Top 7 Best Cabin Air Filters & Brands For Chevy, Honda, Acura & Mazda: Fram, EPAuto or K&N (2020 Reviews)

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One of the key components in a car’s general air circulation system and the air conditioner is the cabin air filter. Things like dust, soil, pollen, and airborne particles won’t get into the vehicle as they are trapped by the filter. The air quality in the car will always be clean. Cabin filters are essential for your car. 

On the market today, there are many types of cabin air filters. We have compiled and reviewed the top 7 best cabin air filters from a variety of brands. Also, there are detailed reviews and buying guides for you. Let’s check it out!

Top 9 Best Cabin Air Filters in 2020 Reviews

#1 Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer

FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air...
  • Filters up to 98% of dust, pollen,...
  • Arm & Hammer baking soda combined...
  • Provides more air flow for improved...

Our top pick comes from the FRAM brand that is too familiar to vehicle owners. With years of manufacturing experience, they have created a filter that keeps your cabin fragrant and clean. The ability to filter up to 98% of air pollutants, dust, and pollen. Small and large particles are also retained by the filter, protecting important engine parts. Within a few days of use, you will notice the effect it brings, the cabin has improved airflow that is fresher and smoother. 

The material of this filter is baking powder A so that odors can be absorbed when passing through the ventilation system. Filters are easy to install and they’re incredibly sturdy. You can use this filter up to 30,000 miles, which is very suitable for the urban or rural environment. One drawback of the filter is that it does not filter exhaust fumes well. But to retain dirt will be extremely effective. This product is quite expensive, but you will feel it deserves to own it. The gray color of the product will make cleaning quite difficult so you need to be more careful and pay attention.


  • Fragrant and cool to use
  • User guide included
  • Suitable for many vehicles
  • Very good quality


  • More expensive than other products

Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer is quite perfect for use in your car if you do not have a high requirement for exhaust smoke filtration.

#2 EPAuto Replacement Cabin Filter With Activated Carbon

EPAuto CP285 (CF10285) Premium...
  • Clean air for driver and passengers
  • Contains soda and carbon to...
  • Enhanced HVAC performance,...

The effect of the EPAuto filter is to trap most of the pollutants that pass through the ventilation system that is harmful to you and your vehicle. The airflow into your car is always fresh and comfortable for you and your passengers by eliminating dirt, fur, pollen in the air. The material used by the filter is of high quality, has very good durability, and will last for 12 months without affecting its performance. 

The product’s formulation contains baking soda and charcoal that promotes optimal airflow and the odor from the ventilation system is absorbed. The way to install the filter is very simple, it fits perfectly into your holder. The vehicle’s HVAC system also prevents premature wear. This filter has fewer folds, does not filter as much air as other products. The airflow is also restricted from the vents. You should review and check regularly to make sure the filter is still operating at its best capacity. You will be completely satisfied with the effects it brings.


  • Good price
  • Good quality
  • Available for many cars makes
  • Activated carbon


  • After only a few months the baking soda becomes useless

EPAuto Replacement Cabin Filter With Activated Carbon is suitable for car owners looking for affordable and good quality cabin filters.

#3 Spearhead Breathe Easy Cabin Filter

Spearhead Premium Breathe Easy...
  • Up to 25% Longer Life: Precision...
  • 2X Heavier vs. Standard Cabin...
  • Enjoy Crisp, Clean Countryside Air:...

If you’re looking for a durable, time-saving product to test them out, the Spearhead cabin filter is a must, designed for comfort and great performance. The special system of this product includes three stages, filter residue, filter allergens, and filter exhaust smoke extremely effectively. You will see a complete difference after replacing the old filter and installing it. 

The manufacturer guarantees that you will not experience unpleasant reactions from the air. Another plus is that it can remove odors, bring a cool and fragrant air. A special feature of the product is its durability which can be extended up to 15,000 miles. Comes with the filter also has a mileage box to help you keep track of when you have installed the filter. 

