Top 9 Best RV Surge Protector For 30 Amp & 50 Amp (2022 Reviews)

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best rv surge protector

Some people were getting electric from public outlets without RV surge protectors but facing almost no severe power failure. However, it is not a thing to boast about as an EMS is deadly vital. Whatever unfamiliar outlets can hide potential risks. And, you do not want any electric malfunction on your RV while on a get-away trip that you had planned months ago.

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To avoid unexpected contaminations from strange outlets, you should have an Electrical Management System with you when hitting on the road. But it is not something you can just come to the shop and pick up. It will take you time to consider among numerous almost identical options. In case you have no idea about EMS yet, that will be a tough choice. So why not join me in the shopping, I have reviewed some of the best RV surge protectors right here that might well meet your need.

Factors To Consider Choosing Best RV Surge Protector

Knowing the best options might be not yet enough, buyers should know deeply how they can pick the good one corresponding to their needs. The section below is to show you some features you ought to pay attention to when defining the best RV surge protector for you.

1. Your Budget

Different options cost differently but they may or may not differ in functions. Therefore, the aim here is to maximize your benefit at the lowest price. There are two significant price ranges you need to know: RV surge protector and EMS. People mistake them together but I would say the surge protector is just a minor to EMS. 

Surge protectors do what they are called for- preventing high voltage which can damage your facilities. EMS can do much more such as stopping too low voltage, preventing hosts of risks, indicating polarity reverse, and so on. Therefore, EMS costs more money than just the others. When you know the device you need the most, you can avoid misspending.

Also, extra features such as LED displays, extra ports, or water-proof finish happen to be more expensive. So, consider your money and your demand wisely. 

2. Your Needs

To know which EMS fits your RVs, you should understand what benefits they offer.

2.1 Faults on wiring halter

To know the damage of the wires is an expected function and a surge protector needs to have. Let’s say that you are about to charge your RV in an old park and outlets as well as wires there are ancient. They can be damp or leaked which can infect your vehicle. Who knows? And I hardly think you like the idea of risking it. A good device will halt possible hidden damages like that.

2.2 Inappropriate voltage input stopper

It is also one of the fundamental functions that all surge protectors for RVs should have. The one you choose should at least be able to warn high voltage. Some can also halt too low voltage. 

The two above are what you should aim at when searching for surge protectors. These are the top two most common risks people face on the way with recreational vehicles.

2.3 Risk indicators

There are also many EMS with smart risk indicators. They can indicate further voltage and transmit failure, for example, open ground or reverse polarity. More than that, indicators and halters are also amazing.

Some stop at indicating by lights, more than that is by sounds while others can even automatically stop connecting the RVs to the source of risks.    

2.4 Also, the power rating

The power rating is also important. You should choose the one which is above your RV’s overall consumption so that the surge limit is easily installed. At the moment, 50-amp and 30-amp are the most popular choices.

Now, I hope you understand what surge protectors are for exactly and what you are expecting to spend your money on. The point is not looking for perfection as the technology will never stop advancing. The aim here is to know what you need to keep your RVs safe in your budget then you go for the most suitable one.

3. Features

3.1. Portability 

Regarding portability, there are hard-wired and portable surge protector. 

The hardwired ones are classical. They can be installed in your vehicles, concealed then appear quite organized after all. Meanwhile, portable ones need extra effort to install. It is not complicated, only hooking up to pedestal before using, but the process happens to be more time-consuming, especially in an emergency. Nevertheless, portable ones can be easily changed or cheaply replaced parts if necessary.

3.2. Number of ports

The number of Electrical appliances in an RV differs one by one so the number of ports of surge protectors is also various. There are ones with 8, 10, 12, and more ports. The choice depends on your desire, too.

3.3. UL seals

The Underwriter’s Laboratory also certificated really good surge protectors. The seal is like an international recommendation to the products. However, the seal plays also an indicator of the high price.

Besides, you might also want to look up for more details such as LED displays, the level of noise while the device runs, the compatibility to your available gear,… so that you can sort out of the best item. 

Top 9 Best RV Surge Protector For 30A & 50A 2022 Reviews

#1 Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector -30 AMP

Portable RV Surge Protector...
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J /...
  • Weather Resistant/designed for...
  • Security Locking Bracket

If there is only a sentence to describe this one, I would say “Nothing would go wrong with the Portable EMS-PT30X”. 

