Top 9 Best Roof Racks For Kayaks, Bikes & Surfboards on Hilux, 4Runner, Subaru Forester & Jeep Wrangler (2021)

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Best Roof Racks For Kayaks, Bikes & Surfboards on Hilux, 4Runner, Subaru Forester & Jeep Wrangler

If you’re seeking the best roof racks to make your stock vehicle more functional, heck, even bring your own kayak, bike, or surfboard, eh? You just land on the right article, let’s find out with me the nine best options you don’t want to miss below!

Hello guys! I am glad to be back in another worth-concerning topic today. Can you guess it? Exactly, that’s finding out the best roof racks for expanding the vehicle’s cargo capacity. It is an issue many people are running into every once in a while.

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Hence, roof rack options will come in handy and make that vehicle more practical to fulfill your urgent needs. In other words, this tool will help you store extra gears outside the car without cramming everything. It sounds great! Now, follow us to discover the top 9 best roof racks in the recent market before shopping for a suitable one.

How To Choose The Best Roof Racks

When it comes to roof racks, there is a variety of products available in the recent market for sure. Hence, below are some key factors you should pay much attention to while looking for the best roof racks:

1. Fit

The first feature you should take notice of is the fit of the vehicle. Of course, nothing makes roof racks less safe and unable to withstand the huge load than the incorrect fit. 

Thus, be sure to shop for the right sized one for the vehicle with the right installation points. By the way, you can consider adjustable clips and straps provided by most manufacturers. They work well on a variety of roof racks. 

2. Height and Weight

Secondly, besides the load-bearing capacity, make sure to check how much your roof rack weighs and how tall it is. The rack will increase a bit of your vehicle’s height. Meanwhile, loading equipment on the rooftop will limit you to reaching some areas. 

Thus, the addition of your item should allow your vehicle to fit underground spaces or in garages. Plus, knowing the weight will help you distribute everything in the proper ways. 

3. Installation 

Another significant feature to consider is the ease of assembly, although roof racks are not accessories that you have to uninstall frequently. 

This factor will help you save much effort, time, and brainpower for installing the item and then loading the gear. Don’t forget to follow the right protocol and manufacturer’s instructions to install it in the exact ways.

4. Quality

Also, it is necessary to consider the quality of the product. It also means the quality of the ropes, straps, or other accessories.

Bulky items and attachments can be cheaper, yet they aren’t much aerodynamic, slowing down your vehicle and wasting some fuel. Also, cheaper ones may not be reliable and strong so that they could break soon and cause sudden injuries. Thus, the best roof racks should be well-built along with robust main structures.

5. Price

Considering your budget is also as important as other factors. Some complete roof rack systems, along with premium features and attachments, may cost hundreds of dollars. 

However, they don’t usually offer what you need. Thus, think carefully about the aim of using your product and whether it suits your budget.

Top 9 Best Roof Racks For 4Runner, Hilux, Subaru Forester & Jeep Wrangler 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: MaxxHaul Roof Rack 70115

Best roof rack #1MaxxHaul Roof Rack 70115

The number one candidate on this list is no other than the model 70115 of the famous brand Maxxhaul. When it comes to durability, the item comes up top due to its robust and rugged steel making up the entire body. The weatherproof finish won’t disappoint as well. 

Moreover, this suitable carrier is quite roomy and can accommodate large luggage weighing up to 150 pounds. Plus, it earns certification to be effectively usable at highway speeds. More importantly, the roof rack has only 4-1/2 inches depth so that the cargoes will be secure on your vehicle’s top. 

For the simple installation, besides the U-bolt system, the package offers a universal kit helping to attach to vehicles with crossbars. The included rubber caps are also useful for protecting your cargo. Give it a try soon!

MaxxHaul 70115 46" x 36" x...
  • Instant cargo space for vehicle...
  • Easy to assemble and install...
  • Attaches to most cross bars with...


  • Great aerodynamic feature 
  • ​High craftsmanship
  • ​Plenty of support
  • Being affordable
  • Corrosion-free and weather-resistant construction


  • The package doesn’t include the cargo roof bag 

MaxxHaul Roof Rack is ideal for those who want to put a huge cargo bag on top of the vehicle on a long road trip. 

