Top 9 Best Air Filters For Car Engine: AEM, Fram or K&N (2021 Reviews)

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Best Air Filters For Car Engine

For cars, the engine air filter is as important as your engine. For your vehicle to operate at the highest efficiency, your engine needs the top-notch maintenance. Make sure that air is filtered and clean to reach the motor; then, an air filter is required. Their essential task is to prevent pollutants and harmful debris that can enter and cause engine failure.

As there are various types on the market, I have reviewed the Top 9 best car air filters from many different brands and models. This article also provides you purchase instructions and a detailed evaluation of each product.

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K&N Engine Air Filter: High...
FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter,...
AEM 28-20304 DryFlow Air...
K&N Engine Air Filter: High...
FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter,...
AEM 28-20304 DryFlow Air...
K&N Engine Air Filter: High...
K&N Engine Air Filter: High...
FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter,...
FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter,...
AEM 28-20304 DryFlow Air...
AEM 28-20304 DryFlow Air...

Factors to Consider When Buying A Good Car Air Filter

Finding the best car air filter can be not as complicated as you expect if you know all the features below:

1. Material 

The first thing that comes to mind when you choose an air filter is the material of the screen. There are many different types of materials, such as paper, cotton, air bubbles, carbon fiber. Most people usually use paper or cotton material. Since they are relatively inexpensive, special treatment can collect debris and dirt best, so they don’t get into your engine. Rated quite well and satisfied many customers.

2. Shape and Size 

Currently, on the market, there are many different shapes and sizes to be suitable for the most diverse types of cars. Also, vehicles that need high-efficiency filters to be able to serve the needs of fast speeds need to use cyclone air filters. So you need to know which shape you need to use in your car. You should check the dimensions carefully to avoid errors.

3. Protection Level 

The most important thing that an air filter brings to a car is to protect the engine. Many filters have the best protection and the best for the engine to always be good. You need to see if the filter has material divided into many layers, each layer has a different task, the better the protection of the engine will be.

4. Price 

There are many prices for the best ones. You can choose to suit the cost that you have. The most expensive doesn’t mean the best. There are many cheap products out there that can still be used with durability and give certain efficacy as long as the filter is good for the engine and fits your budget.

Top 9 Best Car Air Filters 2021 Reviews

#1 Top Overall: K&N 33-2031-2 High-Performance

K&N Engine Air Filter: High...
  • ULTIMATE LONGEVITY: 10-Year/Million...
  • ENGINEERED POWER: State-of-the-art...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Pre-oiled and...

Our first choice top overall comes from an extremely famous brand. This product is rated top notch on the market today, capable of accelerating and increasing horsepower. K&N provides a 1 million mile warranty or a 10-year warranty on this product. It can also be reused, saving you huge costs. 

K&N filters have been developed for use in deserts in motor racing. The design of this product is unique; its cotton filter material has up to six layers of deep, high flow is kept between two layers of epoxy coated steel mesh and tightly packed.

From product tests, the cotton is washable and still works well after 100 items of washing. You can rest assured and trust that your engine will perform very well when using it.

K&N 33-2031-2 High-Performance Air Filter

This product from K&N is very safe and easy to use as well as easy to install, will not cause any inconvenience to you. Although the design of the product is quite perfect, some types of cars will not fit this filter. You should consider carefully that the product can fit your vehicle.


  • Washable and reusable
  • Installation is straightforward
  • The material is quite durable
  • Improve engine performance


  • The filter cannot keep warm

K&N 33-2031-2 High-Performance will not be suitable for most vehicles, but it does offer high performance and fuel economy.

#2 Top Value: FRAM CA4309 Extra Guard

FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter,...
  • Provides 2X the engine protection
  • A clean air filter improves air...
  • On-pack directions and...

To talk about the top value product and very popular in the market today, it is impossible not to mention the product coming from FRAM, which is Extra Guard. This is the perfect combination of price and excellent protection.

Compared to others, this product features an advanced filter medium with twice the security of your engine as usual. It can be said that this product helps you to save the budget and make the most of the tool. 

A unique design from wire mesh interweaved with a mesh grille. This will provide the ability to filter out debris and microscopic particles so as not to harm your engine. This grille also helps to maximize surface area. The manufacturer recommends that this filter be replaced when 12,000 miles have been traveled for excellent engine performance.

FRAM CA4309 Extra Guard Air Filter

With the ability to increase the overall horsepower of your car, the engine will operate smoothly. Read the product manuals to use them most effectively. I believe this product will not disappoint you.


  • Helps increase overall horsepower
  • Double protection compared to other types
  • Ability to filter tiny particles


  • Cannot be reused

#3 Top Design For Engine: AEM 28-20304 DryFlow 

AEM 28-20304 DryFlow Air...
  • Designed to increase horsepower and...
  • AEM Air Filters are cleanable and...
  • Captures up to 99% of harmful...

