Top 7 Best Fender Flares For Chevy Silverado, F150, F250, Tundra, Tacoma & Jeep (2020 Reviews)

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Best Fender Flares For Chevy Silverado, F150, F250, Tundra, Tacoma & Jeep

What quality are you looking for from the best fender flares? Lightweight, Durability, or Affordable? I got you covered with the top 7 best selling fender flares here. Let’s find out together.

There are little auto parts that most truck drivers doubt about their advantages- fender flares. However, many people have used and proved that these little things do the job of protecting your truck, besides enhancing the appearance.

Now, when people are more aware of their pros, fender flares are booming in models. It is good because we have more options to look cool. But isn’t it too confused to shop? Here below, we present to you the seven best fender flares in the market and the process of how to choose them.

Top 7 Best Fender Flares For Chevy Silverado, F150, F250, Tundra & Jeep 2020

If you know exactly what you are looking for, then you can consider the below models. They are the best fender flares sorted out of flooding offers.  

#1 Best Overall: Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 Fender Flare

With Tyger, you can count on high-quality products, including these Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 fender flares.

They are made of heavy-duty plastic with chrome and matte finish. The product looks just right with a shiny black matt on any pickup while provides the necessary protection. The color is made to last as the finish can resist sun rays. 

Here are rivets available for installation so that you must not drill on your truck anymore. For installation, Tyger also includes the package bolts, screws, and seal, giving another hand on the job. 

With a fair price, you can get a set of 4 pieces; Tyger Auto fender flares also show reasonability.

Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 for...
  • Hard-core appearance exhibited by...
  • Flare Height: 5. 5" in front and 4....
  • Ensures durability and flexibility...


  • High-quality polypropylene 
  • Intensive look 
  • Perfect finish 
  • Easy installation
  • Good price


  • Confusing instruction

#2 Best Fit: Monkey Autosports Factory/OE Design Fender Flares

The thing about Monkey Autosports Factory/OE design flares is its fantastic fit. If you get the correct size, then drilled holes for flares on your fender, then the rest of the installation is taping and screwing. It is made to fit, so you have to trim anything at all. We know this feature is a lifesaver as some people are not made for that sophisticating trimming job.

These fender flares give out an original look. They back up the tires in and out to prevent debris and splash of muds. The look after installation might not be more aggressive, but we see the items blend well into the vehicle. We prefer to say, and these flares draw contour on trucks to make stun out of simplicity.

The coating and the material are all excellent quality and resistant to weather, dust, and water. The more exciting feature is temperature resistant. The material is flexible under the hot and cold conditions to prevent cracking.

Monkey Autosports Factory/OE...
  • Full 4 Piece Set of Fender Flares....
  • Constructed with lightweight,...
  • 100% UV protection against cracking...


  • Good quality plastic
  • Lightweight and protective
  • UV resistant 
  • Temperature flexible
  • Affordable price
  • Warranty included
  • Easy customization


  • Not made for modification 

#3 Best for Jeeps: Smittybilt 76837 XRC Black Textured Fender Flare

For a long time, Smittybilt has had a big reputation in the automotive industry by spare parts for trucks, SUVs, and especially Jeeps. These fender flares are also one of a worthy investment.

The set includes four pieces of Smittybilt 76837 XRC black texture fender flares with bolt, screws, washers, and nuts for installation. 

The flares appear with very extended top above the tires, giving the trucks a look of street style, simplicity, and powerful vibe. Your vehicle is undoubtedly under the shield from debris, dust, mud, and water from the road with that flares. The design appears to be helpful for cleaning, too.

The finish is black, which matches almost all truck, but you can customize by repainting. 

Smittybilt 76837 XRC Black...
  • Includes both front and rear...
  • 100% steel construction for extra...
  • Black power coated for immediate...


  • Durable steel made
  • Simple street but stylish look
  • More protection
  • Affordable price


  • No light provision
  • Much work for installation 

#4 Best for Customization: Factory Style Paintable Wheel Fender Flares

Factory Style Paintable Fender Flares give you much space to work. It seems like a product for the profession because you need to drill holes in correspondence to the factory fenders, trimming. So we do not recommend these flares for inexperienced workers.

However, looking at the bright light, we see potential in customizing. You can fit them in a more fender size. With the additional tires coverage, these flares indeed protect your truck better than many others. 

The product is made on the standard. The material is ABS thermoplastic that can stain quite the off-road condition as well as weather. Besides, the matt black finish looks great but open for repainting if the users want a color to match.

Factory Style Paintable Wheel...
  • For 99-06 Chevy Silverado / GMC...
  • OE Style Fender Flares are...
  • Additional Coverage for Larger Tire...


  • OE for customization 
  • Paintable
  • Extra tire protection
  • Sturdy material


  • Professional installer needed

#5 Best for Budget: OMIX 11601.01, Factory Style Fender Flare Kit

For those who want to minimize their spending on fender flares, the OMIX 11601.01 with the factory flare look will be a better option than keeping the old flares.

OMIX 11601.01 fender flares are made of thermoplastic, which has been through UB treating. The protection over fading, chipping, and cracking is unarguable.

Designed simple, these flares also ask for a short time in installation. The kit comes with the package so that users can save time in doing the job.

The best part of this saving plan is that OMIX also offers a great warranty over this set.

OMIX 11601.01, Factory Style...
  • FENDER FLARE KIT: Each replacement...
  • JEEP FENDERS & FLARES: Stylish...


