Top 9 Best Bike Racks For SUV & Trucks: Thule, Saris or Allen Sport (2021 Reviews)

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Best Bike Racks For Cars

Looking for the best bike racks for your trips? Let’s find out which one is the best option that suits your needs! This well-researched article is just perfect for you.

In case you want to bring your bike to another place in your car, you will need a bike rack. The best ones are essential when you cannot place the whole thing inside your car. With the wide range of styles with varied budgets, you may be confused.

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Don’t worry, keep reading this article, and you will find out some reviews of the best ones for cars. Besides, it also provides you with useful buying guides. Let’s get started now!

Things to Look for When Purchasing Bike Racks for Cars

1. Locking Cables 

The locking cables are considered as security devices. They help you to lock your bike into place by wrapping a firm chain around it. This feature prevents your bike from thieves who can steal it from the rack. 

However, this built-in advantage is just equipped in the premium models. So, if you want the locking cable, you should check whether the rack gets pre-equipped or not. If not, you might want to buy it separately.

2. Strong Securing Points 

This feature is also another critical part to consider when buying bike racks for cars. The securing points should be sufficiently gentle to not damage the wheels, paint, or frame. But it should need to be strong enough to hold the bike tightly. 

In this case, you should pay more attention to the holding power required. Imagine that you are driving on the highway, and there might be wind or storm, they will buffet your bike. If you do not want to see, your bike falling off the car, mind the securing points.

3. Padded Securing Points 

The padded securing points protect the paint in your ride from damage. Usually, when choosing the rack holding bikes via the top tube, it is advisable to pay attention to the padded points.

4. Anti-Sway Cages 

The anti-sway cages are often equipped with the rack holding the top tube. It seems to be another kind of way to minimize sway when you lock the bike into place. Technically, the anti-sway cage keeps your bike stable when you drive. 

However, it cannot prevent the bikes from knocking on each other. So, you should think about this feature carefully.

5. Car Attachment Points 

Similar to the securing points attached to the bicycle, the car also needs the attachment points. And the rack style used will determine these points. In general, everyone wants the points that the rack will touch your car to be padded. 

Or else, they should be coated in plastic or be at the least tipped. By this, your car’s paint will not be damaged.

Top 9 Best Bike Racks For Cars 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack

Best Bike Racks for Cars #1 Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack

With its significant advantages, Thule T2 Pro deserves the best product on this list. Thanks to its compelling combination of high flexibility and user-friendliness, it has received high marks. This rack will help you to transport your bike or rigs quickly and easily.

The ergonomic design of this product is pretty cool as you can adjust the wheel grip with one hand. What’s more, it also has a low load height, so it is easier to carry it around. A wide wheel tray will satisfy the needs of those who love to ride big bikes. It is compatible with most sizes of wheels.

Furthermore, it also has a tilting release mechanism towards the end of the central armrest. Therefore, its ease of use is getting higher and higher. Tilting the rack up or down with one hand is too easy for you. You will easily reach the rear of the car.

Thule T2 Pro XT Platform Hitch...
  • Premium platform hitch bike rack...
  • Carry up to 4 bikes with the Thule...
  • Fits 20 - 29 " wheels, fat bikes...


  • Customers can easily use the tilt mechanism
  • There is plenty of convenient space between the trays
  • No tools are needed for installation and removal


  • Heavyweight

Although the Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack has a not too complicated design, it can meet everyone’s needs. Maybe you’ll want to give it a chance.

#2 Best Lightweight: Allen Sports 4 Bicycle Rack

#2 Allen Sports 4 Best Bike Rack

Allen Sports 4 is super lightweight compared to the steel one. With this perfect weight, it has become the top choice of many customers.

Thanks to the steel frame, the item is exceptionally sturdy and durable. What’s more, you can even fold it easily thanks to its ergonomic design. If you don’t use it, you can fold it and put it in the trunk. This feature is also thanks to its lightweight.

Thanks to the dual compound, Allen Sports 4 will be fixed to the trunk. The cushioning on the base of the stand will not scratch your bike or car. The installation and carrying process is also relatively easy because it has assembled almost all of this model. It ensures balance even when you drive through ramps or potholes.

The manufacturer fixes the straps to the frame handle, but you can still rotate it. This product can fit almost any bike frame. You can rest assured about this issue.

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike...
  • 4 bike rack fits vehicles with a 2...
  • 22 inch long carry arms...
  • Rack sets up and installs in less...


