Top 9 Best Performance Mufflers & Best Brands: Magnaflow or Flowmaster (2021 Reviews)

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best muffler brands

A muffler is a must-have part of the exhaust system. It can contribute to dampening the noise caused by the engine. Thanks to this, both inside and outside of your vehicle are more tolerable and comfortable.

Besides this, a muffler can regulate the engine’s backpressure to maximize its efficiency and performance. You can also use a silencer as a tool for your vehicle to show some personality from the exhaust’s noise.  

If you don’t know how to choose which model is the best for your vehicle, then this article is just perfect for you. I have reviewed the nine best mufflers on the market and a buying guide for you to follow.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Best Sounding Mufflers

1. Material 

When you buy a product, the material is the first thing that you should always think of. There are two commons on the market now:

1.1 Stainless steel

This material is very durable. But you have to make sure your content is high-quality. It is compatible in a humid or wet environment. It avoids rust and lasts very long

1.2 Aluminum steel

This material is even more durable than stainless steel. If the humidity is not your worry, then go for this one. Aluminum can not corrode that quickly, either. So dry weather won’t affect your product either.  

2. Size

The second criteria that you should look at are the size of your muffler. You should purchase the right size. The product you are buying can not exceed the muffler’s length of your vehicle. You should check the inlet and outlet diameter too. Otherwise, you will have to buy an adaptor to set up.

3. Sound

You should know well what your car type is like. What is your purpose for buying this muffler? If you want a product for your race, then mufflers that don’t own many baffles are suitable. They can create more sound. The more restrictions are given, the more challenges your engine will meet.

But if you want to set up for your family car, then one that can offer silence is better to consider. 

4. Warranty

Either you pay a lot of reasons for a muffler, you have the right to check the warranty policy. Mostly, famous brands provide customers one year of warranty. But maybe you can find some other mufflers with a longer warranty time. Then you are fortunate!

5. Impact

The impact of a muffler is shown directly through the engine. They are well connected with each other. If you want to reduce the effect of backpressure, you can choose some that naturally do that. Or you can just pick some others to deal with the impact on their engine. The second way is more costly, but it is safer.

6. Brand 

There is a wide range of products on the market recently. It is essential to check the reputation of the brand that you are buying.  Some people don’t prefer a no-name muffler to be used in my car.

But there are cases that not-very-famous brands offer high-quality products too. Some people are not picky about this. They are excellent with whatever names, as long as the muffler works well. That is cool also.

Top 9 Best Mufflers 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Silent: MagnaFlow 10416 Muffler 

MagnaFlow 4in Round...
  • MAGNAFLOW QUALITY - MagnaFlow's...

The MagnaFlow 10416 is highly appraised by customers for its durability and performance. Besides, if you often return home late and leave early, this product is the best choice. The manufacturer uses its signature deep tone sound to develop it.   

Some people are in doubt about using stainless steel to make this item. The truth is that high-quality stainless steel is very durable. The design makes it look a bit simple.

MagnaFlow 10416 Muffler 

This product is engineered with a wide-open performance design. The power can flow out of the wide-open neck without restrictions. If you are interested in customized vehicles with good power flow, I highly recommend this muffler. 

The core size is 2.5 inches. However, this item comes in different sizes, so you can always find the perfect size for your vehicle. 


  • Deep tone sound 
  • Made of stainless steel 
  • Durable 
  • Simple design 
  • Provide good power flow 
  • Various sizes


  • The installation instruction is not included 

#2 Best Overall: Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 muffler 

Flowmaster 953047 3...
  • Deep Aggressive Sound Exhaust Note
  • Noticeable interior resonance
  • Excellent performance on high...

To those who are interested in cars, the Flowmaster is a name that they can’t miss. This brand is well-known for its quality, and the 953047 Super 40 muffler is the flagship version in their collection.

The content of this item is made of high-quality metallic. The coating made of 100% aluminum can cope with high temperatures. Apart from this, this product is water and humidity-resistant. That is why it is very durable

The upgraded version of this muffler features a thicker and more substantial case. This means that the tone will be more productive and more profound than the old version. To those who are into car racing and like the deep roar, this product is ideal. Thanks to the robust construction, it can resist corrosion too.

The Flowmaster can really deal with high horsepower applications. It is also the right choice for vehicles with 3- inch exhaust pipes. The manufacturer mentioned that this product is a universal fit. 


  • High-quality material
  • 100% aluminum coating to make it resilient to the temperature and humidity 
  • Durable 
  • Richer and deeper tone 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Can deal with high horsepower applications
  • Universal fit 
  • Ideal for racing 


  • Not the best for low horsepower 

#3 Best Budget: Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler 

Thrush Thrush Turbo 17715...
  • CLASSIC SOUND -- Tri-flow design...
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST -- 100%...
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION -- Customizable...

The Thrush 17715 is the right seller product because you can install it in any direction. It owns a flexible and reversible side. Moreover, it offers a perfect price.

This muffler is made of 100% alumina coated shell on top. It, for sure, can last longer. They also use lightweight alumina to make the inside part.