The most interested customers from the AEM brand are DryFlow. American-made products can be reused many times thanks to their durable materials, which will save you a pretty high cost. The design of the product helps to increase the efficiency of the engine to make them work for their top performance.

The AEM manufacturer is confident that you will be delighted with their purchase, with a limited warranty included. 

They are washable because they use synthetic materials. Their design matches the high performance you desire, and the car’s acceleration is superb as well. Your vehicle will have the greatest finish.

This product does a great job; it can handle dust particles of all sizes and shapes thanks to a network of intricate carbon fibers but still keeps excellent airflow into the engine. This is the highlight of the product that many customers are looking for.

AEM 28-20304 DryFlow Air Filter

For this design, you can both save costs and still bring excellent performance to the car. However, the product’s rubber rim is too tight in the filter cabin. You need to look closely to match your vehicle.


  • Use synthetic materials
  • Washable and reusable
  • Cost savings


  • The product sometimes fails from the factory

#4 Top Material: EPAuto Air filter

EPAuto GP171 (CA10171)...
  • Helps extend performance, Protect...
  • Improve fuel millage, Recommended...
  • Replacement for FRAM CA10171,...

This product is currently favored by many customers because of the best material on the market today, and it is suitable for many modern cars. Extreme stress from the environment will damage your engine and damage your vehicle; this product will help you fight off all. 

It is a disposable product, and you will need to replace the filter after 12,000 miles. But if you go through dusty areas and the air is not clean, check the filter when 10,000 miles have been traveled. Besides, it is made of high-quality soft cotton; under any weather, it can withstand.

The air can pass through the filter easily thanks to the sturdy plastic frame design. Because of its high durability properties, you will rarely need maintenance.

EPAuto Air filter

When using this filter, your fuel figures will be significantly improved, acceleration and performance increase are also great. Installing the filter screen is easy, with the instructions included with the product, quite customer-friendly and straightforward. The product will protect your engine, making sure it works fine at all times.


  • The air is smooth to pass-through
  • Increase engine life
  • Best premium materials
  • Solid plastic frame


  • Can only be used once, cannot be reused

#5 Top Protection For Engine: ECOGARD XA10467 Premium Engine Car’s Air Filter

EcoGard XA10467 Air Filter...
  • COMPATIBLE with Honda CR-V 2.4L...
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE by changing...

This product of ECOGARD is guaranteed to protect your engine from the harmful effects of the environment. You will save both money and time. Installing these items will require no installation tools, as they are effortless and easy. The airflow to the engine is increased, and the engine’s performance is optimized. The product’s material is durable fiber paper, and the smallest particles cannot pass through. Your vehicle’s filter compartments will be suitable for this product. 

When you have traveled 12,000 miles, the filter needs to be replaced to secure the engine as this product is disposable. The vehicle’s acceleration and increased horsepower will be improved, reducing your engine’s wear.

Included with the product are straightforward and easy instructions. It’s a lot easier to install this product than the competition, which is a big plus. The optimum protection and high-quality materials will give you peace of mind about your engine. Right from the moment you use this product, you save money on engine maintenance services.


  • The performance of the car is optimized 
  • Friendly and easy to install
  • The material is durable and of good quality


  • There is no warranty for the product

#6 Top Performance Boost: Mann Filter C 3698/3-2 Air Filter Element

Mann Filter C 3698/3-2 Air...
  • Specially embossed paper for good...
  • Filters harmful particles such as...
  • is attached

The best auto filter for increasing engine efficiency covered here comes from the Mann Filter. With a design that maximizes engine protection and increases overall performance. This will be an excellent choice for your car. The mileage will be improved by up to 10% by changing this part. The product works to ensure that harmful agents will not enter your engine. This is a widely used and reliable item. 

The material of the Mann Filter is made of high-grade embossed paper; they are pleated to prevent the smallest particles from entering and causing damage to the engine. The frame of the product is durable plastic, very lovely and, easy to install. The vinyl will stabilize the item, and under pressure will not tarnish or crack.

Mann Filter C 3698

When using this product, particles that are harmful to the engine, such as sand, dust, pollen, and coal salts, will not be able to enter the engine. The burning process is also optimized. Especially other electronic components, such as sensors, are also protected. You should check the dimensions to make sure it is right for your vehicle.


  • Highest performance increase
  • Can resist moisture
  • The material is quite durable 


  • Must change regularly

#7 Top Choice: Purolator Auto Air Filter

Purolator A45314 PurolatorONE...
  • Provides high volume of clean air...
  • Multi-fiber, high-density media...
  • Gaskets provide a tight seal to...

The Purolator brand of a company that has existed for many years is famous in the market today. The filters that this brand produces are of high quality, saving you money while still being durable. This product is one of their best. When you use this filter, your car’s acceleration will be up to 11%. Made from high-quality materials, but the product is affordable. You should have no trouble installing it as it is so easy. 