  • Standard UV thermoplastic
  • Terrific price
  • Great warranty 
  • Easy installation
  • Accessories for installation included


  • Very ordinary look

#6 Best Style: 4Pcs Pocket-Riveted Style Wheel Fender Flare

If you want to rock a look, do not miss out on the Pocket-Riveted Style fender flares by Auto Dynasty Store.

These items are well made with ABS plastic, which can stand against fading while exposing their tempting matt black color and rock appearance.

The look is open for repainting.

The only issue with having these pocket flares is the setup procedure. You do not need many skills, but trimming and drilling are necessary.

OMIX 11601.01, Factory Style...
  • FENDER FLARE KIT: Each replacement...
  • JEEP FENDERS & FLARES: Stylish...


  • UV resistance
  • Aggressive look
  • Extra coverage for tires


  • Not simple installation

#7 Best Durability: Lund SX106S Elite Series Black Sport Fender Flare

With four pieces of tri-flex ABS thermoplastic, the whole set weighs only 12 pounds. That means you get more protection but less pressure on the truck’s fender.

If you are seeking for fender flares to last, then they are the ones.

Besides, the warranty gives even better insurance for its durability.

For installation, you do not need much to do because the OE style itself is built.  

Lund SX106S Elite Series Black...
  • Low-profile OE style; Gives your...
  • Front Flare Height: 5"; Front Flare...
  • Tri-Flex ABS thermoplastic material...


  • Lightweight 
  • OE style 
  • More protective material 
  • Terrific warranty


  • Not giving a dramatic look

How to Sort Out the Best Fender Flares?

In case you have not yet pictured how the fender flares you want, the buying guide below will help you finally find the answer. You should take a closer look; otherwise, you end up buying something not suiting you.

1. Compatibility

The most important thing is not the look but the size. We know many people come to flares as they want a new style for their truck, but what is the point of looking good when the parts do not even fit in?

The first thing to look up is that if you can install them in your truck. There are models made explicitly for some trucks. Also, there would be models for conventional use that you can deform or fit into many trucks and semi-trucks.

After getting the size, you can continue by picking the look that you want. 

Regarding appearance, there are extended, OE, and Street Style.

OE style is the most original. It is purely to save your truck from imperfections. Its primary look is to preserve the ordinary look of your vehicle. 

Extended Style looks like as it says. It exposes broader so that debris cannot harm your truck. With massive tires, these extended flares suit the best. 

The street style will be impressive when installed in your vehicle. It provides excellent protection as well as a stylish look.

2. Installation 

Different flares ask for other installations. 

Some require almost nothing but a couple of hands. The items include everything you need to set up, such as tapes or adhesive. 

However, others ask you to drill on your truck and add some pins to hold up. 

The question is if you would be able to manage the installation. Do not let the procedure startle you by reading the instruction thoroughly before laying your money.

3. Durability 

Whatever we buy, we want it to last. Fender flares might not be something too luxurious, and even to some people, they are just decorations. But whatever it is, the durability means looking good and functioning well, which many consumers may need.

So, how to tell?

From the material, we can guess how long the piece will last.

Most of the fender flares are now made of ABS plastic or polyurethane or both. The thermoplastic is qualified to make the piece stiff enough to stop concussion and flexible enough to stay rigid. The coating must be fair enough to keep the color or possible painting not fade day by day.

Besides, you can also look at the supplier’s warranty. Many items get lifetime back-up so that you can return defect items or ask for help if necessary. 


1. How to set up fender flares?

Depending on what kind of fender flares you have but the procedure can be generalized as below:

  • Step 1: Remove the factory flares if your truck has them.
  • Step 2: Line up the new flares and see if they fit in the truck. The bottom edge must fit in with the fender flares,’ and there must be a little space between the tire and the flares. If they do not look like a fit, you might need to do some cutting or deformation.
  • Step 3: If you do not have factory flares before, there are no holes to bolt in. You have to frill some to install the new ones. The kit with the flares will include how to drill.
  • Step 4: Add adhesive tape and bolt the flares into your truck. The video must be included with the items on arrival.

2. How do fender flares help my truck?

The look that fender flares bring to trucks is unarguable. So, at first, these parts make your vehicle look more relaxed.

Speaking of protection, these flares also work well. They can prevent debris stung up by massive tires from entering your truck. Or else, they stop water and mud splashed in. Driving trucks on both regular and off roads can happen, and flares help prevent them.

3. How pocket fender flares differ from others?

The pocket fender flares are mostly for decoration. They provide nearly no protection saying that the material is not good enough. However, people can customize them quickly by putting on a new coat whenever they want. 

4. How to keep fender flares in the right conditions?

The main problem with fender flare is rust caused by water, moisture, and dust, hidden under the part, and we usually forget to check. Having car cleaning usually can help, but that area is also a hard spot to reach. So, to keep your flare look good, you need to get that sport cleaned as much as the truck’s rest.

5. Are legal flares compulsory?

Fender flares are not generally compulsory yet, but they also became legal in some are. The law is applicable for trucks or cars with oversized tires. You got to check your state law for further references.


Our best choice goes to Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 set as it provides both the look and protection that people seek from fender flares. However, for minimalists, the Lund SX106S Elite Series will be a significant investment. The look is not so stylish but looks great over time.

You would know the best fender flares that suit your needs and your budget the best in conclusions. Taking those as a reference, you will figure out the best for you.

Hands-on: How To Install Fender Flares

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Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 for...
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