Top 9 Best Car Brake Pad Brands: Akebono, Bosch or Wagner (2021 Reviews)

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Best Car Brake Pads: Akebono, Bosch or Wagner

One of the most important parts of your car to look out for is the brake pads. A good brake pad will help you use the best brakes and really avoid accidents, so check and replace them regularly. You really need the best brake pads that are easy to install and of good quality. 

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Choosing and buying these items is not easy because there are so many different products on the market today. In this article, we have outlined the top 9 best car brake pads from a variety of brands.

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Bosch BC1451 QuietCast Premium...
Akebono ACT1089 Proact Ultra...
Power Stop (Z23-1405) Z23...
Bosch BC1451 QuietCast Premium...
Akebono ACT1089 Proact Ultra...
Power Stop (Z23-1405) Z23...
Bosch BC1451 QuietCast Premium...
Bosch BC1451 QuietCast Premium...
Akebono ACT1089 Proact Ultra...
Akebono ACT1089 Proact Ultra...
Power Stop (Z23-1405) Z23...
Power Stop (Z23-1405) Z23...

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Car Brake Pads

Finding the best car brake pads can be not as complicated as you expect if you know all the features below:

1. Material 

The first thing you should consider when choosing these pads is their materials. It plays a very important role, determining the durability and efficiency that the product brings. Currently, there are many materials, depending on the model and your requirements to choose from. Ceramic pads are the most expensive and efficient ones. This material is quite quiet and is great to use, following by other types such as organic, metal, semi-metal brake pads. You can choose materials that suit your needs.

2. Reliability 

Good brake pads are durable. The average number that the pads can be used is 25,000 to 65,000 miles. So if you choose good radiator ones and good braking ability, the durability will be reduced.

3. Compatibility 

The brake pads in a car are usually manufactured for a specific brake system. That braking system can be manufactured for a variety of vehicles or just a few fixed vehicles. There is a confirmation on the packaging for which vehicles are suitable. Or you can measure their sizes. Besides, the vehicle’s manual will give you information to determine the right pads brake type. Please check carefully before buying to avoid any mistakes.

4. Price 

These items vary in price depending on the materials, their strength, and the effectiveness they provide. But the expensive ones don’t mean they’re the best. Luxury cars that require high performance will have fewer options and will cost more. If you own popular cars, many inexpensive products are waiting for you. Expensive pads, however, come with better warranties, better performance, and better materials. You should consider the cost that you have to choose.

Top 9 Best Car Brake Pads 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Bosch BC1451 QuietCast Premium...
  • Bosch dedicated engineering to...
  • Quiet operation with rubber core...
  • Advanced aerospace alloy used in...

The first product on my list is the Bosch QuietCast Premium pads, the best overall product for vehicle owners. The Bosch brand is very well known in the auto accessories market today. They have proprietary materials such as ceramic, semi-metallic, and are combined with a rubber core to create this product.

This car brake pad is rated to be the most consistent and powerful. Comes are stainless steel hardware and lubricant gaskets. The Bosch brand has so excellent in manufacturing that as soon as the product is in front of you, you can install it. 

Its ceramic material keeps the brakes quiet while traveling for thousands of miles. During operation, there is no excessive wear, and too hot for the brake system. Certified by the experts that this product does not contain copper, it will not harm your health. The Bosch product set includes 4 spacers.

Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

The product is suitable for the Acura TSX and Honda Accord models, but the other models are still produced by service. At the right price, you can own this product. However, their lifespan is not high, so check and replace them regularly.


  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Braking is consistent and powerful
  • Does not contain copper
  • Good price


  • Not durable

Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set is suitable for customers who are looking for the product the price and the quality are excellent.

#2 Best Quality: Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set (ACT1089)

Akebono ACT1089 Proact Ultra...
  • Ultimate upgrade for OE...
  • Ultra-Quiet - controls noise,...
  • Superior initial effectiveness with...

Coming from the Akebono brand, ProACT brake pads are made of high-quality ceramic and are one of the high-quality products today. This product is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including domestic and Asian. Automakers and owners always choose Akebono products because they are easy to fit in most vehicles and of excellent quality

The formula for designing this product is optimum vehicle friction. This reduces extreme vibration, reduces brake dust, and eliminates noise significantly. Many customers commented that these items can be considered as standard pads to be upgraded. This brake pad is very durable, reducing abrasion efficiency thanks to the pure ceramic material. When using this pad, you will feel extremely smooth braking, the ability to hold dust is lower than usual. 

Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad

Delivering convenient features to customers, this product is worth using by everyone. The manufacturer guarantees that there are no defects or problems with the product.


  • Reputable brand
  • High-quality products
  • Long term durability
  • Brakes work ultra-quiet


  • The friction level is slightly less

Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set is suitable for a wide variety of vehicles on the market. Durable enough for those usually the go.

#3 Best Performance: Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon Fiber Ceramic

Power Stop (Z23-1405) Z23...
  • Carbon Fiber infused Evolution...
  • Powder coated backing plate extends...
  • Premium rubberized shims provide...

