Top 7+ Best Ski Racks For Subaru Outback, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota 4runner, Highlander, Audi Q5 (2021 Reviews)

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Best Ski Racks For Subaru Outback, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota 4runner, Highlander, Audi Q5

For many of us, skiing is not just a sporting activity, but it offers a real boost of well-being for the body and mind. What could be better than skiing down an immaculate runway on a clear day?

But to reach these enchanting places, it is advisable to leave with our set of complete equipment and travel safely with everything we need. We are talking about good quality sportswear and equipment. They affect performance and offer safety guarantees.

The best ski racks are a suitable accessory for transporting skis and snowboards to the slopes. From a legal point of view, they are considered bulky objects and therefore must be positioned in such a way as not to be dangerous, not to hinder the gearbox maneuvers, and to leave perfect visibility to the driver.

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Reasons To Have A Ski Carrier

February and March will give us those ideal days to go to the mountains to ski or ride the snowboard. To face a journey at a high altitude, you must bring your equipment and transport them safely.

From an economic point of view, buying skis is also convenient when you spend over two weeks on the slopes during an entire winter. It is the best choice if you are very experienced in this sport.

Before buying a magnetic ski rack, you need to make a series of assessments that will help you understand if that model is ideal for your needs. First, we need to check if we are dealing with a suitable model and to do so some criteria must be met.

To be a good product, it must have two magnets to be safe even for more oval roofs and is equipped with an anti-theft key. The material must be extremely elastic techno polymer so it can absorb any shocks or probable bending of the body without unloading them on the skis.

Type Of Rack

1. Roof Racks

Roof racks are a container we place on the roof bars of the car to load and place various objects weighing only 50 or 60 kilograms.

2. Cargo Boxes

The cargo box for cars is a very useful tool, especially for those who need to carry many things with their vehicle. It is also useful for those who have to carry a lot of luggage.

It is a system that was created to give more space to a car. The box allows you to have another compartment where you can put your things or bulky luggage.

3. Hitch Racks

The hitch rack is an accessory that is anchored to the car. It allows you to transport your bike or bikes in total safety. The choice depends a lot on the use you intend to make of it. It is a useful item if you are alone or with a large family armed with many bikes.

They divide the hitch rack into three different categories. We can set it up on the car roof, positioned on the rear side, or placed on the car hook. Each of these types has unique characteristics that can better suit your needs than others.

Features & Factors to Consider When Choosing A Ski Rack

1. Vehicle Type

It is the first question you must ask yourself if you are choosing one. The car bars are not an accessory that can be easily interchanged between the various car models. Each roof has different attachment seats, and the choice of longitudinal bars will depend on this attachment.

2. Equipment

Ski racks are accessories that are mounted on the roof. Therefore, on the outside of the vehicle, it does not allow you to transport your favorite gear but also snowboards. Each model is characterized by a series of characteristics that are more or less able to satisfy the driver’s needs.

3. Weight

On the market, you can find roof bars of original materials, such as aluminum or steel. Both are made in compliance with the law but have very different characteristics.

  • Aluminum bars: You can easily recognize them because they have a more modern and captivating style. We design their rounded line to be as aerodynamic as possible and offer as little wind resistance as possible. They stand out for being light and resistant.
  • Steel bars have a rectangular section and less innovative and aerodynamic lines. Objectively, they are heavier than aluminum ones. So, their weight affects the overall load of the car. It usually indicates them for commercial vehicles, campers, or caravans.

4. Ease Of Installation

Once you have installed roof bars on the roof of your car, you can easily attach ski racks suitable for your equipment. The one that can be put on the machine bars encountering no problems is a maximum of six. Alternatively, you can carry up to a maximum of four snowboards.

5. Mileage – Fuel Efficiency

When driving with ski racks, roof racks, and luggage racks, your car increases fuel consumption by up to 39%. The advice is to always disassemble them when we do not need them. When purchasing, prefer accessories with quick and safe attachment-release mechanisms.

6. Maneuverability

Roof boxes and roof racks add height to your car and make access to some parking spaces difficult. One optimal option is the roof rack with adjustable springs. With a tow bar, you will have no problem getting into the garage.

But you may have a hard time parking. In terms of driver visibility, roof racks are a safer option because they do not block the view.

7. Budget

As we said at the beginning, the ski and snowboard rack is an accessory for everyone. Its price is accessible to anyone. Just look at the best retailers, prices range from a minimum of about 15 dollars to a maximum of about 100 dollars except for special needs.

Ski Racks Vs Snowboard Racks

The ski racks are smaller than the snowboard ones. You can use the snowboard racks to hold the gear with no problem. Both types of racks have a similar design and function.

Top 7+ Best Ski Racks For SUV 2022 Reviews

#0 Best Ski Racks For All: Thule Deluxe 727 Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Thule Deluxe 727 Ski and...
  • Elegant and aerodynamic design,...
  • For up to 6 skis or 4 snowboards
  • Loading width: 60 cm

Thule Deluxe 727 is synonymous with premium quality. Many people have already talked about its excellence for car bike carriers. The 727 model is a classy one with a beautiful design.

