Are Ski Racks Bad For Skis?

Are Ski Racks Bad For Skis

Perhaps you’ve seen your skis hanging up on ski racks at a local shop or in a friend’s garage but never actually thought about the impact it would have on the longevity of your skis. Are ski racks bad for skis? In reality, ski racks are not good for your skis and should be avoided at all costs.

A ski rack is a metal bar suspended on two brackets that holds your skis upright. The brackets are either attached to the wall or can be mounted to the floor. Ski racks range in size, price, and quality but they all share one thing in common: they’re bad for your skis.

The main problem with ski racks is that they encourage skiers to hang their skis up anywhere, even if their home or place of business doesn’t have a wall to support them. The reason for this is that ski racks can hold loads of over 50 lbs and are very easy to install.

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There are plenty of different ski racks on the market today but many of them don’t address the damage caused by hanging skis on these machines.

When a ski is suspended in midair, the bindings are exposed to the air and consistently bombarded with dust particles. This is very common because the edges of most bindings are exposed to the outside of the ski and not covered by a cap.

Over time, this dust can become embedded into your base and cause permanent dents in your skis. If you want to avoid this issue then you should store your skis standing on end, which is widely regarded as the best method for long-term storage.

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A second problem with ski racks is the way in which they are made. Ski racks are typically made from metal, much of which is recycled steel. The dust particles that stick to your ski often hit the metal band on your bindings and embed themselves into the steel.

Over time, this can cause the band to rust or warp out of shape and can even lead to snap straps breaking under tension. For these reasons, it is best to avoid ski racks and instead store your skis standing on end.

If you’re looking for a better storage option then you definitely need to consider one of the many products available such as ski racks made from plastic or bamboo. These are extremely affordable, last for years, and are great for storing your skis at home so that they’re out of the way when not in use.