  • The complete design makes the installation easier
  • Lightweight while maintaining a sturdy steel frame
  • Can be folded down and stored in the trunk


  • The rearview camera can be hidden

Allen Sports 4 Bicycle Rack is the perfect choice for most popular cars such as car, SUV, minivan, or sedan. What’s more, the assembly and folding process is also straightforward. The lightweight will be of great help in the transport process.

#3 Best Stable: SportRack Mount Upright Bike Rack

The SportRack Mount Upright can be mounted on the bike’s roof to keep your bike from interfering with the rearview camera and secure space inside the vehicle.

Thanks to the powder-coated steel material, this product has a reasonably sturdy frame that is not easily corroded. For you to secure it securely, the manufacturer designed the straps. The rough terrain will not be a big deal. You will not have to worry about the bike falling off the roof.

This terrace ship is made of steel. Not only steel, powder-coated steel. While most steel products are sturdy, this metal has its drawbacks. Mainly it is heavy and prone to corrosion. But the pre-coated steel frame will not rust easily. You can expect this bike brand to last for a long time.

With a thickness of about 3.8 inches and a width of 5.8 inches, the ideal size of the SportRack Mount Upright can fit almost any type of car. For high driving stability and security, you can fix this model directly under the wheel rather than on the roof bars.

SportRack SR4883 Upshift Roof...
  • Wheel tray holds bike securely...
  • Adjustable arm holds the down tube...
  • Lock included to secure the bike to...


  • The powder-coated frame ensures durability and avoids corrosion
  • Sturdy straps ensure safety
  • Large capacity suitable for anyone wishing to carry many bicycles


  • The installation process will take time

SportRack brand is the right choice for those looking for products with perfect durability. It has almost no downsides as the standout advantages take up the bulk.

#4 Best Compact: Schwinn Hitch Bike Rack

If you are looking for a compact bike rack, you should consider the Schwinn Hitch one. Besides, it also comes in two forms for you to choose from two types of bicycles and three bicycle types. They are the same in terms of specifications, but weight and power will have a difference.

Its design is quite simple so that you can adjust it easily. Since the manufacturer has pre-assembled it, you need to fix the adjustment heads for easier assembly. Thanks to this compact design, the item will not take up a large area in your car’s trunk.

The bearing capacity is quite good so that you can have two to three bicycles simultaneously. With six straps, it will be fixed to the top of your vehicle. Besides, lanyards also increase the safety of the user. You can adjust it to your liking. Plus, when not in use, you can fold it up and put it away.

Schwinn Car Bike Rack, Hitch...
  • This versatile 2 bike rack fits...
  • Uniquely designed bike hold-down...
  • Rack folds quickly and easily for...


  • Long nylon straps keep it in place on a car
  • There are two styles for you to choose from
  • Adequate bearing capacity improves durability


  • No Velcro comes with the straps

With its great features, Schwinn Hitch Bike Rack will delight you. If you want to learn more about this product, visit the link in its name.

#5 Best Easy-to-install: Allen Sports Ultra Compact Bike Rack

#5 Allen Sports Ultra Compact Bike Rack

Although made from steel, the Allen Sports Ultra Compact is lightweight, about 35 pounds. While its frame is exceptionally sturdy and sturdy, you can still easily fold it. This unique design has been patented. Thanks to that, the assembly process is also faster.

Besides, the Allen Sports Ultra Compact also has a superior fixation on the trunk. You can transport it easily thanks to its compact appearance. It does not matter if you go over potholes and speed bumps.


  • The installation process will not waste your time
  • It can be folded down and stored in the trunk
  • Rugged design ensures long life


  • When mounting, the rear wiper cannot be used

For those who are always worried about the installation process, the Allen Sports Ultra Compact Bike Rack can solve this problem. Maybe it will be the product you need.

#6 Best Value: Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Rack

#6 Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Rack

Allen Sports is a well-known brand in the market for producing bicycle racks. It’s not uncommon for this review to feature two products from this brand because they are high quality and worth buying.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2 is a bicycle rack suitable for most of today’s cars, such as sedans, hatchbacks, or SUVs. 12-inch lengths can carry multiple bicycles at the same time.

Moreover, the installation of the Allen Sports Deluxe 2 is also relatively quick when you need to straddle the car. It’s great because it only takes a few minutes. Allen’s lacing systems also supported the bike frame fixing. To protect your car’s paintwork, Allen also included thick foam pads.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike...
  • Patented design fits sedans,...
  • Side straps for increased lateral...
  • Individual tie downs secure and...


  • Suitable for many different vehicles
  • It does not take long to install it
  • The price is affordable, so you do not have to break the bank to own it


  • No key included

High quality and reasonable price are two prerequisites when customers choose any product. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Rack can do this.