The design is quite simple. The Tri-flow design provides the Thrush a classic sound. At the same time, it does a perfect job of facilitating the gas produced by the engine. If you install this product in a sports car, you can really tell the sound is from Thrush. 

Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler 

The spun lock heads in the outlet and inlet are proven to avoid gas leaks from running out of the exhaust. Overall, this product is one of the top-rated mufflers when you look at price and construction.  


  • Best budget 
  • Has a flexible and reversible side
  • 100% alumina coated shell on top
  • Lightweight alumina to make the inside part
  • Tri-flow design provides the Thrush a classic sound
  • The spun lock heads to avoid the gas leaks from running out of the exhaust


  • The design is too simple 

#4 Best minimalistic: Uplower 4″ Inlet Stainless Steel Muffler  

Upower 4" Inlet Diesel Exhaust...
  • Inlet: 4" inner diameter - Outlet:...
  • 100% welded design for long-lasting...
  • Stainless steel construction for...

If you like the minimalist design, the Uplower is definitely for you. It comes with a logo right on top. The inlet is 4″ inner diameter; the outlet is 4″ inner diameter.

This product is non-reversible and directional. The airflow can run at the maximum level because of the directional flow. Thanks to this, your engine will be well protected from contaminants. It can perform better. 

The U plower features the CFR (Continuous Roving Fiberglass) to absorb all unwanted resonance. You can hear the deep sound from your engine. This item is very durable because of its stainless steel construction, and a 100% welded design.

The outstanding point of this muffler is its fit. It is well made and touched. You can set up this product into your exhaust system with ease due to its sleek and unique design. It is even more ideal if your car’s pipe is 4″.


  • Minimal design 
  • Non-reversible and directional
  • Your engine is well protected from contaminants
  • CFR (Continuous Roving Fiberglass) to absorb all unwanted resonance
  • Durable because of stainless steel construction and 100% welded design
  • Well fitted 
  • Deep sound
  • Set up with an ease


  • Joints can be rusty by the time

#5 Best Constructed: Vibrant 1141 Muffler  

Vibrant 1141 2.5" Ultra Quiet...
  • Designed to dampen exhaust noise
  • Facilitates undisrupted exhaust...
  • Constructed from t304 stainless...

The Vibrant 1141 is the best-constructed muffler that I have ever seen in the market. It is built from T304 stainless steel. This makes the muffler very durable. It won’t corrode even when it has contact with water vapor or engine gas.

Apart from this, the design allows the gas to evacuate quickly and efficiently. Your vehicle will perform better than ever. It is also designed to dampen exhaust noise. It is tranquil, no matter how fast your engine has to run.  

Vibrant 1141 Muffler  

The size of the inlet and outlet are both 3 inches. That is why this item can fit most types of vehicles. It can eliminate all the rifling noises. The overall length is 13.75 inches. 

The most fantastic feature is this muffler can handle high exhaust temperatures. The price is a bit higher than some other products on the market. However, considering the quality of this item, it is totally worth investing money. 


  • T304 stainless steel
  • Durable 
  • The gas can evacuate quickly and efficiently
  • Very quiet 
  • Universal size 
  • Handle high exhaust temperature


  • Higher price

#6 Best Resistant to vibrations: Walker 18558 Muffler 

Walker 18558 SoundFX Muffler
  • Aluminized steel construction for...
  • Spun-locked heads for rupture...
  • Tube-and-partition style interior...

The Walker is famous for its ability to diminish vibrations. As a result, it can create a better sound quality. 

They use the aluminized steel material to construct this muffler. That is why it is very good at resisting corrosion. It comes with welded brushing and spun-blocked heads. This is to enhance the support and protect the item from being broken under the vibrations.

This product is quite small, indeed. The size of the inlet and outlet is 1.75 inches. It is not able to fit all the exhaust systems.  The Walker 18558 are made to last. The mechanical joints are suitable proof of this durability.

Besides, the separate chambers in this muffler can reduce all-out sound waves so it can create a more beautiful sound for sporty cars. The rooms can also facilitate gas movement so that the whole engine can run more efficiently.


  • Best resistant to vibrations 
  • Aluminized steel material
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Welded brushing and spun-blocked heads to enhance the support and avoid the broken engine 
  • Separate chambers to create a beautiful sound for sporty cars and facilitate gas movement.


  • Quite small 

#7 Best Extreme: Cherry Bomb 7426 Muffler  

Cherry Bomb 7426 Extreme...
  • Oval shape
  • Body: 6 inch; overall length: 12...
  • Inlet: 2.5 inch; inlet position:...

The Cherry Bomb company is a well-known name for producing mufflers. If you are seeking an aggressive or extreme muffler, this one’s for you. 

The sound of this muffler is fantastic. It won’t even disturb your neighbors when you start the engine. How amazing! The Cherry Bomb 7426 can boost the exhaust system of your car. Thanks to this, the pressure on the exhaust will be reduced. 

