Top 9 Best Tonneau Covers For Ford F150, Tacoma, Tundra & Other Pickup Trucks (2021 Reviews)

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Best Tonneau Covers For Ford F150, Tacoma, Tundra & Other Pickup Trucks

Are you looking for the best tonneau covers for your trucks? Don’t know which brand to choose between Tyger, Gator, and Bak? Let’s find out together with me in this article!

When you get to buy a truck, the salesperson might have referred to you compatible tonneau covers. Do not think it is a marketing strategy, so the store can drill on your money as a tonneau cover will help you a lot with your vehicle and cargoes on that truck.

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However, sometimes they will consult you on expensive but average products, and you might want to know more options subjectively. Here you go this topic where you can find a variety of best tonneau covers at the moment, in a wide range of prices and also types. We know it is not necessarily expensive to be useful, but you will need something to reciprocate your demand and well fit your budget.  

Factors Considering To Choose Best Tonneau Covers

Knowing the best products will be good enough for your purchase at a specific time. But knowing how to choose will keep you up with the best covers at any time. 

To get your purchase on point, you should need to consider certain features of tonneau covers. Here are what we propose after generally investigating from product to consumer’s behavior.

> How much security the cover offers?

Some people buy covers for a more relaxed look, but tonneau covers primarily protect your truck and cargoes. And, it is our concentration to choose the best item.

To evaluate a cover’s capacity for security, you should study its material and structure.

The most tonneau cover comprises multiple layers that can stand water, snow, harsh sunlight, scratches, and other possible concussions. Ones made of metal and heavy-duty materials can even protect your cargo even better. 

Besides protecting your bed truck from weather and physical conditions, a high-security cover should also prevent unwanted access from sneakers. We consider hardcovers to do it better than soft ones.                                                                                    

> How easily can you access the truck bed?

The ability to access the truck bed through tonneau cover is what buyers usually forget to check. You might have to reach the cargo during transportation or the loading process, so a surface that allows you to do so quickly will be our buddy.

In this term, retractable or folded/rolled ones will be in the hand of help. Among them, retractable covers acquire a one-hand operation that promises more convenient access. 

However, it also depends on your demand for access. If you are worried about thieves, better with closed covers all the time and make sure you will not need to touch the cargo ever since sealed. 

> Would it take time to establish?

 Usually, tonneau covers will not take long to set up, around 10 to 15 minutes for once. However, that is the too simple establishment, and you know how to do it.

With some covers, you do not have to drill on the truck beds or ask for support from extra tools. They are ready-to-go covers as long as it is compatible with your truck bed.

However, some will need some holes on the truck bed for tie-ups. You might need extra ropes or even an extra hand to finish the process.

The thing is to find the plan that suits you the best regarding budget, time, and available resources. 

> How durable?

The durability lies in your maintenance, frequency of use, and also conditions. However, you can prepare for durable covers by choosing certain qualities from materials such as waterproof, stainless, good finish, heavy-duty, and flexibility.

It would be best if you also looked up for the policy in guaranty by the suppliers. That will be a significant saving if they offer sensible packages.

> How much will you pay?

After all, the budget will play an undeniable part of any purchase. The money you are going to spend will somehow circle the quality range.

However, it is possible to maximize the balance between budget and quality. As long as the item meets your demand, the price is not low or expensive. It is reasonable. 

Naturally, there would be many other questions that you want to know before you spend on your money. To tonneau covers, we also care if it well blends with your truck, will the design be made for your size of the truck bed, etc. However, most of the features you can find on the product specification and by your vision. These above are usually what you should have considered the first, but you tend to take for granted when shopping.

Top 9 Best Tonneau Covers For Pickup Trucks 2021 Reviews 

Among a suffocating number of options, you must be confused to choose. Here below is the shortlist of the best tonneau covers in the market that we have sorted out by evaluating qualities rather than price. Every item is sure to be the best bang for the buck.

#1 Best Overall – Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T3 offers a soft tri-fold tonneau cover, which we consider the better cost-efficiency.

When you look at the item’s specifications, you know that you can buy it. Well, most soft covers are affordable. So, the rest is to see if it meets your need.

Tyger Auto T3 offers excellent protection over the weather. The cover itself got a doubled coat with aluminum at the core and vinyl finish. Therefore, it is supposed to stand against little concussion, rain, and hail while making no scratches on the cargoes. The product comes with an extra Weathertight seal so that it can also tackle snow and rays by leaving no leak.

It is a folding cover, but you can hardly see the seams. It can well blend in with your truck and give a sleek look.

Speaking of installation, it again proves itself a product for everyone. People can figure it out as soon as they see the kit. It takes about 10 minutes, even for amateurs. The clamps help better secure, and you must not make a hole on the under-the-bedrail Bedliner. 

With Tyger Auto T3, you choose a buddy for your truck just by making the right decision about the size. 

Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck...
  • US Design Patented
  • Cover is dual-coated and made out...
  • pre-assembled horizontal crossbars...


