Top 7 Best LED Light Bars For Trucks, UTV, ATV & Other Cars (2021 Reviews)

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Best LED Light Bars For Trucks, UTV, ATV & Other Cars

Looking for the best LED light bars with a long lifespan, high bright, and versatile design? Let’s find out your best options in this article with me!

We can use the best LED light bars for many purposes, for example, outside a home to illuminate a porch or inside as an under-cabinet. This accessory has crucial applications of road vehicles, especially for trucks and cars, when you have to travel off-road or travel alone on dark roads.

The glorious thing about LED light bars is that they come in different sizes and shapes. It means that a LED light bar can be easily mounted anywhere on the vehicle. Even if you have a smaller machine, you will be able to install a powerful one.

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If you have a bulky vehicle such as a truck, they can install multiple large led light bars. Below, we present the best ones on the market so far.

What Is an LED Bar?

The LED bar is an elongated lighting device in which the LEDs are arranged in one or more rows evenly along its entire length. It can be installed as an additional headlight for various uses and on different vehicles such as off-road, auto, Quad ATV, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and boats.

The LED light bars are lightweight as they make the body of aluminum and resist. It has high energy efficiency and long life (the average life is about 30,000 hours). These bars provide additional lighting to the vehicle, to illuminate dark areas in the vicinity, or to reach greater depth in the distance.

In recent years, these devices have found a wide diffusion thanks to their high luminous efficiency, low cost, and pleasant aesthetics.

How to Choose Best LED Light Bars

Here are some things to consider when buying

1. Size

The size of the LED bar is essential. Consider where you need to mount it on your vehicle and how you intend to do it.

The next aspect is to examine the shape of the light bar. There are three shapes available: square, round, and rectangular. Shape plays an important role in determining how light is scattered.

2. Width of the Beam

It determines the amount of road to be illuminated and to what extent. The beam color can also play a major role. For example, the white LED can be bright and blinding at the same time. Colors like amber or red might be suitable for a common vision.

3. Brightness

It is necessary to check the brightness of the led bar as it defines the depth of the light beam on the road in situations of worst visibility.

4. Waterproofness

Always check the resistance of the bar to water resistance. When you find a cheap bar for sale, make sure you know the water resistance. Since going off-road with the vehicle, there is a possibility that it will submerge the bars in mud and water (especially if they are mounted at a lower height).

5. Installation

Check that the electrical wiring is of the standard type so that it can be connected without problems to the electrical system of your vehicle. Otherwise, rely on a mechanic who knows how to install it.

Top 7 Best LED Light Bars in 2021

#1 Best Overall: Nilight Triple Row Spot Combo LED Light Bar

Nilight Triple Row Spot Combo LED Light Bar

The Nilight Triple Row LED light bar has a power of 420W with a combo of high-intensity LEDs (9600 lumens). The working voltage is 110-120V AC and 12V DC. It offers an exact combo and spotlight beam of 6000K – 6500K. Also, the product guarantees a long service life of approximately 50,000 hours.

The operating temperature is between 40 and 85 degrees Celsius. The structure, in die-cast aluminum, is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and anti-explosion. The manufacturer makes the lens of the PC, while they make the mounting bracket of aluminum alloy.

We can apply this product to off-road vehicles, jeeps, trucks, tractors, boat trailers, pickups, vans, excavators, yachts, and motorcycles. Finally, with a dimension of 21.5 x 8.7 x 4.1 inches and is CE, RoHS certified, the Nilight Triple Row LED light bar is on top of our list for its excellent and useful features.

Nilight 20 Inch 420W Triple...
  • Super brightness: Combo beam with...
  • Adjustable mounting bracket: the...
  • WATERPROOF RATE: IP67 rated,...


  • Bright light beams and high efficiency
  • Long lifespan and high durability
  • Premium and solid material
  • Clear combo and spotlight
  • Well-certified by reliable organizations


  • The light intensity is high that can cause harm to people’s eyes
  • The light bar cannot be adjusted once finishing the installation

#2 Best for Remarkable Power: Kawell LED Light Bar

Kawell LED Light Bar

They develop the design of the Kawell LED light bar to eliminate heat emissions. It offers high performance. The bar is waterproof and resistant to moisture and breakage. The glass surface comprises a PC lens with high light transmission. And its structure is in die-cast aluminum.

