficiently.

Some Extra Buying Tips

Flat or Convex Mirrors?

Mirror refers to any glossy surface. It can reflect the light beam and form images. It has two types of flat and spherical. A spherical mirror is of two types, namely a convex mirror and a hollow mirror. The convex mirror has a reflective surface that protrudes outward. Conversely, in a flat mirror, the reflective surface protrudes inwards.

Convex and flat mirrors come with many uses. We oppose the two mirrors to each other and produce different images in original positions.

Avoid Suction Pad Type

Every driver hates the suction pad but some people still choose them. It is easy to install and operate. But when you travel on a rough surface, the suction pad can fall off instantly. It is extremely annoying and frustrating. Sometimes it causes danger to the other drivers on the road.

Caravan Towing Mirrors: Strap or Clamp Type

Strap Type

The strap type of towing mirror is popular because of its universality. When you change the tow vehicle, you can fit the mirror with a new tow car with simple installation steps. The strap sticks to the wing mirror so you can change the handles by tightening the strap. It also will not damage your mirror surface in the car.

Clamp Type

Some people prefer the clamp type to the strap one. It is because of its stability and durability. The mirror can remain unchanged when the car hits on a hole while driving.

Look for The Special E

There is one special remark that before choosing any towing mirror is that you must pay attention to the E marking. A qualified towing mirror must meet the international UNECE 46.02, UNECE 46.01, and European EEC 2003/97 standards.

Top 9 Best Towing Mirrors For Trucks, Caravan 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall – Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand...
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - Dometic Milenco...
  • AIR BALANCED DESIGN - The mirror...

On top of the best towing mirrors is the Dometic DM-2912. The unit has a simple and compact design for easy installation and driver efficiency. You can install and attach the clamp straightforward with no equipment. The mirror offers shock and vibrant absorbent when you go on tough terrains.

The mirror gives an unobstructed view for the drivers on all terrains, thanks to its colossal size. It creates a 360-degree view of any vehicle you are towing. The design is extremely flexible and it can be compatible with both curved and flat mirrors. 

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror

Dometic DM-2912 is also reliable and can protect against any hazardous conditions.  The only drawback that we have is that it will come off if you do not check the mounting process carefully.


  • Universal design with superior vision and anti-vibration
  • Easy installation and dismantling for novices
  • Well air-balance to increase stability
  • High durability with premium materials


  • Users need to check the mirror periodically

After all, this product is one of the best extension versions since it is an excellent solution for those who require quick installation and high reliability.

#2 Best For Nissan Navara – Clearview Premium Adjustable Heated Towing Mirror

Clearview Premium Electric...
  • This model includes the heated...
  • Fits the GMC Canyon (2014 - on) and...
  • Replaces Your OEM Mirror...

Clearview Premium is simple, high-quality, and functional. These features are what every driver wants for a towing mirror.

The mirror offers electric change and excellent functions of a standardized mirror. However, the mirror is only available in black. It is a safe choice but may not be fashionable for the upper-class vehicle.

Clearview Premium Adjustable Heated Towing Mirror


  • Easy fitting and installation with a large range of view
  • Great replacement for OEM mirrors
  • End the blind spots while driving to ensure safety


  • Only available in black

Clearview Premium is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, especially with Nissan Navara. It is a perfect replacement for the standard mirror in your vehicle.

#3 Best For Nissan Frontier – Trail Ridge Towing Mirror

Trail Ridge Tow Mirror Power...
  • Reference Number(s):...
  • Mirror Operation: Power
  • Mirror Heating Type: Heated

Trail Ridge always offers premium products from heated to towing mirrors. The quality of Trail Ridge’s mirror is as good as manual mirrors. The price is expensive, but the quality is also top-notch. 

The mirror receives many positive reviews on the Amazon website thanks to a premium lifetime warranty, which is impossible for the vehicle accessory segment. And as stated by the manufacturer, the product is compatible with many brands, especially the Nissan Frontier.

Trail Ridge Towing Mirror


  • Offers the same quality as integrated mirrors
  • Premium quality and efficiency
  • High durability with a lifetime warranty


  • Expensive

Since the high price of the official store, Trail Ridge is one of the best aftermarket towing mirrors.

