Are Rhino Roof Racks Good?

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Are Rhino Roof Racks Good

Not all roof racks are created equal — and knowing what’s worth your time, money, and effort is a key part of making the right choice. With so many options available in their marketplace, Rhino Racks is undoubtedly a contender. So, are Rhino roof racks good? Before you make the plunge, learn more about how they’re one of the leading suppliers of innovative products for transportable gear and equipment with this guide to Rhino Roof Racks!

Are Rhino Roof Racks Good?

Overall, a large number of customers are raving about their Rhino Racks and how much the products have enhanced their vehicles’ functionality. The strength and versatility of these racks easily make it worth every penny.

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What Are the Pros?

#1 Well-Built & Sturdy

The entire rack is made from high-quality materials that ensure it will withstand the test of time without cracking, breaking, or failing. There’s nothing worse than hauling a set of expensive products that could have easily been ruined by a simple accident or mishap during transport.

#2 Large Capacity

Durable to withstand the elements, the rack can fit a wide variety of products.

#3 Portable & Convenient

The rack can be easily transported and set up in a matter of minutes.

#4 Versatile Carrier

The rack is compatible with most vehicles and is suitable for either trailers or cars without a hitch mount installed on their roof.

#5 Aesthetically Pleasing

Apart from the rack’s functionality, customers have been swooning over the racks’ aesthetic features.

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What Are The Cons?

#1 Expensive

Though the rack is very durable, it is also quite expensive. You can expect to pay between $600 and $1050 for each rack which can be quite pricy for a product of this caliber.

#2 Inconvenient Mounting Location

The main complaint with these racks is the placement of the mounting locations. The locations are located about 10 inches away from the tail light on the driver’s side of your vehicle. Some users have reported that due to this inconvenient location, a gap between their vehicle and the rack has formed which can allow for water, dirt, and debris to enter your vehicle.

Overall Thoughts

The pros of this product far outweigh the cons — and despite the inconvenience of the mounting location, this rack is an excellent solution for transportable gear and equipment on a budget.

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