Top 9 Best RV Water Filter Systems: Camco, Culligan or Clearsource (2021 Reviews)

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Best RV Water Filter Systems

I know it is so cool to take your RV and drive around the country to be close to nature. However, sometimes the area you are going to is quite polluted and the water is not clean enough. If you want to drink good water right in your RV, then an RV water filter is a must-have item. 

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But you find it hard to find the best water filter for your RV, as there are too many options on the market now? I get this. And with this article, I want to share with you the 9 best RV water filters that you should consider. Let’s read on!

Factors To Consider To Get Best RV Water Filtration System

1. Type

If you often go for a trip in your RV, then choosing a reliable water filter is important to make sure you always have enough clean water to use. There are different types available on the market now and you should be aware of each product’s capability. 

If you want a basic item that can filter sediments and particles, go for an inline or sediment filter. Or check the canister type, it can be customized according to your requirements. 

2. Installation

I recommend you choose a filter which is easy to set up and you don’t need to spend too much time on this. The manufacturer should give you detailed and clear instruction to do this by yourself. And if you want to replace your filter, it should be with ease too. 

3. Micron rating 

The micron rating is a number that shows you how small the particles can pass through this system. The smaller the number is, the more efficient and reliable the filter works. It means more pollutants and contaminants will be get rid of your water. 

4. Size

How much water do you need for your RV? Depending on your need, you can decide the amount of water that you need to purify. And bear in mind that a bigger filter can provide a more powerful flow of water. This decides how fast your water will run. 

Top 9 Best RV Water Filter System 2021 Reviews

In this part, I will review each product’s pros and cons so that you can have a closer view of what you should look for in one RV water filter. 

#1 Camco 40043 RV water filter 

Camco has been a leading company in the RV parts for many years. And the 40043 model is a very reliable product. 

This water filter is famous for its large capacity. On average, it lasts from 3 to 6 months.  If you want to travel in your RV in a long time, clean water won’t be an issue when you own is the machine. This is also one advantage to keep the water flow rate higher. You can get water faster and more efficiently. 

The machine features a 20 micron- sediment filter that can remove particles that are bigger than 20 microns. Also, the carbon filter will contribute to keeping your water even cleaner. 

They design a premium KDF which provides great protection against the growth of bacteria while your filter is not in use. This filter is very easy to construct. Moreover, the price is very reasonable and they even offer 2 packs. You won’t be broke after purchasing a water filter for your RV. 


  • Reliable product 
  • Good capacity (from 3 to 6 months)
  • Easy to construct 
  • Comes with 2 packs
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Premium KDF to provide greater protection against bacteria


  • Can remove particles from 20 microns and above only

#2 Culligan RV- 800 Exterior Pre-tank RV water filter 

Culligan RV-800 Exterior...
  • Provide your family with visibly...
  • Features: Reduces bad taste and...
  • Compatibility: Easily attaches to...

You will be impressed by how easy to use the Culligan RV- 800 is. You can connect it with your RV, boats, or trailers in a short amount of time. 

This water filter is very well made. It got IAPMO and Genuine OEM product certifications. The granular activated carbon filter is designed to reduce the chlorine taste, sediment, and odor. 

It has a high flow rate. The quick fill design helps this filter work very efficiently and fast. The filter can be used up to 2000 gallons, of course, it depends on how much water you use too. 

I am not kidding about it being easy to assemble. They provide a flexible connector hose which you can use to attach to whatever vehicles. It can easily attach to the exterior of RVs. But you should still check if the filter is compatible with your fridge before buying. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • A flexible connector hose is provided 
  • Well made 
  • IAPMO and Genuine OEM product certifications
  • The granular activated carbon filter is designed to reduce the chlorine taste, sediment, and odor
  • High flow rate 
  • Filter life is 2000 gallons maximum
  • 5 year of warranty 


  • The hose can be kinked easily

#3 Clearsource Premium RV water filter 

Clearsource Premium RV Water...

The next product that I highly recommend you to consider is the Clearsource Premium RV water filter. Don’t only look at its price, look at its quality. 

The Clearsource owns a very sturdy premium design. It is strong enough to cope with the tough lifestyle of any RVer. It is constructed with a powder-coated chassis, stainless steel fittings, not coated brass. They use oversize canisters to maximize the water flow. 