#4 Best For Prado – Fit System 3891 Trailer Towing Mirror

Fit System 3891 Deluxe...
  • New ratchet lock system
  • Adds the extra vision to tow wide...
  • Adjustable to fit most mirrors

Fit System 3891 is one of the best universal towing mirrors in the town without a doubt. The mirror can fit any vehicle from Prado to Chevrolet, thanks to its sleek and compact design. It is easy to install with less than three simple steps.

There are mounting straps and lockable tight against the pressure and vibration. The price is reasonable, corresponding to high durability and premium quality. It also offers a wide angle of sightseeing because of its universal design. However, it is smaller than other benchmarks. If you want the most extendable view, it is not a brilliant choice.

Fit System 3891 Trailer Towing Mirror


  • Compatible with all vehicles with a sleek and compact design
  • Anti-vibration, easy to install and operate
  • Reasonable price with premium quality


  • Small size for heavy-duty vehicles

As Toyota Prado is an all-terrain car, Fit System 3891 is compatible with all terrains from flat roads to heavy-duty surfaces.

#5 Best For Pajero Sport – CIPA 11400 Dodge Custom Towing Mirror

CIPA 11400 Dodge Custom Towing...
  • Slides over existing mirror with...
  • Custom design ensures a perfect...
  • Easy installation with no tools...

CIPA 1140 has a perfect design to synchronize with all OEM side mirrors. As claimed by the founder, the mirror is compatible with over 40 brands of trucks and SUV models.

Many positive reviews claim that the mirror is extremely durable, dynamic, and compact for any vehicle. However, note that the mirror does not fit with the mirrors on Power Wagon, 2500, and SLT models.

CIPA 11400 Dodge Custom Towing Mirror


  • Offers excellent design to replace all OEM mirrors
  • Compatible with more than 40 brands
  • Durable, dynamic, and compact with premium materials


  • It is not compatible with Power Wagon, 2500, and SLT models.

CIPA offers high comfort thanks to polypropylene plastic. The material can resist any strict conditions such as rain or snow. 

#6 Best For F150 – Fit System 81850 Towing Mirror Pair

Fit System 81850 Snap and Zap...
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Easy Clip-on Install
  • Molded to fit Factory Mirrors

Fit System 81850 is one of the best extension mirrors for towing. It can customize the design to fit with many series of the famous Ford F150. The mirror comes as a pair for driver and passenger sides.

It is extremely easy to install and operate thanks to the clip-on design. However, the only drawback of the Fit System 81850 is it is only compatible with Ford F150.

Fit System 81850 Towing Mirror Pair


  • Comes as a pair for driver and passenger
  • Easy to install with foldable function
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Only compatible with F150

What most users love about Fit System 81850 is its flexibility. The mirror is also foldable and remains its extension.

#7 Best For Hilux – DNA Motoring Towing Side Mirrors

DNA Motoring TWM-001-T222-BK...
  • Towing / Camper Style Mirror...
  • Reinforcement Brackets Are Used For...
  • Make It Easier To Monitor The Rear...

DNA Motoring Towing Side Mirrors are currently the leading product line of DNA Motoring mirror production. They are an evolution of the fixing system of the Towing Mirror model. It guarantees greater versatility of application, even in the most shaped rear-view mirrors of modern cars.

The possibility of change both in length and in direction thanks to the special extendable and directional strap. We can fix the DNA Motoring model to the rear-view mirror of the car using silicone suction cups.

DNA Motoring Towing Side Mirrors

We also can fix these suction cups on pins with spacers that allow them to adapt to the curvature of the rear-view mirrors of the car. The only cons we perceive is a slight whistle caused by friction with the air during the motion.


  • Versatile and robust with premium materials
  • Silicone suction cups for great sticking
  • Compatible with many models


  • A slight whistle caused by friction

The manufacturer makes DNA Motoring Towing Side Mirrors out of excellent materials. At first sight, we have a feeling of robustness. The vibrations during motion are reduced, and the visibility is wide and clear. 