Installing this product is quite difficult and has a few problems. The instructions are not clear and the edges are a bit bulky. But for the effect it gives, you can ignore those points. Please see the instruction video to be able to install it correctly.


  • Durable
  • Extremely good filtration effect
  • There are three stages of filtration


  • Difficult to install

Spearhead Breathe Easy Cabin Filter is quite good at many points, providing fresh air for the driver and the passenger.

#4 ECOGARD XC36080 Premium Cabin Air Filter 

ECOGARD XC36080 Premium Cabin...
  • COMPATIBLE with Acura RDX...
  • REMOVES AND FILTERS 99. 5% of all...

ECOGARD is a brand no stranger to car owners. Good quality cabin air filter designed for Honda automaker. With this relatively little compatibility, many customers were disappointed. However, the effect they bring is really good. The ability to remove dust, harmful substances, allergens, and pet hair from the air is up to 99.5%. This effect is due to its electrostatic materials

The main material of this product is activated carbon, odors, and harmful gases that will not be able to enter the cabin. Also, the product’s design helps the HVAC system to prevent premature wear and maximize airflow entering the cabin. Installing the product is quite simple, with instructions attached. You can use this product very durable without needing to check it often. You will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere on every trip. 

Some customers have commented that the border of the product is quite large, sometimes not fit, so it needs to be trimmed. These products cannot be reused, but they are durable and easy to replace. Please install it correctly and in the correct position to minimize possible errors when using the vehicle.


  • Filtration efficiency is up to 99,5%
  • The airflow is maximized
  • Installation is easy


  • Limited compatibility

ECOGARD XC36080 Premium Cabin Air Filter is suitable for Honda vehicles, otherwise, your vehicle may not be suitable.

#5 Beck Arnley 042-2180 Cabin Air Filter

Beck Arnley 042-2180 Cabin Air...
  • Matches OE form, fit, and function
  • Manufactured using high quality...
  • Quality construction for durability

To mention products with extremely high durability, a Beck Arnley cabin filter must be mentioned. This product has high quality and excellent durability. Under extremely extreme conditions it can still last for 50,000 miles. The effect it brings is not inferior to other competitors. With the ability to trap dust, smoke, pollen, and other tiny particles, allow fresh and clean air to enter the vehicle. This filter deserves many people to choose and trust. 

The filter material has activated carbon, which contributes to the filtration efficiency and removes odors from the environment. This product is not reusable, but you can use it up to 50,000 miles without any problem, which is great. With the quality that this product delivers, you will feel very good value for your money. Installation is quite easy as the instructions are included.


  • High-quality and extremely durable material
  • Can use up to 50,000 miles
  • Activated carbon material
  • Great effect


  • Cannot be reused
  • Limited compatibility, only suitable for Mazda 3

Beck Arnley 042-2180 Cabin Air Filter is suitable for customers who own Mazda 3 vehicles, other vehicles may not be compatible.

#6 K&N Premium Cabin Air Filter

K&N Premium Cabin Air Filter:...
  • HELPS CONTROL ODORS: Treated to...
  • SAVE MONEY: Washable product that...

Brand K&N is very well known in the market today with many years of manufacturing experience that has met the needs of customers. This cabin air filter is excellent and stands out from other products. This product is reusable and easy to clean. This premium brand has produced high-quality filters. The product design is an extremely durable polyurethane frame. They install extremely easily without causing any problems for you. 

The cabin filter is highly durable, lasts 50,000 miles, and is reusable. It is recommended to clean the filter regularly for best performance. This product can handle all odors, tiny particles, bacteria, and other contaminants. Besides, the surface of the product is electrostatically charged to be able to hold dust particles effectively. From the above, this product is a perfect choice for you. However, this car is not widely compatible, they are only suitable for Chevrolet vehicles.


  • Reusable and very easy to clean
  • Extremely durable texture with good materials
  • Lifespan is as long as 50,000 miles


  • Pretty expensive

K&N Premium Cabin Air Filter is well worth the use and perfectly suited to a Chevrolet vehicle.