Its features include a 12W flood beam, 6000K color temperature, 800 Lumens, and an IP67 waterproof rating. It illuminates the entire front viewing area, giving greater visibility without eye strain.

The reflector uses patented hybrid technology, allowing these lights to operate at 94% optical efficiency. They compose each bar of two rows of high-intensity LEDs. The product has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which is one of the most durable units on our list.

Kawell LED Light Bar 12W 4.2...
  • 【Super Bright】: 5.5 inch 12W...
  • 【High Performance】: Deep...
  • 【Great Heat Dissipation】:...


  • Complete lighting and high-power efficiency
  • Waterproof and visibility, protection
  • High durability
  • Applies with modern technology
  • Eliminates heat emissions


  • Some customers claim that the light is not waterproof

#3 Best for Heat Dissipation: Willpower Spot Flood Combo LED Work Light Bar

The Willpower LED light bar is waterproof with IP67 protection. The unit is also anti-corrosive and dust-resistant, which is suitable for operation even in incredibly demanding environments. And its duration exceeds 50,000 hours.

It offers a power of 72W, an operating voltage of 10 – 30 V, and a light intensity (which is the spot, flood, and combo) of 18,000 Lumens. It is also characterized by a high ability to dissipate heat. It is easily installed thanks to the kit supplied and including mounting brackets and screws.

Willpower 12 inch 72W Spot...
  • LED Power: 72W 7200LM; Color...


  • Suitable for high heat dissipation
  • Simple installation and ease of usage
  • Anti-corrosion and weatherproof
  • High light-intensity


  • The wire is short
  • The cover is not stable and durable

#4 Best for Energy Efficiency: AutoFeel LED Light Bar

AutoFeel LED Light Bar

This item is in energy efficiency class A ++ and offers a power of 60W. It mounts 100 LEDs of 3W CREE types with high brightness. And the light intensity is 22500 Lumen. It has a 6000 – 6500K white color temperature with 10 – 30V voltage.

They design the product in black die-cast aluminum, which is dustproof, waterproof, and durable. It also has a PMMA lens. Its protection level is IP67 and has a size of 7.5 x 4 x 2 inches.

The light bar can prevent corrosion and ensure high heat dissipation effectively. Overall, the package includes everything needed for assembly with a long-lasting duration of 50,000 hours.

AUTOFEEL LED Light Bar 2PCS 7...
  • 【Incredible Brightness】 Double...
  • 【Multii-Angle Beam Combo】...
  • 【Great Performance】...


  • Robust and durable
  • Anti-corrosion and weatherproof
  • Anti-dust and other contaminants
  • High energy efficiency


  • Small size and low lighting impact

#5 Best for Wide View: GOODRUN Triple LED Tailgate Light Bar

The GOODRUN Triple light bar works in the rain effectively or in particularly harsh environments. It lasts over 50,000 hours. The power of the LEDs is 300W, with a light intensity of 18000 lumens. And the light color is 6000K pure white.

It is not subject to corrosion and has IP67 protection. The product guarantees a wide field of view with a PC glass lens. All the lights are transparent, which improves visibility at night and during poor weather. And finally, the lid is in die-cast aluminum.

GOODRUN 48" Triple LED...
  • Ultra-bright lighting: 405 LEDs...
  • High quality performance: The LED...
  • Simple installation: Easy to...


  • Pure white light and high efficiency
  • Long duration and compactness
  • High robustness and weather resistance
  • Affordable price


  • Does not fit a certain number of car models
  • There are some electronic defects

#6 Best for Excellence: BEAMCORN LED Light Bar


This product is a prime quality 4 × 4 LED bar. It practically allows you to transform night into day. They equip it with additional spotlights that also emit a lot of light, excellent to combine with the bar.

The kit comes with a wiring and ignition switch, which offers perfect lighting if you often go out in the middle of the night or the winter months when the sun sets early. As for the price, it is more than acceptable considering the solidity of this article.