If you are looking for the best performance, the Power Stop pads will be great for you. This brand is in the US and has expanded to the world market, although they are usually available for vehicles requiring higher performance. 

With a distinct formula, ceramic-blended carbon fiber delivers outstanding braking power and performance. Thanks to a layer of electrostatic coating to prevent rust and corrosion, the service life of these items is extended. Besides, there are high-quality rubber gaskets that aid in not making noise when braking. Accompanied by the brake pads are grooved like OE pads, reducing noise significantly. 

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon Fiber Ceramic

This is a highly efficient product that can be safe at temperatures significantly higher than today’s standard OE units. Comes with each set is ceramic brake lubricants. You will be completely satisfied when using this product. It will give great benefits and reduce dust as little as possible when braking.

However, there are some limitations of the product, since the material is from carbon fiber and ceramic, so they wear out more quickly than other products. You need to test them regularly and replace them.


  • Formula carbon fiber and ceramic
  • Best braking performance
  • Limit brake dust


  • More expensive coal ceramic brake pads

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon Fiber Ceramic will be suitable for customers who demand high performance, but do not demand durability.

#4 Best Stability: Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324...
  • LONG LIFE -- Superior formulation...
  • CLEANER WHEELS -- Proprietary...

Wagner ThermoQuiet is a very stable product with fairly quiet brakes and a relatively economical choice. This product brakes more smoothly thanks to the large surface area and the brake vibration is better distributed.

The stopping distance and break time are greatly improved, the surface is laser engraved. One-piece cushion construction, for better heat retention, improved price, and durability. In situations such as heavy braking, “heat fade” may experience.

Exclusive to the brand is the pad with a radiator slot that can extend life. From a reputable manufacturer, this extraordinarily thoughtful process features a more innovative ceramic texture and features. Car owners are always satisfied with this product because of its combination of price and quality. 

Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad

This product is suitable for many types of vehicles but most suitable for mid-range vehicles. The structure of the product is quite carefully cared for, the stainless steel hardware and the hard cushioning compound are a big plus. Nothing is perfect, however, and there is no warranty.


  • One-price construction
  • Improved stopping distance
  • Laser engraved surface
  • The durability is quite good


  • No warranty
  • Appears some heat chewing

Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad Set is purely for mid-range vehicles. Higher-end vehicles will not be very suitable.

#5 Best Choice: Power Stop Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads

Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26...
  • The Carbon-fiber ceramic brake pad...
  • The Carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads...
  • An upgraded with powder coated...

This will be a product that becomes your best choice. Power Stop offers a great effect of slowing down big performance vehicles. Compared to its competitors, it is twice as expensive because of its enduring quality and performance.

A special feature of the brake pad is the perfect combination of a ceramic stop surface and a carbon fiber part of the cushion. This material is suitable for vehicles requiring high performance as it has enough power for powerful vehicles to slow down. Besides, the product is able to resist wear due to heavy activity. 

The manufacturer-backed stainless steel accessories make installation easier. Not stopping there, there is insulation between the brake system and the pads, which is essential that when you brake repeatedly, they will not harm your car. If you are looking to use a product that is good for the performance of your car, you cannot ignore this product. 

Power Stop Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads

They are suitable for popular vehicles, you should research before you buy to avoid mistakes. Although the material is tough and has good heat resistance, they are not very durable.


  • Excellent car slowing capacity
  • Good toughness and heat resistance
  • Ceramic and carbon material


  • Not durable

Power Stop Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads are suitable for customers looking to buy a product for a powerful engine vehicle. Not suitable for those looking for low-priced products.

#6 Best Design: ACDelco Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

ACDelco Gold 17D1367CH Ceramic...
  • Tested to SAE J2784 for braking...
  • Ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic...
  • Integrally molded - friction...

Tested to the standard, the ACDelco ceramic seals are quality controlled. They are a premium version of the Advantage series produced many years ago, a cushioning compound that comes with additional quality checks.

It can be said that these pads are on the list of the most expensive products, but you will be completely satisfied when buying them. Wear and maximum blown strength are guaranteed according to customer requirements, quality is strictly controlled as SAE J2784. Brake vibration and noise are significantly improved. 

This quality product is gaining great attention in the market today because there are not many quality-tested products to this standard. The material of this gasket is a semi-metallic and ceramic compound for sharp braking and smooth braking. By means of proprietary methods from the manufacturer, the gaskets are molded so that the materials are tightly bonded together. After installing the product, there will be no interruptions. 

These gaskets are suitable for General Motors cars, especially high-end trucks and SUVs. The strength of this brake pad is quite good as it has been subject to strict quality control. 


  • Quality tested SAE J2784
  • No interruptions after installation
  • Durable use
  • Great design


  • Pretty expensive

ACDelco Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set is quite expensive and only suitable for cars of General Motors and a few other cars.