#7 TYC 800001P2 Honda Replacement Cabin Air Filter

TYC 800001P2 Honda Replacement...
  • OE-comparable configuration as...
  • Eliminates nearly 100% of exhaust...
  • Easy to install onto most vehicles...

The final product on our list comes from the TYC brand. It will be perfectly suited for Acura and Honda vehicles. This product can be said to be extremely cheap but the quality is still good. With 99% removal of air pollutants and exhaust gases, your car’s airflow is always clean. In cases of traffic congestion or dusty roads, this cabin filter can completely handle. 

The product is easy to set up, even amateurs should have no trouble. There are instructions included to make installation and usage even easier. This product is of other good quality but the service life is not high. You can use it for 12 months or 12,000 miles. You should check them regularly to make sure nothing is wrong. With this great budget, you will feel comfortable to use while still providing a comfortable atmosphere to drive.


  • Good price
  • 99% removal ca[acity
  • Installation is very easy


  • Not durable

If you are looking for the cheapest cabin filters then TYC 800001P2 Honda Replacement Cabin Air Filter is a great option.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cabin Air Filters

Finding the best cabin air filter can be not as complicated as you expect if you know all the features below:

1. Compatibility 

The first and extremely important thing is to check if the cabin air filter is compatible with your vehicle. Not all filters are suitable for all vehicles. To avoid making mistakes and wasting money, you need to check carefully. 

2. Material 

The materials most commonly used by cabin air filters are granular and activated carbon. Each type has different uses and effects. The particulate filter is ideal for trapping small particles, pollen, dust, smoke, and allergens in the air. Left the activated carbon cabin can filter out odors and exhaust gases as well as harmful gases. Depending on your needs to choose from. 

3. Durability

Durable products that always make you feel good for the money and comfortable to use. Cabin air filters are measured for durability in miles or months. You should consider buying high-durability filters, making it more convenient to use, without needing to check often.

4. Quality 

When choosing to buy cabin filters you should choose a reputable brand for the best quality products. If it’s more expensive then you should also consider it. Because the quality of the filter is extremely important. If you go for an inexpensive and poor quality product, you may be disappointed. Please choose according to your knowledge.


1. When the cabin air filter has expired but remains unchanged, what happens? 

Once the cabin air filter has become dusty, it’s time to replace or clean the filter. If you do not replace or clean it, the airflow going into the car will become blocked. Besides, contaminants can also enter the vehicle causing serious consequences for you and the passengers in the vehicle. So check the filter often and replace it as needed.

2. Can I change the cabin air filter myself at home? 

This depends on the filter you purchased. If you buy an easy-to-install filter with the instructions included, you can save money and time by installing them at home. Very simple to do that, you can take only 7 to 10 minutes to replace the cabin wind filter without going to an auto repair shop. This is very convenient for you.

Final Words

Puroma Cabin Air Filter with Activated Carbon
Puroma Cabin Air Filter with Activated Carbon

Most cabin filters have a pretty similar mechanism of action. Some can be used longer, and vice versa. Choosing the right cabin air filter to match the type of vehicle you are using will be easier when reading our article. 

In our opinion, the two types of cabin filters you should consider and use are Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer, Beck Arnley 042-2180 Cabin Air Filter. You can consult our opinion to make your final choice. Hope our article will be of help to you. 

Thank you for reading!

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Latest Cabin Air Filter Bestsellers on Amazon!

Bestseller No. 1
EPAuto CP285 (CF10285) Premium...
  • Clean air for driver and passengers
  • Contains soda and carbon to...
  • Enhanced HVAC performance,...
Bestseller No. 2
FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air...
  • Filters up to 98% of dust, pollen,...
  • Arm & Hammer baking soda combined...
  • Provides more air flow for improved...
Bestseller No. 3
Spearhead Premium Breathe Easy...
  • Up to 25% Longer Life: Precision...
  • 2X Heavier vs. Standard Cabin...
  • Enjoy Crisp, Clean Countryside Air:...

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