The structure is 100% waterproof and dustproof. So, you do not have to worry in case of heavy rain or heavy snow. The body is made entirely of aluminum, which prevents corrosion since the design also allows for excellent heat dissipation.

It covers the product with a 2-year warranty. And they estimate the duration at approximately 50,000 working hours.

BEAMCORN Led Light Bar 4 Inch...
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT】Beamcorn 4 inch...
  • 【WATERPROOF】With durable...


  • Solid design
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Premium material
  • Excellent performance in dark condition


  • Hard to install

#7 Best for Intense Use: MICTUNING MIC-LP-243 Flood LED Bar

The MICTUNING MIC-LP-243 is a very sturdy off-road LED bar, easy to assemble thanks to the accessories in the package. It is available in different sizes and powers; the most powerful have great illuminating power.

The unit is ideal for those who habitually use their vehicle for rides and rallies at night. It provides excellent light, profound thanks to the central LEDs. Also, it can diffuse laterally thanks to the first external LEDs that have the lens designed to make the light diffused.

The structural quality is excellent. The aluminum housing makes it very solid and prevents rust and corrosion. This product also has a two-year warranty despite the estimated duration of 50,000 hours.

  • GREAT PERFORMANCE - IP68 Waterproof...


  • Long lifespan
  • High efficiency and quality
  • Suitable for off-road vehicle
  • Affordable price


  • The size is too small


1. Why are LED bars the best solution?

LED technology is the most recent in the automotive lighting sector. It is gradually replacing technologies such as halogen lamps and HID/Xenon lamps.

Halogen lamps are the most common lights in the automotive sector and still equip most road vehicles on the road today. They have the advantage of being cheap and easy to make, but their lifespan is relatively short (about 500 hours), and they emit a paler light than other technologies.

HID lamps are stronger and brighter than halogen, but they also have disadvantages as they take a few seconds to reach their maximum brightness. And especially, they have high maintenance/replacement costs (duration about 3,000 hours).

Overall, these two technologies, while remaining valid and still widespread solutions, are not comparable to LED technology. LED bars emit brighter light, have a longer life, and consume less energy.

2. What are the advantages of LED bars?

Most lighting devices use filaments to emit light that they reach high temperatures, and it compromises their duration (it does not exceed 3,000 hours). Since LED bars do not use filaments to produce light, they have a much longer lifespan. Most LED Bars have a useful life of over 30,000 hours.

The high luminous efficiency of the LED and the absence of incandescent filaments allow reducing heat emission. They are the obvious advantages in terms of safety.

3. Types of LED light bars?

When you have to buy a light bar, it is good to know that different LEDs set the standard in the sector. It leads to one of the most important features of these accessories chips that are used inside them. The LED chip is one of the most important elements, that is the diode that emits light.

  • The Epistar LEDs are always round. These differ from most LEDs, which are square instead. However, they are a low-cost product. Better not to consider them because they have a poor light output and a bad light color.
  • The Cree LEDs are always square and seem small. These are typically easy to identify due to their small footprint. It is a tremendous step up from Epistar LEDs, but they do not provide the best possible light output or color.
  • The Osram LEDs are square, but the yellow diode is always round. These are easy to identify thanks to the small projector that sits above the diode. This type emits the highest number of lumens thanks to their advanced design. The light color is pleasant, although some may prefer them slightly warmer.
  • The Philips LEDs are also square with a round diode. You can distinguish them from Osram LEDs because they don’t have a large projector on the diode. These produce an amount of light equal to that of Cree LEDs but have a very pleasant light color.

Final Words

Nilight Triple Row Spot Combo LED Light Bar

The LED bars are a very smart choice if you plan to mount on the vehicle of additional lights, able to provide good visibility even in the most adverse conditions. Besides giving a more aggressive aesthetic appearance to your vehicle, they are very useful during night turns because they allow you to emit dazzling and intense light.

In this article, we have shown you the best LED light bars for vehicles. Nilight Triple Row Spot Combo LED Light Bar is on top of our list because of its high efficiency and long-lasting performance through the years.

We also recommend GOODRUN Triple LED Tailgate Light Bar if you need a light bar with a wide angle. They have the excellent build quality, and they can provide you with a remarkable light beam, even in the thickest darkness.

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