This water filter is very easy to install. The feature that makes this filter stand out from the market is the NSF certified filter elements

The three-stage filtering system is amazing. It can remove 5- micron sediments out of water in the first stage. The second stage comes with a 0.5-micron coconut shell carbon block 2.5 x 10 inch can get rid of chlorine, volatile organic compounds, cysts, giardia, and other contaminants. 


  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Constructed with a powder-coated chassis, stainless steel fittings, not coated brass
  • Oversize canisters to maximize the water flow
  • Easy to install
  • Three-stage filtering system


  • Pricey

#4 Beech Lane External RV Water Filter 

Beech Lane External RV Dual...
  • Heavy Duty Construction Designed...
  • Lead-Free Brass Fixtures Prevent...
  • Includes 5 Micron and 0.5 Micron...

The Beech Lane RV water filter is an affordable product with high quality which can remove some micro-organisms and big particles. They use both 5 and 0.5 microns filter to maximize the purity. They can be changed by any universal filters with the same size. 

The lead-free brass fixtures are designed to make sure that your water is clean. This also connects strongly with the hose so the leaking won’t happen. Apart from this, the heavy-duty design is a bonus point. The attachments are super sturdy and last in a long time. This filter comes with a wrench to remove the housing quickly and easily. 

I am pretty sure that the smell and flavor of your water will be better when it is filtered through the Beech Lane RV

The company is offering a great warranty policy. Your purchase is protected by a 100% lifetime warranty, either the filter doesn’t work well or it is not the one as you expect. 


  • Affordable but high quality 
  • Remove both micro-organisms and big particles 
  • The lead-free brass fixtures to make sure that your water is clean
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Water tastes and smells better 
  • Great warranty policy


  • Some people claimed it took time to attach the hose to the outlet

#5 Excelpure Inline RV Water Filter   

EXCELPURE RV Inline Water...
  • Multiple Uses - Can be attached to...

The Excelpure Inline is a must-have name in the list of top best RV water filters for its great features. 

It comes with a durable KDF which can minimize the number of heavy metals in your water, for example, mercury, nickel, or lead. More than that, the NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon is designed to remove chlorine, color, odor, etc. These ensure that your water will be clean as long as the filter works well. 

This water filter is very versatile. Apart from being used for an RV, you can use it for different purposes, such as gardening, boats, campers, etc. The machine is very reasonable. I think this is the most costly in the list that I mention here. Plus, it is not hard to use at all. 

The manufacturer offers 6 months of service life. It means that if you find any issues in materials or workmanship, you can contact them to return the product. 


  • Very reasonable price 
  • KDF to minimize the heavy metals 
  • NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon is designed to remove chlorine, color, odor, etc.
  • Versatile 
  • Super easy to use 
  • 6 months of service life 


  • Not durable as expected 

#6 Aquacrest RV Inline Water Filter 

AQUACREST RV Inline Water...
  • Upgraded filtration: AQUACREST...
  • Upgraded safety: The strength of...
  • Multiple uses: Easily connects to a...

The Aquacrest RV Inline Water Filter is a very reliable and efficient product. It comes with 2 packs that can be replaced by the Camco 40045. This is very convenient. 

They use advanced GAC, KDF, and fluorine remover to produce this filter. These 2 stage filters can help remove most of the contaminants in water and ensure that the water you are drinking is clean and tasty. It is a budget-friendly product too. 

In terms of installation, it is quite easy. It won’t take a lot of time from you. There is an installation instruction provided with the product for your reference. You can attach this RV inline to any standard water hose. 

They upgrade the safety by using food-grade plastic to produce housing to prevent bursting and make sure your safe-to-use experience. You can use this filter from 3 to 6 months, of course, it depends on how clean and how much water you use too. 


  • Can be replaced by Camco 40045
  • GAC and KDF filters to ensure remove contaminants from your water 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Easy to install 
  • Upgraded safety 
  • Can use from 3 to 6 months 


  • Can remove particles >= 20 microns only

#7 Boogie Blue Plus RV Water Filter 

Boogie Blue Plus Garden Hose...
  • CHLORINE and CHLORAMINE used in the...
  • THE BOOGIE BLUE PLUS water filter...

The Boogie Blue Plus is an RV water filter with very high capacity, up to 45,000 gallons. Because it is produced with more KDF material and dual catalytic-carbon than its other competitors. 

Besides, the Boogie Blue Plus water filter can remove 99% of chlorine. This is a high percentage in comparison with many other brands on the market now. Moreover, it can also get rid of 87% of Chloramine, at the same time, reduce all levels of volatile compounds, toxins, or heavy metals. 

