Are RV Toilets Interchangeable?

Are RV Toilets Interchangeable?

Many RVers want to upgrade the original toilet to a better one. The question is “are RV toilets interchangeable?“. You don’t want to make a mess, especially with the toilet. In this blog, I have the answer for you.

Despite what most RV manufacturers may say, there are significant differences between different makes and models of toilets.

I can say that Thetford and Domestic toilets are compatible. I have personally swapped Thetford and Domestic toilets in a Motorhome. And while the process was not easy and there were minor issues, it was ultimately successful.

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If you are in a bind and need to replace your old RV toilet with a new one, I would say that it is possible for two different manufacturers’ toilets to fit and function correctly. However, I do not recommend this action as a general rule of thumb. The problem is that there may be significant differences between the two toilets and if they are not installed correctly, installation issues may occur.

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In the past, many RV manufacturers have tried to market their products as “interchangeable”. In my opinion, this is misinformation for the most part. Just because two different toilets are sold by different RV manufacturers and both look identical on the outside does NOT mean they will automatically work together when installed in your RV.