  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Great warranty 
  • Easy installation
  • Bag and light included


  • Confused instruction

#2 Best of Folding Covers – Gator FX Hard Quad-Fold Tonneau Cover

Best Tonneau Covers #2 Gator FX Hard Quad-Fold Tonneau Cover

Among folding tonneau covers, Gator FX is the best we found. Almost all other fold-ups are tri-fold, but this one offers four platforms. That means you can customize the access to the truck bed better. For some people who drive with a partly opened cover, a quad-fold will be better than a tri-fold.

This folding cover can totally up against the rear door so that driver can access the whole truck bed without uninstallation.  There are buckle straps to hold the folded panel while the truck moves and latches to close automatically. The system is to make sure no cautiousness can damage the cover or the cargo.

Gator FX Hard Quad-fold also appears to protect very well. The panels are made of heavy-duty aluminum, which can suffer 300 lbs. the finish is to restrict water, moisture, and sun rays.

It will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to installation alone with no drilling job needed.

Gator FX Hard Quad-Fold Truck...
  • Fits 2014 - 2018, 2019 Ltd/Lgcy...
  • 100% BED ACCESS | The Gator FX...


  • Lightweight 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy customized
  • Sleek looking 
  • Heavy-duty 
  • Low-profile


  • Average security against smugglers

#3 Best for Budget- Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Best Tonneau Covers #3 Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

If your budget is tight, going for soft tonneau covers will never be the wrong path. Among cheap options, you can find good qualities in the Gator ETX soft roll-up cover.

With a modest price tag, Gator ETX made a look. The leather-grain vinyl offers a tempting appearance for your truck while you do not have to pay too much. The vinyl is good enough for rain, hail, and moderate snow, so speaking of protection still does the job.

Gator’s roll-up design allows this cover to roll until the end, provides complete access to the truck bed as long as you want. With the help of the latch, you can operate with one hand.

In comparison to the Tyger Auto T3, it takes you a long time to install. However, there are no extra drilling jobs or tools required when you install this cover. We consider it reasonable for a budget-friendly soft roll-up tonneau cover.

Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck...
  • Fits 2004 - 2007 Chevy/GMC...
  • MADE IN THE USA | made in the USA...
  • FAST & EASY INSTALL | Simply clamp...


  • More affordable
  • Terrific warranty 
  • Complete truck bed access
  • Easy installation
  • Low profile 
  • Sleek leather vinyl coat 


  • Rolling left-to-right

#4 Best for Lightweight –  Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Fold Tonneau Cover

#4 Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Fold Tonneau Cover

The cover offers excellent protection over the weather as long as an outside force. The panels can be entirely out of the way if necessary. The seal can protect your cargo from harsh rain or snow.

The incredible thing about this product is its easy installation process. It is no extra job or resources required. It is also lightweight so that a single person can handle it correctly.

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold, Soft...
  • Fits 2009-18, 19/20 Classic Dodge...
  • E-Z clamping system locks down the...
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame is...


  • High-quality cover
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Easy access


  • Limited year in warranty 

#5 Best Low-Profile – TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

TruXedo has been long a popular name for tonneau cover in the USA, which guarantees your money on quality. As a soft roll-up, this Truxedo Lo Pro is not only on for affordable prices but also satisfying. 

Besides the standard vinyl coat, the cover also gets bowed with aluminum so that protection over the weather performs better. On heavy snow season, this covers and suffers several inches of snow on top without tearing. 

TruXedo Lo Pro comes with the brand’s signature low profile. After installation, you can barely recognize it as an extra part as the item thoroughly blend in with the truck bed, creating a luxury leather-grain cover on top. You need no drilling, ropes, or clamps to set up. The installation takes about 10 minutes, the same with the uninstallation.

You will find a Velcro lock, which is to attach the cover on the rail but delicately designed to keep a sleek look and reduce manual job. 

TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up...
  • Fits 2009 - 2018, 2019-21 Classic...
  • AMERICA’S #1 CHOICE | The...


  • Sleek appearance 
  • Able to suffer hard snow 
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy Velcro lock 
  • One-finger operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Terrific warranty


  • Non-adjustable tension

#6 Best for Humid Weather- Lund Genesis Elite Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

#6 Lund Genesis Elite Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Lund Genesis Elite soft roll-up tonneau cover is one of our favorites for the material.

It is not ordinary vinyl but canvas coated by matt. The material is better than vinyl in releasing moisture, reducing the chances of molds, dust stains, etc. The seal weather also assures you complete security over snow, rain, and sun rays.

Among all, this Lund Genesis Elite cover also offers great purchases regarding price. However, if you are seeking for sleek profile look, this one might not be the best. 

Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up...
  • Fits 2014 - 2018 Chevy/GMC...
  • EASY BED ACCESS | Entry to your...