This product comes in an oval shape. The overall length is 12 inches. A center outlet position will be included in this. The size of this item is 4 x 9.75 inches. It is quite lightweight too.

The Cherry Bomb is adamant. It can deal with difficulties on the road. Concerning the design, it has a short plate. They use aluminized steel to construct this. The red coating brings a more excellent appearance to the muffler.  


  • Extreme noise, perfect for racing cars
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Aluminized steel to make it more durable
  • Well supported to the performance of the car


  • You might need a professional to install your muffler 

#8 Best Durable: MegaBrand N1 Muffler 

MegaBrand N1 4" Burnt Tip...
  • Made of high quality T-304...
  • Includes removable silencer OUTLET...

The MegaBrand is a very long-lasting muffler that you can’t miss. It is made of T-304  stainless steel. This ensures the durability of the product. Besides, this item is rust-resistant

This product is quite lightweight. It is only 4 lbs. Also, it has a very sturdy construction. You won’t have to spend too much energy installing this item. 

MegaBrand N1 Muffler

The MegaBrand N1 features an inlet of 2.5 inches. Unlike a lot of mufflers, this piece has a more significant channel and the outlet. The inlet pipes are more narrow than the exit duct.

The overall length is 18 inches, which is quite long. Until now, this muffler has the longest noise-reduction part on my list. To those who want more silence with a deep rich tone, it is the best.


  • Best durable 
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Lightweight 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Easy to install 
  • Bigger inlet and the outlet
  • Longest noise-reduction
  • Deep rich tone


  • Some people wanted the muffler to be heavier 

#9 Best Sound Quality: Dynomax 17748 Muffler  

Dynomax Super Turbo 17748...
  • PRECISION DESIGN -- Exclusive flow...
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE -- Large flow...

If you are a professional, you should have known about the signature value of the Dynomax 17748. It owns the best sound quality among the products I know.

This product is constructed with high-quality T-304 stainless steel. This is why it is very durable even when you use it as a heavy-duty item. The size of the inlet and outlet is 2.5 inches, which is the standard. You can set up in most vehicles on the market now.

Dynomax 17748 Muffler  

The unique feature of Dynomax is the 700 SCFM high airflow. Thanks to this, the sound is very sporty and brings a signature to your engine. Apart from this, the fiberglass matting can absorb the vibrations, meanwhile, facilitate the gas flow. 

To sum up, it is very efficient. If the sound of a muffler is fundamental to you, the Dynomax 17748 is a fantastic choice.


  • Best sound quality 
  • Made of high-quality T-304 stainless steel
  • Durable 
  • Standard inlet and outlet sizes
  • 700 SCFM high airflow
  • Efficient 


  • The sound should be louder

#10 Best Performance: Colt exhaust Race Muffler  

Single Chamber Performance...
  • Flow Deflector Directional...
  • Aggressive Deep Sound
  • Increase 5 To 10 HPS

If your aim is to hear your car roaring and to show that your engine has an excellent performance, then the Colt muffler is the right choice.

By using this product, you can easily convert an ordinary car into a sport one. Besides, it can prevent your engine from contaminants. This will boost the performance and efficiency of your engine.

The Colt can provide you a very fulfilling sound. At the same time, the back pressure on your engine will be reduced. Your driver can work quite impressively. It is made of stainless steel. It can not be rusted that fast.  

The directional flow makes it universal, which is compatible with different vehicles. When you purchase, you will get it in a pack of 2. The installation process is straightforward too. You don’t need to be a professional to do this.


  • Best performance 
  • Made of stainless steel 
  • Compatible with different vehicles 
  • Come in a pack of 2 mufflers
  • Easy installation
  • Fulfilling sound


  • Some expect the durability should improve


1. What is louder 2.5 or 3-inch exhaust?

In my opinion, the 3″ size is louder than the 2.5″ size

2. Are straight pipes better than mufflers? 

If you want an exhaust that can bring a loud engine sound, the straight pipe is the best. But if you’re going to improve your engine’s performance without causing more noise from your vehicle, the muffler is more appropriate.

3. How does muffler work? 

A muffler can eliminate the out noise coming from the engine. It works in a way to turn the sound waves on each other; then, they take turns to cancel the noise. In a lot of cases, the sound is removed by just hitting the muffler’s wall.

4. What muffler gives the best sound?

 This is a tough question. There are a lot of models on the market. But I have suggested to you above. Check the review to get the answer.

5. How do I choose the best muffler?

There are a few things you should notice. They are construction and compatibility, design, flexibility, tube size, etc. Some people care about the price too. You can refer to the information I share above to have more information.

Final Words

MagnaFlow 10416 Muffler 
MagnaFlow 10416 Muffler

Have you found the answers after this article? I know there are many options for you to pick from. Depending on the purpose that you have, you can choose the right muffler for your engine. 

In my opinion, I would take Dynomax 17748 Muffler for its best sound quality because I am really into sports cars. But if you want to set up for your family car, Vibrant 1141 Muffler, It is well-constructed and durable. The price might be slightly high. But it is really worth your money.

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