What I’m impressed at the most about this surge protector is its versatility. It can stop the wrong voltage, and indicate hot opening, open ground, and polarity reverse. For a portable device, isn’t it amazing? I could tell your investment surely keeps your RV safe from the most common issues, as you wish. 

I also adore the design for outdoor use. The device has a coat against all weather. There is a weather shield especially for rainy days as well as a heavy-duty shell that could stand from -40 to 105 Celsius degree. It is what I would call ideal for RVs as aren’t all trips on RVs supposed to be wild and into nature? 

The device also offers smart packages. At the moment, this range includes 2 deals which are different in the inclusion of tester and surge module. They all have the rugged chords that can be adjusted by pulling in and out.

The Portable EMS PT30X is the all-in-one and it staggers me.


  • Adjustable cord
  • All-weather proof
  • Especially for RVs
  • Amazing warranty


  • No warranty for the weather shield

#2 Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X-30 AMP

Progressive Industries 30 Amp...
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 825J /...
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse...
  • Designed for Outdoor Use, Weather...

Also, Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X surge protector is amazing.

It shares certain values with the above such as a wide range of operating heat, weather-resistant, and pull handle but better light indicators. This device can detect common risks such as polarity reverse, open ground or neutral, voltage failure, and wire missing. For me, this is pretty adequate for a safe trip on RVs.

SSP30X offers all testers included with LED lights for each malfunction. The unity turns the item to be more portable, and compact to take around. Combining all also helps non-experts out of complicated installation.

This version does not consist of a weather shield but still durable. The simplicity only takes away some weight so that the item happens to be lighter than the above edition. 


  • Thermally and weather resistant 
  • Especially for outdoor 
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable for a wide range of heat
  • Fantastic warranty


  • No shield 

#3 Progressive Industries Hardwired EMS-HW30C RV Surge & Electrical Protector

Progressive Industries 30 Amp...
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J /...
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral and...
  • Miswired pedestal indication and...

If you are seeking for a hard-wired, try this EMS-HW30C by Progressive Industries. I have to say this brand has a lot to offer!

The hard-wired EMS can be settled once forever with the RVs then you travel free of electrical surges. The 14’’ wire, I expected, is long enough for most RVs. 

With the hard-wired version, the electrical flow into your RVs will also be under detection for A/C frequency, accidental protection, and naturally, voltage issues. For users to read the figuration, the device also includes a digital display that is remotely connected to the module. Even though it needs to tackle numerous investigation at the same time, the system need only a nanosecond to send out information about the source.

If you suspect the effectiveness, look at the seals it got. The product is approved with UL seal and Canadian Approved, plus terrific Lifetime warranty by Progressive Industries. By all that, how could it be wrong?


  • Creditable seals 
  • Complete protection over RVs electrical application 
  • Multiple uses
  • Long cable 
  • Convenient digital display


  • Bulky 

#4 Camco PowerDefender -30 AMP

Camco PowerDefender Circuit...
  • RV Electrical Protection: Protects...
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Provide indication...
  • Indicates Wiring Issues: Indicates...

If you find Progressive Industries costly, let’s look at more cost-effective options like this Camco PowerDefender.

The device has no significance in design except the cordless portable appearance. But the importance is that it works what we ask for. Camco PowerDefencer can detect simple electrical surge caused by low or high voltage, wiring issues, and polarity reverse. I would say the quality is too good for that price. 

Camco surge protector also happens to be weather resistant.    


  • Portable
  • Affordable 
  • LED indication 
  • Mild weather resistant


  • Heavy

#5 Camco 50 Amp RV Power Defender 

Camco 50 Amp RV Power Defender...
  • RV Electrical Protection: Protects...
  • Auto Connect/Disconnect Feature:...
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Provide indication...

If you are happy with the above Camco PowerDefender but the power rating wasn’t right, what about a 50 amp Camco?

I find this one more heavy-duty and versatile. It offers not only conventional surge protection and indication to wiring issues, open neutral and reverse polarity but also automatic shut-off. Supposedly, it will stop connecting to the hosts of risk right at the moment of figuring it out. The feature makes sure that your asset is safe no matter how you react to it.

There are many new editions for a surge protector with displays now but I still recommend ones with LED light indicators like this Camco. Why? As people not speaking electrical terms hardly understand figures on displays. Meanwhile, specific errors presented clearly will make more sense to common users.

This device is also portable and compact. The handle even happens to be ergonomic so that manual contacts get more precise. 

I also like the weather-resistant feature even though you have to pose it correctly.