#7 Best Works: ACDelco Advantage Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad Set

ACDelco Silver 14D883CH...
  • Fits: Chevrolet SSR 2003-2006;...
  • GMC Acadia 2007-2016; Acadia...
  • Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, and Organic...

Continuing to add a product from the ACDelco brand, there is no need to introduce too much as the car owners are too familiar with it. When these ceramic brake pads appeared on the market, with a price that was quite expensive and not available for popular vehicles, many customers were confused and sensitive.

But when the manufacturer upgraded the technology and they were widely used and the price was better. In this product, the gaskets are powered, when the system heats up the brakes do not fade or less. 

What customers would expect from this ceramic brake pad, the braking force is extremely quiet and gently distributed. They come with hardware that enables the spacers to be attached to the duplexer. This is extremely convenient, but the installation is still a bit difficult due to the correct alignment.

ACDelco Advantage Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad Set

This brand only produces products suitable for GM vehicles. The specifications are extremely precise with standard sizes thanks to years of manufacturing experience. We appreciate the products of this brand. However, since the material is ceramic, it may not be durable. But the special features and great operability will make you satisfied.


  • The brakes are quiet and smooth
  • There is a 1-year warranty included
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Ceramic material and affordable price


  • Not durable
  • Difficult to install

ACDelco Advantage Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad Set is only suitable for General Motors vehicles. If your vehicle does not belong to this brand it will not be suitable.

#8 Best Ceramic:  KFE Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Front Brake Pads (KFE914-104)

KFE KFE914-104 Ultra Quiet...
  • OEM Fitment and Warranty –...
  • Low Noise - Dual-Rubber Shims...
  • Less Break-In Time - Thermo...

Hailing from the KFE brand, these premium ceramic brake pads are OEM-compliant and come with a limited warranty that ensures no trouble happens to you. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art process, it delivers excellent performance with low noise. A special feature of the product is the dual rubber gaskets that help reduce the noise significantly, not cause too much vibration. Going through a process of thermal incineration, these gaskets require less breakage time. 

This product has an excellent ability to be an advanced brake bite. One of the factors contributing to the product’s longevity and reduced noise is the grooves in the gasket. Grooves and bevels play a huge role in the performance of the product. The material of the product is 100% free from asbestos. The pads from KFE have passed the national safety standard tests. You will not regret choosing to use this product.


  • Fit with OEM
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Reduced break-in time


  • The amount of brake dust is a bit too much

KFE Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Front Brake Pads (KFE914-104) perform well enough and delivers excellent performance for customers who do not require a reduction in brake dust.

#9 Best Budget: Wagner QuickStop Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Wagner QuickStop ZD1293...
  • EVEN PERFORMANCE -- Engineered for...

The last product on my list came from the familiar brand Wagner. Wagner QuickStop offers customers a product that performs well and fits the bill. This product is suitable for many of today’s most popular vehicles, fits even with OEM gaskets.

Braking performance becomes responsive to ceramic construction. This material can cause noises when operating, but with ceramic technology that has been treated so that it can operate smoothly. 

It’s easy to set up because there are clear instructions included with stainless steel lubricants and hardware. For mid-range budget models, these items will be most suitable. However, the newest models of the 2020s will not be suitable. This ceramic gasket will not be as durable as other materials.

Wagner QuickStop Ceramic Disc Pad Set

The price of this product is extremely good, making you save a lot of money when owning it. Its performance is greater than what you might think of a product at such a low price.


  • Good price
  • Easy to install
  • Instructions included
  • Suitable for many mid-range vehicles


  • Not durable
  • The noise is quite loud

Wagner QuickStop Ceramic Disc Pad Set will be suitable for mid-range cars, not for new models in 2020.


1. When should I replace the brake pads? 

There is no definite answer that at a certain time you should replace them. Instead, you should rely on the following signs to know when to replace them. Noise is louder than usual, vibration when braking quickly, visually check, warning lights (some systems will have a warning when the pads need to be replaced). Based on that, you should consider and replace brake pads to always be safe.

2. Can I change the brake pads myself? 

Changing brake pads is quite simple and easy to do. However, you need to have some basic knowledge and how to work in a car with other tools. This is not a difficult job, but it will be a bit confusing if you do not know how to use the right tools. You may replace them incorrectly as it will endanger you with use. So, if you cannot replace it yourself, take it to an auto repair shop.

3. Are cheap brake pads safe? 

Cheap brake pads are safe if you can determine when to change them. They should not be used for too long. The performance and durability of inexpensive products won’t match the expensive ones, but they’re still safe.

Final Words 

Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pad
Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pad

Brake pads are an indispensable thing for your car. On the market today, brake pads are available in different prices and qualities. Choosing will not be too difficult once you read my article. 

To be honest, the two best products, that you should use with peace of mind, are Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set and Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon Fiber Ceramic, you can consult with us to make the final decision. Hope my article will help you. 

Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

DIY Bonus: Complet GUIDE on How to Change Brake Pads

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