They are made from specially processed high fiber paper, which is tightly pleated so maximum engine protection. The filter frame is durable rubber, straightforward to install and, quite sealed. Depending on the area in which you drive, you will need to change the filter when you travel 12,000 miles, as this is a non-reusable product.

Purolator Auto Air Filter Purolator A45314

Anywhere this air purifier will provide your engine with the cleanest airflow. It can prevent harmful substances such as debris, pollen, sand, so you are entirely assured when using it. The design of the product can fit any vehicle, but you should check carefully to avoid any mistakes.


  • Installation is straightforward
  • The rubber frame is quite tight
  • High-quality materials


  • Cannot be reused

#8 Top Quality: Toyota Genuine Parts 17801-YZZ02 

Genuine Toyota - CAMRY 4CY...
  • Genuine OEM - direct fit
  • Effectively removes contaminants
  • Provides quality engine...

Toyota is a brand too famous globally, with excellent quality and affordable prices to meet the needs of customers. The fact that the car needs the same fresh and clean air as we do, Toyota understands that and brings this item back. They are of exceptional quality cotton; their design is in three different layers, which are smooth, medium, and coarse.

Dirt and particulate matter will be trapped to prevent the engine from entering and damaging them. The filter frame is made of polyurethane resin is very durable, tight, so that no particles can pass through. The installation of this product is also straightforward, and it is suitable for most vehicles. 

This filter can use up to 30,000 miles when you walk on normal roads. On dusty roads, up to 15,000 miles would be used. When running, your engine is still hushed, with no noise. You will be delighted with this product as it is an outstanding value for money.

Toyota Genuine Parts 17801-YZZ02 Air Filter

One thing is for sure, the performance of the engine will be significantly improved and will be protected from wear. You can use Toyota brand oils or other high-quality oils, as long as the filter function is not compromised.


  • Help save fuel
  • Installation is easy
  • Engine protection as much as possible
  • High-quality materials


  • For single use only

#9 Top Budget: Cleenaire EAF11712 Engine Air Filter

Cleenaire EAF11712 Premium...
  • EASILY PAYS FOR ITSELF, Gain 1.5 to...

The final product on our list comes from the Cleenaire brand, which makes filters such as fuel, engines, cabins, and oil filters. Most of this brand’s filters are of good quality and affordable for the customer. The material of the product is high fiber, they are quite good, and the engine is always protected by particles and harmful agents from the environment.

Any type of nut cannot enter the engine thanks to an utterly tight rubber seal, and it can fit most of your car. The unique feature of this product is that it gives you the cheapest cost, but the quality is still stable, safe, and durable. 

When you have traveled 12,000 miles, you should change your filters so that no damage to the engine is done. Since they cannot be reused, they will need to be replaced when necessary. This item is essential for the car; acceleration is increased up to 11% and reduces emissions significantly. Although the product is compatible with many vehicles, you should also check the size carefully to avoid mistakes.


  • Quite durable
  • Increase acceleration
  • Good price


  • Only available for Mazda models


1. How many miles do I need to change the air filter? 

This depends on the filter you are using. Because each type has a certain distance to travel, some filters can go only 12,000 miles, but some can use up to 30,000 miles. Besides the environment that you move in is also very important to use the filter. If you walk on dusty roads, then you will need to change the filter sooner.

2. As for the reusable filters, how do I clean them? 

You can clean the filter for reuse by using water and soap to remove any dirt on the filter. You can use additional detergent for complete cleaning. After cleaning, you need to let it dry in the air before reinstalling it.

3. What if the air filter is not changed regularly? 

Once the filter has expired, the engine may be damaged by the ingress of dirt. From there you have to get it repaired, which costs a lot of money and affects your car significantly. Or the filter has too much dirt that is not cleaned clean, and it will cause a blockage, cannot work well to protect the engine.

4. What is the best car air filter brand?

As you can see from the top list, to get the top-notch quality product, I’d choose ones from K&N, FRAM, or EPAuto. Those brands are well-known for their product quality and durability.

5. Does it matter what air filter you use for your car?

Want to make your car run as smoothly and efficiently as possible? Invest in a premium filter. Premium ones provide better engine performance, more optimal flow of oxygen into the combustion chamber, and they clean away all that nasty dirt clogging up your engine’s intake so it can go easy on gas!

Final Words

FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter, CA4309 for Select Infiniti, Nissan, Saab, and Subaru
FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter, CA4309 

A car air filter is an essential part of any car; without it, your car will not perform well and quickly break down, costing you. It is inexpensive and durable, but it can provide good engine protection. Choosing the best filter for your vehicle is not too difficult. 

If I have to choose, I will get two products that are the best and should be used: K&N 33-2031-2 High-Performance Air Filter and Mann Filter C 3698 / 3-2 Air Filter Element for their premium qualities and features. I hope my article helps you and thank you for reading!

K&N 33-2031-2 High-Performance Air Filter

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