#2 Best Budget: CargoLoc Roof Top Cross Bar 32541

If you are on a budget yet want to own a good roof rack, then pick up a simple design of CargoLoc. Looking a little closer, you will find that this set has fantastic features at a lower price point.

The first impressive thing is the low-profile aluminum construction, giving those bars ideal weight, durability, and strength to withstand a maximum 150-pound load capacity. 

Furthermore, the high-quality locking system allows it to lock well on the rail and prevent the thievery. You can adjust the lockable clamps according to your way as well.

Besides rounded edges, the product can fit a maximum 46-inch span between side rails, giving more ample space for your gear. Also, the built-in rubber pads are thick enough to protect against paint scratches. Consider it right now!

CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum...
  • 150 LBS LOAD CAPACITY – Whether...
  • SAFE AND SECURE – A heavy duty...


  • Good price
  • Top-notch material
  • Being secure and safe
  • Durable, robust structure with extreme quality
  • Being easily mounted or unmounted


  • Only ideal for raised roof rails

The secure CargoLoc item is among the most robust ones in its class and perfect for your SUV or Station Wagons.

#3 Best quiet option: Yakima Jetstream Bar 8000426

Are you looking for something minimalistic and quiet? The lightweight T-slot Jetstream bar from Yakima is your choice. Available in different colors and sizes, it is compatible with vehicles without or with pre-existing roof rails, and several towers support like Baseline, Skyline, Ridgeline, or Timberline.

Offering outstanding performance, its aerodynamically-minded mechanism allows fuel-saving capabilities and reduces wind drag or noise while working with different mounts for skis, bikes, or boats.

What’s more, these anodized aluminum bars come with an asymmetrical shape and black powder coating finish, making the product corrosion-resistant and rustproof all year round. Notably, the full-length construction is wide enough to offer extra space that can load nearly 165 pounds. How versatile and efficient it is! 

YAKIMA - JetStream Bar,...
  • Lightweight aluminum extrusion...
  • JetFlow aerodynamic shape designed...
  • T-Slot with SmartFill push-down...


  • Reliable strength
  • Being easy to install
  • Lightweight JetFlow™ teardrop design
  • Quiet performance at high speeds
  • Accommodating many accessories


  • You may hit the head on the ends if not being careful

Yakima Jetstream product is excellent for you to safely transport heavy objects on vehicles with no roof rails or with even raised ones from other manufacturers.

#4 Best for easy usage: Yakima Whispbar Roof Rack 8050701

Another Yakima premium offering for ease of application is the Whispbar roof rack system. The stylish model offers extraordinary aerodynamic performance, together with four available towers. Hence, there’s no need to mount your product on the standard roof rails.

Furthermore, it can support a nearly 220-pound load-bearing capacity and comes with incorporated SKS locks, which are excellent for high security. The sleek yet impressive aerodynamic design also gives a few crucial inches to expand the gear load.

Thanks to SmartFoot cushioning mounts, your item leaves no scratches on the roof of your vehicle, too. You can easily remove the bars from the mounts as well with the assistance of the SmartFill technology as well. That’s great!

Whispbar S16 Through Bar...
  • Extended length Whispbar Through...
  • Whispbar's optimized aerodynamic...
  • Attach and remove Whispbar...


  • Convenient installation
  • Wind reduction 
  • A minimalistic yet reliable system
  • Excellent performance 
  • Extra safety with quality locks


  • Its price is not low.

After all, this fascinating system, Yakima Whispbar Roof Rack, with optimal load capacity will fit on trucks, cars, SUVs, and many other vehicles.

#5 Best for value: SportRack Groomer Deluxe SR6466

Best roof rack #5 SportRack Groomer Deluxe SR6466

You intend to carry something like skis or snowboards, don’t you? Take the affordable SportRack carrier into your consideration now. 

With padded arms, this 36-inch extended aluminum model is sturdy enough to load and secure about four snowboards or six ski sets without leaving scratches. 

Not only that, but it is also functional thanks to the useful button release. You can operate that oversized button even when you are wearing gloves. 