  • Easy to access from driver’s side
  • Broad access to the truck bed
  • Easy installation 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Fantastic warranty


  • Not so sleek and low-profile look

#7 Best for All Weathers- Lund Genesis Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

You can also consider another Lund’s product- the Genesis Soft Folding cover. This one offers heavier-duty with aluminum panels and a vinyl coat. The folding board will be sure to be more flexible if you have weirdly shaped cargoes.

Besides, the item keeps all legacy of Lund: the hassle-free seal, instant install, easy access to the truck bed. 

Lund Genesis Tri-Fold Soft...
  • Fits 2014 - 2018, 19 Legacy/Limited...
  • EXTRA TOUGH | Get a cover that’s...
  • EASY-TO-FOLD DESIGN | Simply...


  • Low profile design 
  • Good built-up cover
  • Weather seal 
  • Easy installation


  • Not so sleek looking

#8 Premium Cover- BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Among the products we introduced, this one seems to be the most expensive as it offers premium quality and an intensive look.

Made of chrome and vinyl, the cover can sustain 300 lbs force on top while keeping the surface out of wrinkles. You’ve got the folded without seams! 

However, the value lies in its fantastic system. There are drain tubes to drive water out if necessary, while the cover itself also has a seal that can prevent rain and hail from leaking in. 

The installation and locking even surprise us more. There is an automatic latch ensuring better security. BAKflip G2 locks on the side will help to install and uninstall the cover in a blink. 

BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding...
  • Fits 2014-2018, 19 Ltd/Legacy...
  • 100% BED ACCESS | The low-profile...
  • ENHANCED SECURITY | This cover...


  • 100% access to the truck bed
  • Clever installation and lock
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Brake light included


  • Short warranty
  • Expensive

#9 Best for Simplicity- TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

This TruXedo TruXport soft roll-up cover is made for everyone. It is built for weather-resistant, and the installation is almost nothing.

There are latches on the tailgate so you can get access to the truck bed at any time by just a click. 

 The material is standard, so not much to say, but the product comes with a guard, especially snow season. 

If you are such a person who does not want to waste much time cleaning or customizing your cover, then it is your true love.

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up...
  • Fits 14-18, 2019 Limited/Legacy GMC...


  • Simple from installation to uninstallation 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to customize


  • Limited years in warranty 


1. How to clean a tonneau cover?

Except your tonneau cover supplier notes you a specific way to clean up the item, how people clean tonneau cover:

Apply the cleaning product suggested by the brand or for the top material.

Let the mix sit on the cover for a while, depending on how the cleaning substance says.

Wipe gently with soft clothes or rub and absorb by towels. Very hard rubs can damage the top finish, the protection layer, or even deform your covers.

2. How many cargoes will a tonneau cover be able to secure?

It depends on the capacity of your bed truck and also the type of cover.

Generally, soft covers can sustain the more diverse shape of cargoes. They can be easily customized to how you want to cover because of the shipment, too. 

However, with hinged or one-pieced, you are supposed to load on well-shaped cargoes. 

3. Is it highly recommended to get a tonneau cover?

Getting a tonneau cover is not only to protect your cargoes on the truckbed but also to prevent concussion or damage from the weather on your truck bed during travel.

Besides, covering the truck’s space will come from a non-traction line that wind can flow through without disturbing your speed. Or, we could say it helps your vehicle go for the same distance with less fuel.  

4. Is it complicated to set up a tonneau cover?

The set-up of a cover will not be a big deal. Even if you have to drill on some holes along the truck bed or prepare extra tools, it would be just a lesson for the first time, since then, you will find it easy.

Except for some specific covers that ask for more than a person to establish, we consider it a little complicated.

5. How many types of tonneau covers are there?

At the time being, we can say there are below popular tonneau covers in the market:

  • Soft roll-up: you can roll the cover from this side to the other to access the truck bed. It is relatively easy to manual and also flexible to different cargoes. You can customize the cover by leaving full covered, half-covered, or else.
  • Hard roll-up: it is also the same as above, but the roll is only three stages generally. They are still easy to customize and flexible. We consider them more heavy-duty.
  • Soft folding: the same as the first, but now you have to fold them to access the inside.
  • Hard folding: the same with the second but accessing the truck bed will be folding the cover.
  • Retractable: provides rigid protection over the truck bed so that it will be great for snow or dust stopper. The retractable is known as handy, easy to maneuver, and safe.
  • One-piece solid: the protection is guaranteed, but the entry will be limited. There are no seams or links on the surface so that you can maintain it more easily. The clear surface also reduces the risk of tear, invisible scratches, or moisture. 

Final Thoughts

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover
Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

We consider Tyger Auto T3 as the best tonneau cover for most consumers because of its outstanding protection and simplicity in construction. However, TruXedo TruXport is also one of the choices for everyone due to its user-friendly features.

Till the end, the best tonneau cover must represent what the consumer needs the most. The look or the protection or the price is all equally important, depending on how you consider them.

Bonus:  Soft Tonneau Cover Installation

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