Top 9 Best RV Air Conditioners: Midea, Coleman or Domestic (2021 Reviews)

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If you come to our site, you are on your way to finding the best RV air conditioner for your upcoming trip across the US with your RV. Well, congrats because you are on the right site! You can find in this article 9 options of the best RV air conditioner with the latest reviews. Besides, you can also refer to our buying guides to make your own choice. 

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Are you ready to find the best RV air conditioner for your rig? Let’s spend some minutes and read this article carefully. I bet that you can decide after reading this article. 

Features to Consider When Looking for the Best RV Air Conditioners 

Don’t you like any of our suggestions above? Don’t worry, let’s check our buying guide. I will show you the essential factors to consider when looking for the best one for your RV. 

1. Types 

The general RV air conditions are available in two types: the ducted and the non-ducted type. And you need to know their basics before selecting yours.

Non – Ducted Units 

The non – ducted air conditioner is considered to be the most straightforward type. Firstly, it comes with simple construction, including a blower, a compressor, a condenser, and a control unit. You can find the control unit on the ceiling or below the vent. 

And secondly, it is super simple to install this type with the existing roof vents. In the worst case, you will have to cut a hole in the roof. But it is still much more comfortable than installing the other type. 

To be honest, non – ducted units can’t maintain the ideal temperature over large spaces. Hence, a camper often uses this type of AC for a smaller RV like a trailer or a class B. It works perfectly without requiring piping. 

Ducted Units 

While the non-ducted units are best for small RVs, the ducted units are best for bigger RVs like class C, or class A. People love RV class A because of its functional space. It looks like a house with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

When your RV has so many rooms, you will need a sound AC system strong enough to control the temperature in all these rooms. And it is the part of the ducted AC units. 

Like non-ducted units, you can simply secure and keep the AC stable on the roof. But unlike non-ducted units, the ducted units have pipes under the walls, ceiling, or floor to control the temperature. The pipes make it more complicated to set up and use. 

2. BTUs (British Thermal Units) 

BTUs (British Thermal Units) are the technical terms that indicate the amount of energy that your air conditioner consumes every hour. Choosing suitable BTUs is one of the most challenging tasks when finding the best product.

It is a waste of money to buy an AC with a high BTU for a small RV. For your more information, the AC with a bigger BTU costs you more than the smaller one. Moreover, bigger BTU consumes lagger energy when operating. And it is also a waste of energy. 

Likewise, suppose the BTU of your AC is too small. In that case, it will need more power to operate and maintain the ideal temperature. And it will end up in a broken machine. 

So, what is the ideal BTU for each type of RV?

It depends on your area’s climate, the RV size, and more. The most popular BTU number is 13,500, which is enough to cool the small to regular RV. However, if you are using a class A RV to a hotter place, you can choose AC with 18.000 BTU. 

3. Power Consumption 

Do you know that the AC is the part that consumes the most power of an RV? For smooth operating, the best RV AC needs a suitable power source. We all want our AC units to perform flawlessly with the smallest amount of energy because it will save you hundreds of dollars. 

The most popular AC units are compatible with 110-120V sockets. And the latest AC units often come with energy-saving features. Moreover, in the last few years, you have had more options than the socket, consisting of a solar generator or portable generator. 

4. Performance and Quality 

Quality is always the top priority when choosing the best RV air conditioner. And the best source for you to evaluate the quality of AC is looking through the customers’ experience. Don’t trust 100% on the product description.

However, reading the customer’s reviews is not the only way to make sure that your AC is good. If you want to confirm that your AC can perform well, you should choose the suitable BTU, as mentioned. 

Moreover, the RV AC is different than the house air condition. Your RV AC has to suffer from extreme weather conditions, shocks, and vibrations. Therefore, every AC part must be well-made, durable, and resistant to outdoor conditions. 

5. Other Features 

Heat Pump 

I highly recommend this function for full-time RVers who travel in all seasons. And an AC with a heat pump is the must-have machine when you were driving in winter or to the cold area. You will be grateful for a heat pump once you are on a cold winter night. 


The AC with three heat modes and fan speeds is better than the AC with only one option. Besides, the AC with digital controls and an evaporation system is always preferable among campers. And last, the AC with simple control is always the best choice no matter what occasion you are on. 

Noise Level 

According to research, the noise level of the RV air conditioner is about 35 to 80 decibels. The sound of AC comes from inner parts. Therefore, there is nothing that you can do except for choosing a high-quality machine. 

Top 9 Best RV Air Conditioning Systems 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Coleman-Mach 08-0059 – Non-Ducted Air Conditioners

Coleman 9430D715 Delux Ceiling...
  • Operation and control knobs are...
  • Low-profile EURO styling covers...
  • Compatible with Electric Heat...

The first item in our list of the best RV AC is Coleman – Mach 08-059 Non-Ducted Air conditioners. This item is one of the cheapest items on our list, yet it can still meet all of your requirements for suitable RV AC units. 

