Top 9 Best Rv Apps For iOS, Android & iPad (2021 Reviews)

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Best Rv Apps For iOS and Android

Summer has arrived with long-distance travel. Each trip we need to prepare a lot of things to be able to experience the best trip. Besides the essentials, the navigation apps for RVs are also important. If you are a lover of RV-style travel, do not miss this article I write about Top 9 best RV apps

Driving by yourself will help you have a lot of unique personal experiences. To make the trip memorable, you need to prepare a lot of things. The apps we are about to introduce here are the ones you should use. They help you get the best time management and solution for your trip.

Build Your Travel Schedule

1. Google Trips

In case you do not know what application to use, please be assured to choose google. Besides searching at the home page, google offers a lot of cool add-ons. Google trip helps you connect all the information from the reservation, the table, and the routes you have planned.

2. inRoute – Best RV Apps on iOS for Scheduling

inRoute - Best RV Apps for iOS
inRoute – Best RV Apps for iOS

An app that lets you plan your route and schedule. It can display specific information about travel notes such as weather, roads, altitude. This is an application developed by Google and has received a lot of magnificent prizes. You can use it to find out the route and plan before you go.

Navigations apps

If you’re already an RV traveler, your phone is not short of navigation apps. Finding out an unknown place, an unfamiliar country, you need to know the way. Today, paper maps seem to be no longer popular. The convenience of directions has replaced paper maps. Please refer to the application below for RV travel!

1. Google Maps – Best RV Apps on Android for Navigation

This is an indispensable application on this list. Google maps are so common in everyday life. Many people were using it. From the clever development of Google, this app now contains a lot of information needed for your trip. The correct direction of this app is up to 92% according to the developer’s research.

2. Here Maps

Besides google maps, here maps is also a good application for directions. Besides the usual directions, this app also statistics accidents. The directions are available in over 100 countries. The app counts the number of accidents and the location of the accident, which can be used in 40 unique countries.

3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

A very nice application from the founder of Tomtom. If only GPS, this application will not make a difference. It cannot compete with the current large user applications like google map. So the company has designed an app that allows users to use it offline. 

Besides, the application lets you choose the route that best suits you. It marks the places you are going to and displays the speed when you are on the road.

4. Waze 

According to the information attached to the name, Waze is also a very useful app. It provides information related to GPS, maps, and traffic. Don’t just stop at a default map, Waze is a map you create. 

Also, it provides some other impressive features. It is the nearest gas station marker and displays the accompanying price. This is a very useful utility of this app! 

Other Useful Applications

1. RV Parky 

This is an application that allows you to search for utilities related to long-distance travel. App showing campsites, gas stations, or lodging. This is a convenient app that everyone should use when you are in an RV. It allows users to use it for free. The good version is always updated without charging users.

2. Wi-fi Finder

The app name shows its function. This is an application that allows you to search for places with wi-fi. If you have traveled in RV style, this app will be very helpful for you. It tells you where there is free wi-fi, where there is free wi-fi. For the best support for travelers, this app has an offline mode. Ie, you can use it without a network connection. 

This is a very reasonable point because if you already use the mobile network, there is no need to search for wi-fi anymore! When logging into the app and searching, the app will display information about the nearest wi-fi columns. It will attach information about network speed and distance between you and wi-fi.

3. Compass Galaxy

You need to have a compass app on your phone when you’re an RV-style traveler. This is a distinct navigation app than the map. Sometimes you need to identify the east-west – south-north directions to discover some unknown things. Or you follow the instructions of the locals.

In some localities, people often use the east-west – south-north to navigate and travel. Therefore, if you do not know the directions, it will be difficult to go the right way. That’s why compasses are never outdated. Modern people always need a compass, although there are now many maps replacing them.

Conclusion – Your Best RV Apps!

Best Rv Apps For iOS and Android

This article has reviewed some of the best applications for RV travel. You should consult if this summer wants to have a self-discovery trip by car! We have broken down into three key types of applications: planning applications, directions applications, and some other applications. These are useful apps for you to have the best trip. Stay tuned, and we will come back with a lot of articles! 

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