Even better, the universal fit of this item allows you to utilize it on almost all cars. Whether they are rounded, square, or factory rack systems, there won’t be any problem while installing your carrier within a few minutes. Besides, the sturdy built-in locks will offer enough security to transport your equipment under any terrain. It is perfect, right?

SportRack Groomer Deluxe Ski...
  • Large push button release makes it...
  • Rubber arms protect and grip skis...
  • Locks are included to give you...


  • Being versatile and easy to use
  • Good lifetime warranty
  • Quick gear packing and unpacking
  • Durable, minimalistic, and rust-resistant construction
  • Having heavy-duty lock pair with keys 


  • Some cases of forgetting locking the carrier make it not stay closed 

Whether you plan to ski twice a week or a season, you are bound to get the money’s worth from SportRack Groomer Deluxe, which fits several vehicles.

#6 Best for security: Thule SnowPack Extender Rack 7325

Best roof rack #6 Thule SnowPack Extender Rack 7325

One more model we’d like to suggest is the snowpack extender rack of Thule brand, a well-known standard for roof racks. It impresses us with the tool-free assembly, quick mounting, and the extra extender for accessing the gear from two sides of the vehicle.

Another nice touch is the locking system. The one-key mechanism offers excellent security for both gear and racks bolted to your vehicle. It will also let you swap out all lock cores as well as utilize only one key for different accessories.

Notably, the aerodynamic design with slide-out and slide-in features will help pack and unpack the gear more smoothly. That function is quite ideal for users who cannot reach the vehicle’s roof easily. How fascinating!

Thule SnowPack Extender...
  • Aerodynamic slide-out rooftop rack...
  • Slide-out design extends from...
  • Fits up to 6 pairs of skis/4...


  • Anti-theft locking system
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Offering lots of vertical room
  • Being user-friendly
  • Large and easy-to-operate push-button 


  • A bit pricey 

Thule SnowPack Extender Rack 7325 is the perfect option for transporting skis or snowboards to the mountains for an exciting winter adventure.

#7 Best for group outings: Rhino-Rack 574 Ski Carrier

Best roof rack #7 Rhino-Rack 574 Ski Carrier

You shouldn’t miss out on this Rhino-Rack carrier if you want the right solution for transporting the equipment for outdoor group events. It can cater to various sizes you may need. In warmer months, it even doubles as a fantastic fishing pole holder.

The rack comes with aluminum material, making it lightweight and more durable under the impact of rust. Also, the manufacturer has weather-treated this item so that it is resistant to UV rays, mold, or water.

Moreover, its locking mechanism will add extra security, and two keys will let you operate the lock right away. There is also an included fitting kit which universal enough to work with most crossbars. All you need to do is snapping it shut, locking it for more protection, and you are ready for the trip. It sounds exciting!

Rhino-Rack Ski, Snowboard &...
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Hold up to 4 Pairs...
  • TAKE THAT TRIP - The Large Capacity...
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING - Universal...


  • Stealthier black appearance
  • Highly-advanced arm locking
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Excellent rubber grips 
  • Loading four pairs of skis and/or two snowboards


  • Being a little bit noisy at higher speeds.

Rhino-Rack carrier will be a perfect purchase for holding water skis, paddles, or fishing poles on almost car models.

#8 Best versatile: Reese Explore Cargo Basket 1391300

Best roof rack #8 Reese Explore Cargo Basket 1391300

If your vehicle already comes with crossbars, put this versatile Reese Explore masterpiece on your list. After taking the sturdy steel bushel into those crossbars along with U-jolts, you can pack belongings whose total weight is up to 125 pounds.

Constructed to last, this superior carrier contains robust steel and a heavy-duty powder coating, helping to prevent scratches and corrosion. One more hidden feature is the front windshield, which can protect the gear from such harsh wind. 

With the easy-on design, you don’t need to worry about carrying more luggage on long trips and safari. You can assemble it on the roof of jeeps, cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, or other larger vehicles. By the way, for more versatility, don’t forget to combine your item with the Reese Explore cargo net or bag sold separately. Go for it!