#7 Best for Protection: Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack

#7 Saris Bones 2 Best Bike Rack for Cars

Saris Bones 2 is the design of Fabio Pendrini with criteria that ensure it is suitable for the user’s personality. With a reasonably sturdy frame, this model can become a formidable competitor to any bike rack on the market.

Similar to some others, Saris Bones 2 is also made of steel. But the manufacturer uses a fusion mold to cast its arms and legs. 

Besides the ruggedness, this item is also highly protective. Based on the arc separating the bikes mounted on the bike, the manufacturer created this design. Overhangs will not affect your vehicle as it is far away from the car.

At the bottom of the chassis, the manufacturer has a rubber coating to prevent your cat from scratching. Besides, to protect the bike, the Saris Bones 2 also comes with coated straps. Its weight is only 11 lbs, so you can easily carry it around.

Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike...
  • Arc-based design fits over most...
  • Injection-molded arms and legs are...
  • Ratcheting hold downs are easy to...


  • The design is based on the protective arc so as not to damage the car
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry around
  • The manufacturer uses steel and fusing molds to ensure high strength


  • Cannot lock it

The Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack is a product worth buying as it meets most of the required criteria. Own it today before it runs out of stock.

#8 Best for Design: Swagman Upright Bike Rack

Unlike today’s bicycle racks, the Swagman Upright one is not made of metal but steel and plastic. Therefore, it is lightweight and not susceptible to corrosion, like some other types.

Furthermore, it also has down-straps to keep the bikes in place. The frame looks sleek and minimal. It will optimize the practicality of this product.

This versatile model will be able to carry a bicycle weighing up to 35 lbs with ease. Fixing the bike on round or oval crossbars is a simple thing to do with it. The vertical arm connected to the downpipe provides impressive stability.

Alternatively, you can lock this item if you don’t use it. The installation process is speedy, so it will not waste your time.

Swagman UPRIGHT Roof Mount...
  • VERSATILE: This rack fits square,...
  • SLEEK DESIGN: The minimalistic and...


  • There is no need to remove the wheel, and you can still install it
  • Eye-catching design thanks to minimalistic design
  • Can be locked if not in use


  • Specific crossbeams should be used

With a minimalistic design and excellent flexibility, the Swagman Upright Bike Rack can do its job well without causing any trouble. It will undoubtedly make you satisfied thanks to these perfect advantages.

#9 Best for Budget: Thule Raceway Bike Rack

#9 Thule Raceway Bike Rack

Last but not least, Thule Raceway is an indispensable product on this list. Along with its fair price, this Thule bike stand has high quality and great features.

The design of the Thule Raceway is quite simple, so you can easily use it. Besides, it also works very well and is sure to satisfy your needs. The FitDial feature ensures it will fit perfectly into your car.

Its shock-absorbing technology will minimize the effects of shocks if you have an accident. Furthermore, you can tailor it to accommodate most bicycles in a narrow diameter. The NoSwat cages will keep the bikes’ distance, so they do not collide with each other.

Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike...
  • Strong, secure, and easy-to-use...
  • Patented FitDial guarantees a...
  • Narrow cradle arms hold a variety...


  • The simple design makes it easy to use
  • The shock absorber technology prevents it from being affected by bumps
  • Can be adjusted to fit the bike


  • A bit heavy

Do you often go camping and want to bring your bicycle with you? Are you looking for a high-quality bicycle rack? Thule Raceway Bike Rack is a choice you should not miss.


1. Do I Need to Drill Holes to Use the Bike Rack in My Car?

The answer is No. Products will have straps for you to wrap the racks onto the hitch receiver. Therefore, you should prepare a tool kit in your car for this job.

2. Is It Possible for Me to Put the Bike Rack on The Roof of My Car?

You can, for sure. You can find the instruction for the best ones used on the car’s roof. There is a lot of products attached to cars that lack gutters.

3. Do I Need to Put the Hitch When Using the Bike Rack on My Vehicle?

Usually, the racks will be mounted to the hitch. It is an essential part plugged into the rack. So, you do not need to use the hitch, and the rack also blocks other tools.

4. Can I Wash My Car with The Bike Rack on It?

It is advisable for you to wash the car with the rack. When washing the car, some parts may damage the rack or your car or even the washing machine as well.

Final Verdict

As you may know, selecting the best bike rack is challenging when there are lots of excellent products. But you will get the right rack when opting for Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack. This model provides you with outstanding performance and value. 

If you incline to a product that is cheaper, Thule Raceway Bike Rack will be a good option. After reading this article, you now know how to choose the best one. Hopefully, you will find a suitable product soon.

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