#8 Best For Range Rover Sport – Fit System 80910 Truck Clip-On Towing Mirror

Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/GMC...
  • Custom fit towing mirrors snap over...
  • This set of Snap-On towing mirrors...
  • We've engineered these OE fit...

Fit System 80910 is one of the best clip-on mirrors for many caravan owners. The 80910 model is an evolution of the fixing system for towing mirrors. It guarantees greater versatility of application, even in the rear-view mirrors of the most recent cars.

Fit System Mirror rests on the rear-view mirror of cars with non-slip rubber and three silicone suction cups of much larger dimensions than previous models. Precisely, for these characteristics, they have been chosen by many caravan owners.

Fit System 80910 Truck Clip-On Towing Mirror

When not used for towing, the mirror can be removed quickly. It is possible to extract from the entire structure that composes it. Only the arm with the mirror leaving the fixing system mounted for subsequent uses.


  • Great versatility and durability
  • Comes with non-slip rubber and three suction cups
  • Excellent materials and vibrating deduction


  • Expensive price

The manufacturer builds Fit System 80910 with excellent materials that guarantee excellent functionality, wide visibility, significant resistance to stresses, and effects while ensuring a significant reduction in vibrations.

#9 Best Budget – ECCPP Towing Mirrors

ECCPP Towing Mirrors...
  • Fitment: 2007-2013 Chevy Avalanche...
  • Functions: Power Heated Arrow...
  • Why: Towing mirrors provide better...

ECCPP mirrors always come in excellent condition. They are a perfect match for all models of trucks or SUVs. The product features LED arrays and turning signals to ensure the highest safety level. It also comes with a defrosting function. It is essential when you drive in cold conditions frequently.

ECCPP Towing Mirrors

At an affordable price, the mirrors offer significant benefits for Chevy and GMC trucks. It is compatible with most heavy-duty vehicles. However, the installation process is frustrating.


  • Features LED arrows and lighting signals
  • Defrost heater function for cold areas
  • One of the most affordable products on the market


  • Manufacturers complicate the installation process

If you need to replace both driver and passenger side mirrors, ECCPP comes in a pair. The quality is significant as the manufacturer had tested the product with high standards and strict examination.


What is the best mirror to use when towing a caravan?

A powered towing mirror is the best option in all cases. It is automatic that does not require the driver to get out of the vehicle when a problem occurs. The installation process is decent in case you know the wiring system.

Do I need 2 towing mirrors?

Many manufacturers sell their products in a pair. One mirror is for the driver’s side and one is for the passenger side. It is safer to have one on the passenger side as your friend can help you to control the towed vehicle backward.

Is it illegal to tow without towing mirrors?

A legal law specifies that every towing vehicle must have mirrors that allow the driver to see the backward area. The regulated area is at least four meters wide.

How do towing mirrors work?

On towed vehicles, rear-view mirrors are usually rendered unusable by a trailer or boat. And normal side mirrors are not enough to drive safely. To overcome this, larger trucks, SUVs, and recreational vehicles towing heavy loads use a variety of specially designed towing mirrors that allow drivers to see everything to the side and behind the vehicle.

There are generally two types of mirrors that you can buy. The former are wide and extended mirrors that can replace current mirrors. It requires removing the interior panels on the front doors and installing the new mirrors.

So, unless you are an expert on the subject, the professionals usually take care of the task. The others are separate, attachable mirrors that you can attach to your existing mirrors. The clip or slide over existing mirrors to provide greater visibility.

Final Words

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror

Among the nine best products listed above, Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror is our winner because of its universal design, excellent air balance, high durability, and easy installation. If you want the mirrors to come as a pair, the Fit System 81850 Towing Mirror Pair is another great choice. The mirror is lightweight, compact, and foldable.

In fact, before comparing the variants of towing mirrors with others of their category, it is necessary to ask yourself about the details and the various revisions. The first results of the variants of the caravan mirrors that you will find represent the top of the range.

They are the products that are purchased very often and get excellent reviews and rankings. This article allows you to compare different products and their different characteristics.

Bonus: Nissan Navara Towing Mirrors Installation

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