This water filter can be used in different places like gardens, ponds, spa, and RVs. It is very easy to set up and fits any standard. If you want to use a water filter for other purposes apart from your RV, then this is a perfect choice. 

The product is made in the USA. The manufacturer offers customers a 100% money-back guarantee. 


  • High capacity, up to 45,000 gallons
  • Can remove 99% of chlorine
  • Get rid of 87% of Chloramine
  • Reduce all levels of volatile compounds, toxins or heavy metals
  • Can be used for different places
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA


  • Some people claimed that the flow rate is not as good as expected

#8 PureDrop CUW4 RV Water Filter

PureDrop CUW4 Aquacube...
  • [Better-tasting Water]: The 4-stage...
  • [Efficient and Convenient]: Enjoy a...
  • [Easy Installation and...

The PureDrop CUW4 is a very efficient and reliable water filter. It has a compact, under-sink system. 

They design a 4-stage multipurpose water filtering system that can eliminate up to 99% of most problematic pollutants, including chlorine and chlorine treatment by-products, lead, arsenic, and much more while keeping healthy minerals. The filtration is 0.01 microns. 

Thanks to the unique design of the integrated water route, the installation and maintenance process is very fast and easy. It might take you only 30 minutes. The LED filter can inform you of your filter status. 

The water flow is very fast. If you set up this filter, you can save quite a lot of space too. It needs no tank, will waste no water. During the operation, it causes very little or even no noise at all. 


  • A compact, under-sink system
  • A superior 4-stage multipurpose water filtration system to remove 99% of pollutants
  • Filtration is 0.01 microns
  • The installation and maintenance process is very fast and easy
  • The LED filter to inform you of your filter status
  • Fast water flow 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Space saver 


  • A bit pricey

#9 Fette RV Water Filter 

Fette Filter - RV & Marine...
  • RV & Marine Inline Water Filter...
  • Contains 2 RV & Marine Inline Water...
  • Compatible with Camco Inline Water...

Another brand that you shouldn’t miss in the list of top 9 best RV water filters is the Fette

The Fette comes with a flexible hose protector. It also contains 2 marine and RV Inline water filters. It is nice when this filter is compatible with the Camco inline filter. You can use Camco to change in case you need it. 

This machine features a wide body which creates a high flow rate and capacity. For sure, it can provide you with clean water for the whole camping season. The activated carbon in the filter ensures the quality of your water is safer to drink, also for your hair and skin. 

The sediment filter can remove odors, bad taste, chlorine, and sediment. The high-flow carbon filter with KDF can prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria, and mold in the filter when you don’t use it.


  • Has a flexible hose protector 
  • Contains 2 RV and marine inline water filters 
  • Interchangeable with Camco filter 
  • High capacity and flow rate 
  • Activated carbon in the filter to ensure the quality of your water is safer to drink, also for your hair and skin
  • The high-flow carbon filter with KDF can prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria, and mold in the filter when you don’t use it.
  • Can last around 3 months


  • Should change the filter after each camping season 


1. Which filters more than 5 microns or 20 microns?

As I shared above, the smaller a micron is, the fewer particles can pass into your water. So the 20-micron will allow bigger particles to your water than the 5-micron one. 

2. When should I change my RV water filter?

For the inexpensive sediment filter, you can change every 3 months. For the under-sink filter, you can do it every six months. Well, it depends on how much you travel too. This happens when you travel with your RV 3 or 4 times per month. 

3. How does an RV water system work?

Normally, an RV’s water system moves around 3 separate holding tanks: portable water, black water, and gray water. The portable water tank is which holds clean and drinkable water. 

4. How many gallons of water does an RV shower use?

On average, an RV shower will consume from 30 to 35 gallons of water a day. Of course, this is the number of various people use, not just one. 

5. Can I use hot water from an RV water filter?

Normally the water filter is not for hot water use. But you can contact the manufacture to make sure about this. Maybe they can install and show you how it works.

Conclusions – Best RV Water Filteration System

I hope that you can pick up some useful information from this article to get the best RV water filter. Don’t forget to be realistic and know what you want. Then you can find the right one that meets your requirements. 

This is such an important device that you need in every journey that you will make. If you have a more flexible budget, I suggest you pick the PureDrop CUW4 for its excellent filtering quality. But if you want a budget-friendly yet good quality, go for Camco 40043 RV Water Filter. It won’t let you down. 

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