The ski rack is studied by Thule research and development to be perfectly aerodynamic. The material is light and resistant to aluminum. This product can carry up to six pairs.

The height is adjustable to prevent the ski attachments from damaging the car roof. The product offers a 60-centimeter load space to accommodate up to six pairs. Alternatively, you can load up to four snowboards. Finally, it is compatible with Thule One-Key System.


  • Premium quality and large capacity
  • Lightweight and shock-resistant
  • Classy and aerodynamic design
  • Can hold up to six pairs with 60-centimeter load space


  • Flimsy lock

Among many of the best ones, Thule Deluxe 727 ski rack wins the customer’s heart because of its premium quality, enormous capacity, and high application.

#1 Best For Subaru Outback: Rhino-Rack Ski Carrier

Rhino-Rack Rooftop Holder for...
  • CAPACITY - Hold up to 2 pairs of...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - In the winter it...
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING - Universal...

Rhino-Rack ski carriers can carry up to three pairs of skis or two snowboards. They build it with a double magnetic base. It allows you to use it even on rounded roofs. The tightness is so high that they guarantee a safety system, even in very complicated climatic conditions.

It has passed the City Crash Test. The test allows you to travel safely even at 130 km/h. Rhino-Rack ski carrier is a solid item with large magnetic attachments that ensure an excellent grip.

They also protect the magnetic plates so as not to damage the paint of your car. They equip it with an anti-theft device and are easy to assemble even for novices. It is reliable and offered at an affordable price.

Best Ski Racks #1 Rhino-Rack Ski Carrier


  • Double magnetic base with extra-large capacity
  • High tightness ensures stability even in strict conditions
  • Guarantees the highest safety for skis and snowboards


  • Some clients complain that the package comes with many missing parts

Rhino-Rack ski carrier is a noteworthy product with a solid design, extra-large capacity, anti-theft device, and affordable price.

#2 Best For Jeep Grand Cherokee: Menabo Silver Ice 3.0 Sliding Rack

Menabo Silver Ice 3.0 Sliding...
  • Aluminum ski rack that is designed...
  • Suitable for carrying 6 pairs of...
  • Built in anti-theft system protects...

The Menabo Silver Ice ski rack looks like an object pleasing to the eye. They make it of aluminum and resistant plastic. They equip the rack with rubber pads to protect the insole in contact with the gears from scratches. The lower part is sliding to make assembly easier. It features a system amazing for any user.

It is TUV – GS approved and is equipped with an anti-theft device for your gear. It can carry up to six pairs and four pairs of snowboards. It fits all cars, even Jeep Grand Cherokee because they deliver it with the adapters and keys useful for this operation.


  • Modern and eye-catching design with premium materials
  • Comes with rubber pads for insole protection
  • TUV – GS approved with anti-theft feature


  • Expensive price

Menabo Silver Ice ski rack is truly an appreciable product with an excellent quality and price ratio.

#3 Best For Jeep Wrangler: YAKIMA Ski & Snowboard Mount

YAKIMA, PowderHound 6 Ski &...
  • Ski & snowboard mount: An elegant...
  • Easy access: Features easy to press...
  • Anti-theft: Integrated SKS (Same...

They make YAKIMA ski carriers out of aluminum. It is a light but resistant material. The rack has four magnetic plates for five pairs of skis or two snowboards. It is TUV City Crash Test approved. It features a useful internal width of 52 centimeters.

This product is really practical. You can set it up quickly and stably. We have tried to detach and attach them many times. They stick well, even if the roof is not perfectly clean. But for safety, we recommend that you always clean the roof carefully. They equip it with an anti-theft key, and the safety straps are not noisy.

Best Ski Racks #3 YAKIMA Ski & Snowboard Mount


  • High-quality materials (lightweight and weather resistant)
  • Large capacity and quality-test approval
  • High sticking ability with anti-theft functions


  • Customers complain that the rack is smaller than in advertisements

YAKIMA ski carrier is a great product with comfortable pricing, efficient features, and is completely safe for all vehicles

#4 Best For Subaru Crosstrek: Menabo Aconcagua 3.0 Magnetic Ski Rack

Menabo Aconcagua 3.0 Magnetic...
  • Magnetic ski carrier with...
  • Can hold 3 pairs of skis and 2...
  • Lightweight and extremely easy to...

Menabo Aconcagua 3.0 ski carriers with magnetic attachments are very interesting. They are perfect for three pairs of skis or two snowboards. You can safely apply them to any vehicle with and without a gutter.

The special coating of the magnetic plate offers perfect adhesion. The ski rack is TUV/GS quality certificate tested and approved up to a maximum to carry of 130 km/h with skis or 100km/h with snowboards. It is also suitable for carving skis.