  • Automatic
  • Easy LED indication
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • Weather-resistant


  • Quite costly 
  • Only resistant with the upright position

#6 Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level...
  • Identifies faulty park power plus...
  • Analyzes circuits to verify...
  • Indicators illuminate to show power...

Most portable surge protectors supply a rating of around 30-amp. But what if you want something compact but still adequate to overall consumption? I suggest this Surge Guard 44270 by Technology Research.

This device offers only fundamentals such as polarity correction, detecting open ground, and neutral. For preventing surging, it only stops high voltage. However, do not judge by its cover. This device works well if you only ask for basic protection.

This surge protector is sturdy and super convenient. It has a rugged pull cord which is more than 20 inches but the whole item weighs only less than an ounce. It could see it as such the most compact EMS I’ve ever known.

Also, it focuses on popular risks, enhances, and simplifies indicators with all-time user-friendly LED lights. It is not kidding on the speed and the accuracy of the outcomes.

Best rv surge protector #6 Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector


  • Multiple risks investigator
  • Portable 
  • Easy to read
  • Lightweight 
  • Long cord


  • Not against low voltage 

#7 EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection 3rd Edition

  • Universally connects to any...
  • Easy to use
  • High quality product

Besides the 30-amp Camco, this EATON CHSPT2ULTRA surge protector seems another good bang for the buck.

This device comes with portable dimensions and a reasonable weight. It is so easy to use that no matter who you are, you could not do it wrong. 

It also offers a light indicator so that everyone can read the problem.

However, you need to know this one is just a surge protector, not EMS. Therefore, do not expect it to detect whatever risks besides voltage surge.


  • Portable 
  • User-friendly 
  • Affordable
  • Quick connect


  • Not versatile in use

#8 Surge Guard 34850 Portable Model

Surge Guard 34850 Portable...
  • Protects RV from faulty park power
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Automatic reset on power...

I introduce to you now a portable EMS with a smart operating system and a digital display. The device can detect voltage and fundamental risks posed by power parks. To be friendlier to the users, especially with amateurs, the system offers a small display to indicate a figure of voltage and automatic reset in case of risk.

I see that experts in RVs do not want that feature as they can do something about the risk. However, with people with zero experience to tackle such a crisis, something automatically responding on behalf of hesitating users is more appropriate.



  • Portable 
  • Adjustable cord 
  • Easy to use
  • International
  • Lightweight 


  • Pedestal needed for installation

#9 TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp Portable

TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp...
  • TRC Surge Guard With Shock Shield
  • Perfect for Pop-ups and Travel...
  • Automatically shuts off the power...

This TRC 44750 is also one of the surge protectors which can automatically respond to the risks. It has an indicator but also can shake your asset off from the risk if necessary.

Like many portable products, it needs a little effort to install but after you do it, you are safe.

The product also impressed me with the shock shield. It is a thoughtful feature that I did not see much from portable devices but desire to have.


  • Automatically shut-off
  • Shock absorption
  • Portable 
  • Lightweight


  • Manual installation needed


1. Is that waterproof necessary?

Not all surge protectors are waterproof so it is not a common-sense quality. However, I recommend ones possessing that feature as the trip with RVs is spontaneous all the time and we do not control the weather when we need to charge.

2. Is it safe to get my RV plugged in all the time?

With a surge protector, your RVs should be safe to leave charged overnight. If you have that routine, it had better be with something that can automatically shut off in emergencies.

3. What are the extra functions an RV surge protector can possess?

With the rise of technologies and physics, now an RV surge protector can detect almost all risks coming from the source and even pose potential hosts of issues. To react, some can automatically stop connection whereas more advanced ones can even shut down or restart to eliminate further risks.

4. Are surge protectors sincerely important?

I would not say you should have surge protectors for RVs but you must. They are important to keep every single electrical item in your moving castle out of surge. No matter how trustworthy the outlets are, you should hardly trust 100% and always have your protection over your recreational vehicles.

Conclusions – Best RV Surge Protector EMS

There is no question like if you should buy a surge protector but how to get the best RV surge, protector. Among the list above, the ones of Progressives Industries are the best for me. They are versatile, durable, and easy to use no matter how experienced you are with electricity.

I hope what I pointed out could help non-experts find a good EMS for their RVs among too many options at the moment. However, the main course is still the top 9 best surge protectors that I dedicated my research on. They are truly the best at the moment and you can surely find the best bang for the buck among them.

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