The first benefit of this Ac is the reasonable price. It is the most persuasive evidence that the best AC does not need to be the most expensive. 

Besides, the quality of this AC is acceptable. It is compatible with most Coleman AC or accessories and works pretty well in small to regular size RV. However, you can’t use this AC in winter because it does not have heat pumps. 

Best RV Air Conditioner #1 Coleman-Mach 08-0059 – Non-Ducted Air Conditioners


  • Very quiet 
  • Easy to install 
  • Reasonable price 


  • Not for winter 
  • No instructions 

Coleman – Mach 08-059 Non-Ducted Air conditioners will make your RV more modern and comfortable. And I  am so glad to inform you that you have to pay a minimal amount of money for it. 

#2 Best for Camper Trailer: MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

MIDEA MAW12R1BWT 12,000 BTU...
  • 3 IN 1 COMFORT - The Midea EasyCool...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - The EasyCool...
  • QUIET & EASY TO USE - This window...

And the next item in our list is the Midea EasyCool Window Air conditioner. As its name, the strongest point of this AC is the easy-cool system. This AC comes with five different BTU capacities for different areas. 

Besides, this AC is a three-in-one AC with three functions: air conditioning, fan-only modes, and dehumidification. It is effortless to use and also to install the machine. 

However, as mentioned, fast cooling is the strongest point of this item. With 12000 BTU, this AC is ideal for an RV up to 550 square feet.

Best RV Air Conditioner #2 MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner


  • Fast and easy cooling 
  • Easy to install and control 
  • Durable and well made 


  • It is pricey 

Overall, if the budget is not your problem, Midea EasyCool Window Air conditioner could be the best AC for your trailer for all seasons. 

#3 Best for Camper Van: Advent ACM150 Rooftop Air Conditioner

Advent ACM150 Rooftop Air...
  • 15,000 BTUs, 115 Volt AC power
  • Rigid, metal constructed base pan
  • Premium, thick, watertight vent...

The best RV AC for a camper van is the Advent ACM150 Rooftop Air conditioner. This AC is a 1500 BTU unit, so it is suitable for regular to large-size RV

At first look, I was impressed by its solid construction and high-quality material. Every small detail of this AC is well-made and could last for years. 

And it also means that you don’t need to worry about this unit’s performance. When all the components are well-made, they will work as well as your expectation. 


  • Strong motor and exceptional performance 
  • Well-made and durable construction 
  • Latest technology 


  • It is very noisy 
  • Difficult to install 

The solid construction turns out a shortcoming of these AC units because Advent ACM150 Rooftop is challenging to install. You may need to ask for professional help if you don’t have experience before.     

#4 Best Design: Dometic 640315CXX1J0 Penguin II Black 20 Amp Air Conditioner

Dometic 640315CXX1J0 Penguin...
  • Aerodynamic low profile reduces...
  • Quiet power: Delivers the optimum...
  • Easy-to-reach, easy-to-use controls...

Another name on our list is the Dometic 640315XX1J0. This AC unit is available in two colors of black and white. And it also comes with two BTU versions: one basic 13.500 BTU and the other one is high capacity for larger RV. 

What I like most about this item is the quiet power. Thanks to the strong motor and high-quality components, this AC runs lightly. 

Besides, the AC unit offers you a three-speed blower for different weather conditions. For the user, it is straightforward to control, use, and reach the AC. 


  • Quiet power 
  • Excellent design for more durability 
  • User-friendly design 


  • It is costly 

Dometic Penguin II is one of the most expensive RV air condition of Dometic. But it is still the right choice for RV lovers.    

#5 Best for Mini Motorhome:  Airxcel 08-0079 Mach 3 Plus 13.5 Arctic Wht

Coleman 48203C966 Mach 3+ A/C...
  • Cool/Heat Capacity: 13,500
  • Electric Heat Element Capacity:...
  • Electrical rating: 115 VAC, 60HZ

And the next item on our list is the best choice for a mini motorhome. And it is the Airxcel 08-079 Air conditioner

There is not much to talk about this unit because it does not come with any outstanding features. Airxcel has a 13.500 cooling capacity with the rational design of a typical AC. Since it is typical, you can trust its quality and performance. 


  • Typical design of an AC 
  • Good performance


  • Difficult to install 

If you want to find something “special”,  Airxcel 08-079 Air conditioner is not the one for you. But if you want to find a basic AC unit, this one is an ideal choice. 

#6 Best for Extreme Heat: Furrion CHILL Rooftop Air Conditioner

Furrion CHILL Rooftop Air...
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: Start capacitor...

If you are going to reach a superheat area, you should equip your RV with a reliable AC. And Furrion Chill Rooftop is an acceptable choice for you. 