Best Ski Racks #4 Menabo Aconcagua 3.0 Magnetic Ski Rack


  • Easy installment with and without a gutter
  • Offers perfect adhesion thanks to magnetic plates
  • TUV/GS certified and suitable for carving skis


  • The rack is heavyweight

Menabo Aconcagua 3.0 is one of the best ski roof racks, as it can handle all skis and snowboards when the vehicle is running at high speed.

#5 Best For Toyota 4Runner: Cora 000420420 Magnetech-Pro Ski Rack

Cora 000420420 Magnetech-Pro...
  • Magentic "magnetechpro" ski rack
  • Holds 2 pairs of skis

Cora is a company founded in 1975. The company distributes car accessories throughout European countries through an efficient distribution network. Cora also offers a good pair of magnetic plastic ski racks through decades.

The product impresses us for the really low price. They are equipped with good rubber bands and an anti-theft lock. They have only one flaw. You cannot load the snowboard.


  • Comes from a famous company with premium quality
  • The racks have an affordable price
  • Comes with rubber bands and an anti-theft lock


  • The racks are not compatible with snowboards

Produced by one of the most famous companies, Cora 000420420 Magnetech-Pro Ski Rack offers premium quality at a cheap price.

#6 Best For Toyota Highlander: Menabo Himalaya Magnetic Ski Rack

Menabo Himalaya Magnetic Ski...
  • Magnetic ski carrier with lock
  • Fits all vehicles with a flat roof...
  • Easy magnetic installation and...

It is a perfect solution for all those who intend to buy a Menabo Himalaya magnetic ski rack. In particular, its strength lies in the ultra-resistant structure suitable for transporting two pairs of skis and four poles. The model boasts an excellent anti-theft device and is very easy to assemble. It also comes with a competitive price.


  • Ultra-resistant design
  • Excellent anti-theft device and magnetic functions
  • Competitive price


  • Hard to install

Menabo Himalaya ski racks for cars are essential accessories for those who practice snowboard and related activities.

#7 Best For Audi Q5: BRIGHTLINES Universal Ski Racks

BRIGHTLINES Universal Roof Ski...
  • Hold up to SIX pairs of skis or...
  • Fits factory crossbars less than 3...
  • Racks come with locks and big open...

BRIGHTLINES ski racks are a beautiful magnetic product available at an attractive cost. Specifically, the product is super reliable with a structure capable of carrying even more units at a time.

Assembly is very simple. We recommend this product to anyone, even those who are beginners in this sector. The use and assembly are easy while the cost is affordable.

Best Ski Racks #7 BRIGHTLINES Universal Ski Racks


  • Unique magnetic features
  • Super reliable with a special structure
  • Easy to assemble and remove from car roofs


  • Bad-quality locks

BRIGHTLINES ski racks boast an excellent anti-theft system and have four magnetic plates of 32 centimeters for a perfect seal.


1. How much does a ski rack cost?

To understand this aspect in the best way, let’s start with the price of the classic ones which vary from a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $100.

For the latest generation products or products made with sophisticated materials, it even reaches $150. However, there are ultra-lost models for only from $25 to $30. But they are less safe than those that cost much more.

2. How do ski racks work?

We can define the ski rack as the rack without roof bars. It comprises two blocks to be mounted inline, one in front of the other. It equips on the front and rear parts of the car roof with no anchoring to the cross members of the roof bar.

Each block adheres directly to the sheet of the car thanks to powerful magnets. This system turns out to be very simple to assemble. We need no work tools or particular manual skills. Just bring the block to the bodywork, it will grip itself when the magnetic base adheres perfectly to the car roof.

3. Which way do skis go on the ski rack?

Traditional ones comprise two horizontal bars covered in the rubber of different lengths. We must fix it on the car roof. These bars can be opened and we must place the skis on the lower bar. And then close the upper one to lock them.

For their assembly, the traditional ones must be hooked to the roof bars. Alternatively, it can be hooked to the side profiles that protrude along the edge of the body. To fix them, sometimes you need to use some work tools such as wrenches or screwdrivers.

4. How do you mount skis on a roof rack?

After having mounted the roof bars on the roof of your car, you can attach the ski racks capable of accommodating skis or snowboards. The ones that can be contained on the car bars are a maximum of six pairs. Alternatively, a maximum of four snowboards can be transported.

With roof bars, it is useful to consider if the space between the roof and the bars is minimal. Then, it is better to buy a raised ski rack. If the car roof is high, it is preferable to opt for a ski rack with a sliding slide.

Final Words

To better understand the advantages and strengths of the best ski racks, we have also shown you the actual potential and functionality of traditional ones, to bring out their differences.

Ultimately, ski racks have proved to be comfortable and safe transport devices for skis and snowboards, and therefore indispensable. We cannot mount them on all cars because of some risks that can be safely avoided.

Thule Deluxe 727 Ski and Snowboard Carrier is our top pick thanks to its premium material, efficient functions, aerodynamic design, and reasonable price. If your budget is below $100, Menabo Himalaya Magnetic Ski Rack is an ideal option at the most affordable price.

Bonus: Thule Deluxe 727 Ski Rack Installation

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