Reese 1391300 Explore Rooftop...
  • DIMENSIONS: 18.4 x 37.9 x 9.2 inch
  • 125 LB. CAPACITY: Free up space in...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Strong,...


  • Good price
  • Not creating creaky noise
  • Exclusive material 
  • Being sleek and more aerodynamic
  • Adjustable fit for mounting to different types of crossbars 


  • It may take some time to follow the instructions 

Whenever you get ready for adventures, this smart product, Reese Explore cargo, will be perfect for your outdoor road activities, trips, camping, or other excursions.

#9 Best compatibility: TMS J-Bar Rack 

Best roof rack #9 TMS J-Bar Rack

Last but not least, TMS J-Bar Rack is a worth-considering option for your hauling needs. This rack adapter is ideal for exterior accessories like surfboards, kayaks, or canoe boats with the highest level of loading comfort. 

Apart from that, this steel and rust-resistant item will also offer adequate assurance and excellent strength. There are also cushioning parts that permit you to protect the equipment when needed.

The wide mouth J-style bar and the adjustable padding are a big bonus for easier packing or unpacking bulky things. Another impressive feature is the possibility of partial disassembly, allowing you to store the vehicle easier and to save time when the setup is always ready for the next time trips.

TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak...
  • Steel design with adjustable...
  • Wide mouth J bar offers easier...
  • Quick on/off hardware ensures fast...


  • Great lifetime guarantee
  • Going with traps
  • Universal and space-saving design 
  • Fitting oval, square, flat, or round crossbars 
  • Including installation hardware for effortless setup and removal


  • Some customers would like thicker straps

TMS J-Bar Rack is a perfect alternative in case you’d like a reasonable roof rack manufacturer with compatibility and good craftsmanship.


1. What special tools should I prepare for the installation? 

The best roof rack system doesn’t often require special tools to install. Many packages come with a kit full of tools. Plus, you can find common tools in a standard toolbox. If possible, you can prepare some more screws and bolts for convenience.

2. Are there any risk while using roof racks? 

If you assure a proper fit and right installation for your rack on a clean vehicle’s roof, you won’t get any dangerous accessories. 

By the way, for the best safety, you should check the overhead clearance. Plus, don’t forget to seal it when not transporting, take it off a few times per year, wash under rubber pads, and refit it. 

3. What weight limits of gear can I use roof racks for?

There are several types of objects you can carry by roof racks. For instance, cargo boxes, snowboards, kayaks, surfboards, mountain bikes, paddleboards, and more. Not all people have an available industrial scale to measure the total load capacity on one surface. 

Thus, you should notice the roof load rating of your product, consider what you want it to haul, not overload the roof, and properly secure the gear, and not drive at higher speeds within windy conditions to optimize safety.

4. What else tips can I apply while using roof racks?

You can make use of the following tips:

  • Comply with the weight and speed limits for safety and protection.
  • Give attention to the extra load as well as height on the vehicle while moving through areas with ceilings.
  • Store the keys of the system in places accessible to you.
  • For a good deal of damage and maintenance cost, besides the right installation, you should not fix the screws in the wrong manner.
  • Lubricating bolts and screws will make removal and installation easier.
  • If you do not need roof racks on short trips, then don’t bring it for better performance of the vehicle.

Final Words

Whether you are planning to go camping, have a long road journey, join outdoor physical activities, or move to a new apartment, you may require extra space for pieces of bulky luggage that don’t fit in the car trunk. 

After consulting our post, you may feel acquainted with the recommendation of the best roof racks for your vehicle. As you see, roof rack systems have opened up the possibilities of using your vehicle to transport everything, including bulky ones.

There are also different aspects when searching for the best ones in the current market. Those 9 suggested shopping ideas are top of many different options available out there. Here, our top choice is MaxxHaul Roof Rack 70115. This reasonable model will deliver high durability, security, and impressive load capacity. What it offers will make your transportation easier than ever before. I hope what is provided above will cater to your transportation needs and help you find out the best fit. Thank you for reading!

Bonus: Installation MaxxHaul Roof Rack 70115 on Ford Focus

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