The main reason why this AC is suitable for superheating weather is the large BTUs. It is available in two versions of 14.500 and 15.500 BTU. And this number is more than enough for you to relax and have some fun. 

Besides, the cooling system of this AC is pretty good. It comes with two fans with separate motors that could make your room cool faster than the single–fan designs. 


  • Two-fan units for better performance 
  • Safe and reliable 
  • Durable and solid construction 


  • It is pricey 
  • Difficult to install 

Furrion Chill Rooftop Air conditioner is simple to use, but it does not mean that it is simple to install.       

#7 Best in Size: Midea Smart 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

Midea Smart 3-in-1 Portable...
  • SmartCool: The Midea Portable Air...
  • WIFI Enabled & Voice Control:...

No rule requires you to use a rooftop AC for your RV. If you don’t like rooftop AC, you can look at the Midea Smart 3-in-1 Portable.

The highlight feature of this AC unit is the “smart” function. This AC is the only unit in our list that can connect with Wifi and be controlled by voice and smartphone app

However, if you want to find a good-performance AC unit, this item is the last choice for you. It is only suitable for an RV that is up to 275 square meters


  • Smart, cool function 
  • Effortless operation 
  • Well-made and durable 


  • It is pricey 
  • Low performance 

Midea Smart 3-in-1 Portable Air conditioner is only suitable for a small RV in the right weather conditions.

#8 Most Reviewed: Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air Conditioner

Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air...
  • Nominal capacity,15,000 BTU/Hour;...
  • High-performance motor and fan
  • Electrical rating- 115V AC, 60 Hz,...

What is the most popular RV AC among campers? The answer must be Dometic Brisk II Rooftop. This item is the most expensive AC on our list, but thousands of customers have used it and loved it. 

This AC comes in two versions of 13.500 and 15.000 BTU and two installation types of non-ducted and ducted. Hence, it will meet all customer’s needs. Moreover, the motor and fan of the unit are outstanding. 

Its noise is only 60hz, and you can easily find the socket for this AC because it requires a 115V electric source. Dometic also offers you a two-year warranty for this unit so that you can ask them for support. 

#8 Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air Conditioner


  • Various options for the user to select 
  • High-performance accessories 
  • Quiet and easy to use 


  • It is costly 

Dometic Brisk II Rooftop AC is worth investing in because it has excellent quality and durability.  

#9 Best in Budget: Dometic Air Conditioners 3314851.000

Dometic Air Conditioners...
  • Easy to use, adjustable
  • Powerful air distribution
  • For non-ducted applications only

Are you looking for the best RV AC, but can’t pay hundreds of dollars for it? I have an excellent suggestion for your situation: Dometic Air Conditioners 3314581.000. This AC is one of the cheapest on our list, but it is very functional. 

For the user, it is super simple to use and adjust the AC. Therefore, it could save you money because you don’t have to ask for professional help. 

Besides, this AC is a non-ducted one, which has a compelling air distribution. Although it is cheap, it is a 15,000 BTU AC, which is more than enough for your Class B RV


  • Excellent airflow 
  • Easy to install 
  • Good price for campers 


  • It is noisy 

Dometic Air Conditioners 3314581.000 is not for people who need a quiet environment for sleeping. Except for the noise level, there is almost nothing to complain about it. 


1. What size AC do you need for your RV? 

It depends on your RV size. For example, if you drive a class A which is longer than 32 feet, I think that you should have two ducted ACs for better performance. However, if you drive a class B or trailer, one non-ducted AC is enough. 

2. How long do RV air conditioners last? 

The durability of your RV ACs depends on the product’s quality, the frequency of usage, and the external conditions (weather, vibrations, and more). If you maintain it correctly, your RV could last for several years and more. 

3. How much does the best RV air conditioner cost? 

We can’t find a fixed price for the best RV AC. Like any other machine, AC comes with a wide price range based on the design, quality, and brand. If you don’t have many requirements, the best RV AC can cost you less than $200. But if you want to choose the high-quality one with additional functions, it can cost you more than $1000. 

4. Do you need to recharge the RV air conditioners? 

Yes, you do. You need to recharge the RV ACs to make sure that it operates effectively. And you need to do the recharging job every time the refrigerant is low. 

5. Why is my RV camper not blowing cold air? 

There are many reasons for this situation, including the broken cooling system and external leaks. If your cooling system is broken, you need to take it to a professional. If it is an external leak, you can check and fix it yourself. 

The Final Words 

Dometic Brisk II Rooftop RV Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU
Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU

To be honest, if you don’t worry much about the budget, I think that Midea is the best choice for your camping RV. Besides, you can also take a look at the Midea Smart Portable Air conditioner. But I am afraid that it is not strong enough for a long journey. 

And if your budget is limited, Dometic Air Conditioner 3315851 is the ideal choice for you. It is one of the most famous brands that can offer your RV high-quality Air Condition at a very reasonable price. 

Bonus: How To Install RV AC & Make It Efficient

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